10 Coolest Bars in San Diego: Set your 'Bar' High After Hours!

While you visit the historical heritages of the beautiful and ever so happening San Diego through its beaches, museums and nature trails, this Californian city holds in its account many ignited party spaces. The bars in San Diego reflect its happening life. Be it sunny days or calm nights, the bars here are always at ease to serve you with classic drinks and majestic ocean views. Enjoy your cocktail with chic music and the ocean feels under the bright sun during the day and opt for some rocking nights in any of these 10 famous and loved bars in San Diego.

1. Noble Experiment

Wines at The Noble Experiment
Location: 777 G St
Hours: 7:00 Pm to 1:30 Am
Closed on Mondays
Price for two: $ 40
Behind a veiled door in The Neighbourhood restaurant, lies this enchanting bar with gothic and mystical décor of golden skulls. Enjoy the elegant list of cocktails, wines and beers served by professional bartenders in one of the most quixotic and cloaked bars in San Diego. The bar provides delicious and aesthetically decorated craft cocktails with seasonal syrups in this party fuelled district of San Diego. Reserve your timings for this 45-seater sophisticatedly styled bar to guarantee a fun night with creative drinks.

2. The Nolen 

Vodka Cocktails at The Nolen
Location: 453 Sixth Ave #7007
Happy Hours: 4:00 Pm-6:00 Pm
Hours: Sunday to Thursday: 4:00 Pm-12:00 Pm
Friday to Saturday: 4:00 Pm-1:00 Am
Sunday Brunch: 10:00 Am-2:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 50
The Nolen - a rooftop lounge over the Gaslamp hotel offers you to enjoy skyline views with delicately crafted drinks in your hands. A communal fireplace and the transparent interaction with the street through the glass balustrades have established this bar as a collective space with chill vibes. Enjoy a laid back and chill time with yourself or opt for a loud and fun party with your gang because the bar is skilled to endow both the ambiences. Try the Damnit Janet – an elegant vodka cocktail with lychee and rose water to experience the Nolen’s experience. The shiny night and the sunny days of San Diego will seem a little tipsier from the seating and fun crowd of this cultured bar. Reserve your bookings for a round of The Nolen’s original Nolen Smash to enjoy your high time from the luxury of The Nolen.

3. Bar by Red Door

Tropical Cocktails at Bar by Red Door
Location: 729 W Washington St
Hours: Wednesdays, Thursday and Sundays:  5:00 Pm-9:00 Pm
Fridays and Saturdays: 5:00 Pm–10:00 Pm
Happy Hours: 5:00 Pm to 6:00 Pm Daily
Price for two: $ 50
Serving locally distilled drinks with live music, this bar in San Diego promises an exclusive personal experience in your cocktails, food and ambience. The restaurant next door to this amazingly elegant bar is managed by an Italian chef and is an extension of the same brand ‘Red Door’. Visit this laidback bar in Mission Hills to enjoy a local taste of boozy as well as tropical brews amidst a white surrounding and macrame plant holders dangling from the ceiling. The mid-century furnishing of the bar with stools and pebbled bar brings a romantic and dreamy vibe at night under all the elegant lights. Enjoy the happy hour or hop in at any time of the day to enjoy a speakeasy time with your drinks.

4. Madison

Cocktails and Rums at the Madison
Location: 4622 Park Blvd, San Diego, CA 92116
- Bar: 5:00 Pm-10:00 Pm
- Restaurant: 5:00 Pm-9:30 Pm
- Weekend Brunch:  9:30 Am-2:30 Pm
Closed on Mondays
Price for two: $ 50
The aesthetic and photo-perfect bar called the Madison stands near the university heights as a chic hangout spot for Mediterranean inspired drinks and food. Bold geometric cut works and designs embellish the exterior as well as the interior of this beautiful bar. The cedar wood walls and the arched ceilings of this elegant and romantic bar serve as the light to drinking and enthusiastic moths. With two new parklets providing gorgeous seating arrangement under the bright sun of San Diego or under its serene starry nights, the bar also offers some very unique mix of drinks like Stone Stairs with occasional live music. Awarded for its cocktails and design by San Diego magazine, this bar must be visited on account of its stunning ambience and the vibe that it creates under the luminosity of iconic University Heights emblem. Make your reservation and don’t forget to book under outdoor to enjoy the al-fresco-street-side courtyard setting.

5. Kindred

Cocktails at Kindred
Location: 1503 30th St
Hours: Monday to Friday: 4:30 Pm – 9:00 Pm
Saturdays and Sundays: 10:00 Am – 2:00 Pm (Brunch), 4:30 Pm – 9:00 Pm (Dinner)
Price for two: $ 30
This chic vegan bar in San Diego with unconventional décor and charitable functioning is part of the vegan craze engulfing the country. Although the bar serves a vegan menu, it is open to all kinds of adventurers and inquisitive foodies as it works to blur the line between a bar and a restaurant by hosting warmth for its visitors. Explore your culinary buds by visiting this bar which has this huge following in San Diego not only because of its elegant food menu but also because of its unique and reasonably priced list of cocktails including Cosmic Key and King in Yellow. Reserve your seats to this whimsical bar decorated with wolf totems and carnivorous wallpaper paradoxical to its vegan theme to enjoy some amazing beer cocktails and enlightening homemade cheese.

6. False Idol

Tiki Mugs at False Idol
Location: 675 W Beech St
Hours: 6:00 Pm to 2:00 Am
Happy Hours: 6:00 Pm to 7:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 40
An exotic tiki bar with romanticized tropical décor, False Idol stands behind a shrouded passage of Little Italy’s Craft and Commerce. With bogus human skulls and rocks embellishing the entrance, the visitors travel through the airy and open environment to a dark, mysterious and mythical bar serving strong tiki-inspired cocktails in themed mugs. You must try the communal cocktail named as Alkala the fierce as you sit under the fishing mesh suspended from the ceiling with blowfish and coloured floats peeking through it. The bar top is decorated with an archival vibe as it contains nostalgic postcards, menus and mugs to reflect the tiki past of San Diego. Wood carvings of false idols in the furniture and the walls exploit the visual intensity of tiki culture inside this bamboo decked bar and work as a tribute to mid-century American beliefs. Reserve your bookings to enjoy this ‘fully immersive environment’ under the charm of some historical drinks of San Diego yore period.

7. Polite Provisions

Apothecary inspired bottles at Polite Provisions
Location: 4696 30th St
Hours: 4:00 Pm to 10:00 Pm
Happy Hours: 3:00 Pm to 6:00 Pm (Monday to Thursday)
Price for two: $ 30-$ 40
An apothecary or drugstore inspired bar serving potent and delicious cocktails and beers, Polite Provision is a must-visit in San Diego for bar lovers and travel enthusiasts. This aesthetic bar in San Diego calls itself as ‘manufacturers of local tonics, elixirs and cures’ on account of its apothecary theme. Serving diverse cocktails ranging from classics and tropical to crew favourites, the bar lets you order your food from its own eatery standing across its walls. The bar takes its cocktails very seriously and also offers classes or lessons to help the visitors prepare this amazing mix of cocktails on their own. Reserve your seats for this elegantly colour-blocked bar of San Diego to enjoy a night hailing the true art of creating cocktails.

8. Starlite

Patio Setting
Location: 3175 India St
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 4:00 Pm – 9:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 50 to $ 60
A modern mid-century interior through a hexagon doorway serves the most sparkly mix of drinks in San Diego under the name of Starlite. Like its name, the bar offers and hosts a dazzling ambience for its visitors to enjoy their fun times with thoughtful cocktails. The brass mugs and the overall cacti decorated desert vibes of the bar comes as a contrast to its very modern wooden décor and chic lightings. Housing an outdoor patio, the bar with the help of its signature drinks and posh mood has established itself as trendiest amongst all and must be visited for a palate of drinks and classy music.

9. Sycamore Den

Tap Beer at Sycamore Den
Location: 3391 Adams Ave
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 5:00 Pm to 11:00 Pm
Closed on Mondays
Price for two: $ 30 to $ 50
A retro bar in San Diego paying tribute to the 1970s with its middle-class family living room inspired architecture and décor, Sycamore Den is famous for its 24 tap beers selection. With a well-curated whiskey menu and potent beers served inside the bar which forces you to reminisce about your dad’s cabin while you were young, you will surely get in the zone to drink unabashedly. Reserve your bookings to get served by some very professional and friendly bartenders in one the most amazing retro and nostalgic bars in San Diego.

10. The Grass Skirt 

Volcano Drink at The Grass Skirt
Location: 910 Grand Ave
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 5:00 Pm to 10:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 40 to $ 50
Another tiki bar in the list as well as in the fun city of San Diego, The Grass Skirt is decorated with a southeast Asian culture and its elements. Serving creative drinks especially diverse palate of rums to host an escapist nature of tiki culture in an exotic and tropically decorated bar, its pebbled walls are carved with hula girls and totems. Choose amongst the three special drinks on the menu to unlock special effects like thunder sounds and lightning getting stretched inside this bar decorated with straws. Unlocking the beachy and sultry vibe of the place, the straws, lanterns, fire pits and the bamboo furnishing goes hand in hand for the visitors to explore the tiki history of San Diego. Cloaked inside the Good Time Poke, this tiki bar is a must-visit for history buffs who like to have their rums in place.

Explore the blurry side of America’s Finest City by visiting any of these bars in San Diego. Be it through secret doors or through its open patios, these bars will make your sozzled memories with your friends even hazier. Make sure to reserve your seats for some of these bars as it can rightly get crowded and filled.

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