San Diego in October: Events, Weather and Things to Do

San Diego is amongst the most popular tourist destinations along the Pacific Coast. The city is renowned for its lively culture and natural beauty, while also being amongst the most technologically advanced in modern times. Here is a list of events and things to do in San Diego if you plan to visit during the month of October.

Weather in San Diego in October

San Diego is known for its year round pleasant climate, with October bringing about an end to the summer weather. The weather in this period is warm and dry, with temperatures averaging between 65℉ and 70℉. Rainfall is rare during this time, allowing you to explore the city freely.

Maximum temperature: 72.8℉
Minimum temperature: 60.6℉
Rainfall: 0.57 in

Events to Attend in San Diego in October

1. Halloween

Decorations during Halloween
Decorations during Halloween (Source)
Halloween is amongst the most popular American festivals. Celebrated on October 31st, the day is marked by people wearing fancy costumes, while kids roam around trick or treating the neighbours. Many museums and parks have month-long festivities in the build up to the day, with spooky based themes and activities designed to entertain adults and children alike.

2. Carlsbad Rotary Oktoberfest

Visitors enjoying the craft beers at the Carlsbad Rotary Oktoberfest
Visitors enjoying the craft beers at the Carlsbad Rotary Oktoberfest (Source)
The Carlsbad Rotary Oktoberfest is based on the beer festival of the same name held in Germany. On this day, visitors can enjoy German traditional food like bratwurst and pretzels, while enjoying the live music. The highlight of the festival is the German craft beers that are served to you by traditionally dressed barmaids. Kids will also enjoy the evening with face painting and pumpkin patches to keep them entertained.

3. San Diego International Film Festival

A screening at the San Diego International Film Festival
A screening at the San Diego International Film Festival (Source)
The San Diego International Film Festival is the largest independent film festival conducted in San Diego, attracting some of the most well known stars in Hollywood. The festival, which runs over a period of 6 days, showcases some of the biggest movies, many of which have gone to win big at the Oscars. Stars like Ben Affleck and Patrick Stewart have attended the event, with movies like the Irishman and Jojo Rabbit being screened. The iconic Balboa Theatre hosts the opening night of the event.

4. Annual Polish Festival

Folk dancers at the Annual Polish Festival
Folk dancers at the Annual Polish Festival (Source)
The Annual Polish Festival celebrates the Polish community of San Diego during the fall. Guests are entertained by performances from Polish folk dancers and musical bands. One can also indulge in Polish food and imported Polish beer to have an authentic taste of Poland. The gift stalls sell memorabilia and T-shirts that make sure you have a souvenir to take back at the end of the festival.

Things to Do in San Diego in October

1. HalGLOWeen at the San Diego Zoo

Acro-batz performing at HalGLOWeen
Acro-batz performing at HalGLOWeen (Source)

HalGLOWeen is a great event for families with kids and toddlers. Kids can dress up in their favorite costumes while attending activities designed to keep them entertained. Acrobats, clowns and DJs help keep up the Halloween spirit while kids enjoy bubble dance parties and spooky scares.

2. Enjoy a Baseball Game

San Diego Padres playing at Petco Park
San Diego Padres playing at Petco Park (Source)
The San Diego Padres are one of the premier teams competing in the Major League Baseball (MLB). One can catch stars like Ha-Seong Kim and Manny Machado in action at the Petco Stadium. Even if you do not understand the game, enjoy the atmosphere as the home fans cheer on their favorite team.

3. Go Scuba Diving

Scuba divers posing underwater
Scuba divers posing underwater (Source)
San Diego’s coastline has some of the most popular scuba diving spots. For those who love adventure, all you have to do is take a short training before embarking on your first dive. One can spot sea anemones, swim amongst the emerald kelp forests or spot lobsters and crabs scuttling along the ocean floor. Certified divers can also head to the Wreck Valley and explore the sunken wrecks of ships, giving you an experience like no other.

4. Attend the San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Fest

Mac N’ Cheese, the highlight of the Fest
Mac N’ Cheese, the highlight of the Fest (Source)
Foodies can treat their taste buds at the San Diego Mac N’ Cheese Fest. Despite the humble origins of the dish, the fest sees top restaurants in San Diego add their own twist, while competing for the prize of best Gourmet Mac N’ Cheese. One can also enjoy the various dishes with the finest craft beers and live music.

Tips for an October Holiday in San Diego

  • October is Kids Free San Diego month. Children under the age of 11 get free admission to most San Diego attractions, and are also served free kids meals at many restaurants across the city. If you want your kids a great time, October might be perfect for you!
  • October is not the most popular time for tourists. However, book your tickets in advance if you plan to visit around the Halloween holidays, as ticket prices see a small increase then.
  • The weather is quite pleasant during this time, and perfect to explore the city. Have an umbrella to nullify the threat of unexpected showers. Layered clothing will help you adapt easily as the temperatures dip towards the evening, allowing you to be comfortable throughout.
  • If you are looking to skip the line and explore San Diego as much as you can, make sure to get a ‘Go San Diego’ pass. It also helps you save a lot on tickets and admission fees.
If San Diego is the city you’ve dreamed of exploring, then it's about time you start planning that October vacation you deserve.

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