Best Cafes in San Diego: Cafés brewing warmth in their coffee

Coffee and travel go hand in hand as you explore through the streets to find and capture the local taste of the space. Cafés serving some amazing coffee bursts and meals often work as a cherry on the top for most of the visitors. San Diego is one such place with a sunny vibe for you to hang out with your friends in many of the artisan cafes that it houses inside its perimeter. Enjoy your brews and bites in these photo-worthy cafes in San Diego offering both crazy flavours and the traditional mix of caffeine. Feel the boho vibes or go with the elegant and classic chic ambience in any of these 10 carefully picked cafes in and around the golden city.

1. Pannikin Coffee and Tea

Lox and Bagel served at Pannikin Coffee and Tea

Location: 510 N. Highway 101, Encinitas
Timings: 7:00 Am to 4:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 10 - $ 20 (Coffee with food) 
This café chain covering three of the hip locations is one of the best in this Californian state to enjoy a hot brewing cup of coffee and tea under the bright sun or inside an aesthetic Victorian architecture. The English vibe of the place gets echoed through its mugs and teas served on the classy English wooden furniture. What seems like an English house, the café provides a sense of homely warmth as you step inside its cottage. Take a book or continue with your work as you sit inside the architecture, on the very English patio or in the balcony. Enjoy your oversized mug of coffee or tea and pick from the palette of all-time favourites like assorted baked cookies and lox bagel to live the San Diego experience of Craft coffee. 

2. Café Calabria

Panini served at Cafe Calabria

Location: 3933 30th St
Timings: 7:00 Am to 10:00 Pm
Price for two:  $ 20 to $ 30 (Coffee with food)
With an in-house roaster, this cafe in San Diego situated in the neighbourhood of North Park roasts their own coffee beans for your hot brewing drink. The café houses a warm and welcoming ambience for you to spend a relaxing time with your work, with your study, with your friends and with yourself as well. Serving award-winning espresso, teas and Italian cookies, the café makes you taste the authentic flavours of Italian culture. Order in a panini with an espresso shot to get caffeinated with some awakening coffee bursts in this finest Californian coffee roaster. Enjoy the coffee-infused cocktails during the happy hours if you are going for a little extra dose of tipsy on any of the beautifully placed benches on the patio set.

3. Copa Vida

Crafted coffee at Copa Vida

Location: 905 J Street
Timings: 7:00 Am to 4:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 20 to $ 40 (coffee with food)
Situated in the East Village of lower Downtown, this chain of café called Copa Vida features among the best cafés in San Diego for the locals as well as for the tourists. The menu to this aesthetic and powered café remains dominated not just by beverages and snacks but with weighty meals like salads and sandwiches. Look through the ceiling long glass windows as you enjoy your craft-brewed coffee while working, reading and just relaxing inside this elegantly decorated East village café. Each of the many locations of this chain of cafes offers a broad list of brewing beverages and food for its customers. Witness yourself having epiphanies inside this enlightening and cute little coffee shop as you order the favourites like kale salad, shakerato and Mediterranean couscous.  

4. James Coffee Co.

Honey Cinnamon Latte at James Coffee Co.

Location: 2870 Fourth Ave, Suite 107
Hours: 7:00 Am to 4:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 10
This hip chain of cafes in San Diego serves crafted coffees from home-roasted beans. The top-notch espresso-based beverages served and crafted by this roaster echoes the hipster theme of this café/mini mall with barbers and retailers occupying the sides of its corridor. Bring your friends or opt for an alone time as you work inside the café with a strong WIFI connection helping you out. Order the favourites comprising interesting beverages like Mexican mocha, Honey Cinnamon latte and coffee soda as you plan your visit to this hipster and artiste café. 

5. Lofty Coffee Co.

Cinnamon Rolls with Coffee at Lofty Coffee Co.
Location: 444 W. Cedar St.
Hours: 7:00 Am to 2:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 10 to $ 20 (coffee with food)
Sitting in the charming neighbourhood of Little Italy, this indoor/outdoor-inspired café called Lofty Coffee Co houses the best patio set for you to enjoy your brewing cup of crafted coffee under the bright sun of San Diego. The café also serves as a bakery as it bakes its own pastries, croissants and cinnamon rolls. Bring your dog to this dog-friendly patio café and ask for some treats for your furry friend as you order. Choose for yourself from the all-time favourites of this cafe which includes more localised flavours in the NOLA iced coffee, the regional Imperial jasmine tea latte and salted caramel latte among many other things. Explore all the other locations to this amazing café spread across the luminous city of San Diego.

6. Coffee and Tea Collective

Coffee with beautiful servings

Location: 2911 El Cajon Blvd
Hours: 7:00 Am to 2:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 10 to $ 20 (coffee with food)
Another chain of cafés in San Diego, Coffee and Tea Collective works with a focus on crafting the best coffee beans for its customers. Visit this chic and hipster café to enjoy and buy the finest coffee beans roasted from the small batch of a limited harvest. The talented baristas over here in the café provides you with strong pour-overs as they brew the best kind of espressos for their customers. Step into this minimalist décor café to enjoy a steaming cup of Mocha or to take a blissful dive into the creamy cappuccinos. You can also explore through the space to learn about your beverages and its preparations. 

7. Communal Coffee

Coffee with flowers at Communal Coffee
Location: 2335 University Ave
Hours: 7:00 Am to 7:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 10 to $ 20 (coffee with food)
Largely photographed for the giant ‘Coffee + Flowers’ mural which decorates the front part of this café, Communal coffee is the trendiest place for you to get your coffees in a comfortable workplace setting as you lay back or actually work depending on your mood. Embellished with beautiful floral arrangements and elegant lighting, the café serves some of its signature drinks including lavender honey, vanilla bean, rose vanilla lattes and Nutella-peanut butter inside its aesthetic architecture. The patio setting under the Californian sun is another of the many attractive points for the visitors. The café also hosts a warm ambience for the customers to explore through its products for shopping.

8. Coava Coffee Roasters 

Coava Coffee Roasters

Location: 400 W Broadway
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 7:00 Am to 3:00 Pm
Friday to Sunday: 7:00 Am to 5:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 20 to $ 40 (coffee with food)
A chain of cafés in San Diego which focuses on the coffee beans with single-origin, Coava Coffee Roasters is an aesthetic place to get your ‘right’ kind of coffee as they craft their coffee by roasting some finest coffee beans. Popular for its honey latte which uses New Orleans’s legendary Bee local honey syrup, the café also serves some amazing cold brews, espresso, salted caramel almond milk and seasonal drinks for its customers. You can also take part in the Wednesday classes on evaluating coffee as you step in for your brunch. The café enables the customers to shop from their amazing collection of coffee gears containing filters, coffee beans and brewing gears. The dark and wooden décor of this chic architecture gets complimented by the tastefully placed greenery, black walls and artiste lighting. You can also order from the palette of wines and beers offered at the Coava Coffee Roasters. 

9. Holsem Coffee

Cardamom Cappuccino at Holsem Coffee

Location: 2911 University Ave
Hours: 8:00 Am to 2:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 10 to $ 20 (coffee with food) 
A modern café catering to the creative crowd of coffee lovers, Holsem Coffee is known for its creative handling and blend of caffeine. The clean, classy and chic ambience of the café houses some expert baristas for your coffee cravings. With an elaborate menu containing everything from traditional espressos and mocha to the selections from Kenya and Peru, the café offers its customers both patio and indoor setting. Some of the favourites from the menu include La Vie En Rose, cardamom cappuccino and rose petal among many others. With a bar-like seating arrangement, the customers can witness the baristas preparing their drinks as they sit near the marble block. The café functions with the motto ‘uplifting, exciting flavour and design’ and serves its audience with authentic products and exciting flavours.

10. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters

Bird Rock Coffee Roaster

Location: 2295 Kettner Blvd
Hours: Monday to Thursday: 7:00 Am to 2:00 Pm
Friday to Sunday: 7:00 Am to 4:00 Pm
Price for two: $ 10 to $ 30 (coffee with food)
Beaming with some of the regular customers, this cafe in San Diego is among the best in the city. The name Bird Rock Coffee is familiar within the locales, but the café serves as a source to these amazing crafted coffee beans. Visit the café to enjoy some delicious blend of finest-crafted coffee and teas. The architecture of this café also sports the indoor and outdoor concept as it contains a beautiful patio as well as open window indoors for the customers to live the best coffee experience of San Diego. The wooden floor stylishly placed greens and ceiling touching transparent windows for you to enjoy the outside waits for you on a corner of Little Italy. Visit the café to sip on the coffee prepared by their authentic and finest harvest of the beans.

Be it coffee or tea that you are looking for to satiate your appetite or general mood, visit these aesthetic and amazing cafes in San Diego. Don’t forget your cameras to take a picture-perfect of the artisan coffee. Visit these places with your book or your laptop to enjoy the vibe as you *supposedly* work!

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