San Diego in January: Weather, Events, and Things to Do

As someone rightly said, ‘A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you are taking’. And what place better than the city of beaches and parks; San Diego. If you want to spend your winter away from chilly winds and snow then San Diego is the place for you. The crowds in San Diego are much lesser in January when compared to mid-summer so you can relax and detox before you kick start your year! Here is some information to help you plan your vacation to San Diego: 

Weather in San Diego in January 

Weather in San Diego during the month of January can be quite unpredictable. The rainfall too varies for different years. Some years it might pour cats and dogs and others it might just drizzle in this month. It is suggestible that you check the weather forecast before planning your trip. Although the air temperature might be mild and warm for you to sit on the beach but the temperature of the pacific ocean is extremely cold so it is suggested that you put on a water suit before going for a dip or swim. Sunny San Diego can be a tourist’s fantasy but it all depends on the unpredictable weather conditions of January, an average forecast is given below:

Average high temperature: 65F
Average low temperature: 49F
Average rainfall: 5CM
Average Sunshine: 72%
Average water temperature: 59F 

Events to attend in San Diego in January

1. San Diego Restaurant week

San Diego Restaurant Week is an event that takes place twice a year, once in January and once in December. Each time it is a two-week-long event. This year because of the pandemic the event has been moved to April. During this time restaurants offer a fixed price menu which is lower than the usual prices. For each of the meals, the restaurants are divided into three categories on the basis of the prices they offer. People use this opportunity to dine-out more often and explore more restaurants around the city. It also helps boom the business for local restaurants. You can go to the official site of the San Diego restaurant week and make your reservations and bookings.

2. San Diego International car show


The International car show takes place between the end of December and the beginning of January. Here you get an opportunity to look at multiple new models of automobiles that aren’t out in the showrooms yet. You check them out and even take them on a test drive as well. The passes for adults are priced at $15 per person and it is free for children below the age of 6. There is one day during the showcase where parents can bring their children to witness the displays and children under the age of 12 are admitted for free.

3. San Diego Brew festival

The San Diego Brew festival is scheduled to take place on January 9th, 2021 at the Liberty Station. San Diego is known for its breweries and this festival is the celebration of this art. All the brewers in town come together to showcase, sell, and share the best of their brews and beers too. There will be popular food trucks at the location along with good music as well. It is the perfect day out all planned for you. Over 70 breweries and 150 beers will be presented at the festival.
General Admission: $40 (3pm-6pm)
VIP Admission: $65 (2pm-6pm)
Irrespective of the pass individuals are allowed to taste unlimited varieties of beer. Food is sold separately.

4. Farmers Insurance Open golf tournament


Some of the big names in the field of golf come together to participate in this tournament. This year the event is scheduled to be held from the 28th to 31st of January 2021. It is a fun event for all the golf lovers out there. It is usually a fun day to spend with food available at the track and watching your favourite players in action. Unfortunately, this year spectators will not be on the sight of the event due to the restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

5. Polar Bear Swim

If taking a dip and swim is your idea of fun then join the La Jolla Swimmers club on a chilly, freezing swim into the pacific ocean. Start your new year with a splash with the shivering yet passionate swimmers of the La Jolla Cove. There is also a potluck in the event where people bring homemade chilli, soup, and other warm food and enjoy it together. Hot coffee and cider is provided.  It is a wonderful opportunity to watch the community at play and so even if not to swim, take your warm clothes and a camera and join the spirit.

Things to do in San Diego in January

1. Whale watching


Every year almost 20,000 grey whales migrate from their feeding grounds in Alaska to the warm waters of Baja in Mexico. These whales mate and give birth in the warm waters. They cover a distance of about 10,000 miles long roundabout journey. It is one of the longest migration journeys undertaken by any mammal. You can see these majestic creatures approximately 20 miles away from the coast of San Diego between mid-December and March. You can either book a whale watching tour or even go to the Birch Aquarium to see them. San Diego with its long coastline is perfect to witness this voyage taken by these aquatic giants.

2. Winter Sunsets

What is a better way to end a beautiful day in San Diego than watching the sunset into the depths of the pacific ocean? The bay has everything ranging from mountaintops, cliffs to beaches where you can watch the sun gracefully set creating magic around the horizon. The Sunset cliffs, the Windan sea beaches, the Crystal Pier, Coronado beach, Oceanside Pier, Mister A’s and Mount Soledad are just some of the beautiful spots across the coast of San Diego that provide a breathtaking sunset.

3. Torrey Pines Hike


The Torrey pines state park is the perfect place to go hiking. The park is named after the beautiful Torrey pines growing here. It is as beautiful during winter as in spring but the crowds can be avoided in January and hikes are definitely a more beautiful experience when it is crowd-free! It is easy to find parking as well. There are multiple trails within the park that you can go through. The Guy Flemings trail leads to a magnificent panoramic view but you can never go wrong with a beach trail after which you can walk around on the sandy beach as well.

4. Wine Tasting

Wine tasting in California started off in San Diego. For years this region had a handful of authentic breweries like the Bernardo brewery in Rancho Bernardo. It is located in the north of downtown San Diego. Eventually, many more breweries developed around this region. Especially in Temecula, you could take a 90 min drive to the location and go wine tasting to a couple of breweries. You could also take a trip south to the border to Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico for a wonderful wine tasting experience and a day trip tour too. Wine tasting in winter can be enjoyed in a serene manner as the frenetic of the summer crowds can be avoided.

5. Hop on hop off trolley


The hop on and hop off trolley at San Diego gives you a wonderful opportunity to view the bustling city to its fullest. It is a great way to grasp the essence of the life of the place. The trolley system provides you with the freedom to hop on and off as you please, so keep your eyes open to spot something that intrigues you. The trolley also has 10 predesignated stops at places like San Diego Zoo, USS Midway and Little Italy as well. On your day tour, you could also hop off and grab a bite to eat on your way.

San Diego
San Diego is a must-visit the location and everything ranging from the beaches to the food to the various festivals will definitely entice you. San Diego in winter has its own perks like low tourist traffic, stunning sunsets, sunshine and temperate climates. Be it a stay-cation for the locals or a vacation for people across the world, San Diego has proven to be an all-weather perfect holiday spot.

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