Parasailing in Dubai - Your Exclusive Go To Tourist Guide

If one were to think of Dubai, then the first thing that will come to mind will be undoubtedly tall majestic buildings, lavish lifestyle and uncountable thrilling activities. The thrill of parasailing mounts up to multiple times when experienced amidst the glittery sand beaches, dazzling water and bird’s eye view of Dubai like never before.

Here is your complete guide to parasailing in Dubai.

Best Time to Go Parasailing in Dubai

Parasailing tour entirely depends on the weather and wind conditions, which affect it most. The best time to try parasailing here is between November and April, which are also the busiest months of Dubai. Unlike summers, the climate remains pleasant during this period. Ticket prices vary according to the season, and it is quite likely that during this time you might get across a better deal due to competitiveness.

Best Time of the Day
Also, evening slots are highly recommended to try parasailing in Dubai because of the breathtaking sunset view in the backdrop.

Best Places For Parasailing in Dubai

While most of the tourists go by choosing an ideal tour operator for their parasailing experience, you can also get yourself acquainted with some of the most sought after parasailing spots in Dubai and can choose accordingly. Here is a list of few most famous parasailing spots of Dubai.

1. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach, places to try parasailing, Parasailing in Dubai, UAE
Home to almost two-thirds of the water sports operators in Dubai and a plethora of lavish hotels, Jumeirah Beach is the most luxurious holiday destination of Dubai. The beach also exhibits a spectacular view of Persian Gulf accompanied by picturesque sunset scenery, which makes it an ideal spot for a relaxing and fun parasailing session. Extra facilities include a hassle-free parking spot and well equipped changing rooms.

2. JBR Beach

JBR Beach, places to try parasailing, Parasailing in Dubai, UAE
JBR beach is well known for its prime location having more than thirty elevated towers, including world-class boutique hotels in Dubai and extravagant private properties. Many water activity tour companies operate here and are right at your service with their individual parasailing sessions.

3. Al Sufouh Beach

Parasailing in Dubai
Also known as Black Palace Beach, this is one of the most serene and tranquil beaches of Dubai. Flocked by tourists almost throughout the year, you can easily walk around several tour operators present here and grab a much affordable parasailing deal. If you are looking for a place that you can explore beyond parasailing and water activities, then this beach is perfect for you as it has many theme water parks located around it.

4. Aquaventure Beach

Aquaventure Beach, places to try parasailing, Parasailing in Dubai, UAE
True to its name, Aquaventure Beach is one of the ideal beaches for water activities such as parasailing and many others. Whether you want to enjoy an adventure park located here named ‘Aquaventure’ or you want to try some adrenaline-pumping activities like parasailing, this is the place to be. Unending horizon and crystal clear water, this beach has it all to be in this list of best spots for parasailing in Dubai.

5. Burj Beach

Burj Beach, places to try parasailing, Parasailing in Dubai, UAE
With the enchanting scenery of Burj Al Arab in the backdrop, this beach is one of the busiest beaches in Dubai. Tourists and locals who are water sport enthusiasts are regular visitors of Burj Beach. While there are quite several tour operating companies present along the shoreline, you can also enjoy the currently provided facilities by watersports here. Beach is also well adorned with excellent parking and restroom facilities.

Top Operators for Parasailing in Dubai

1. Sea Bird Water Sports Equipment Rental

Sea Bird Water sports equipment rental, Parasailing in Dubai, UAE

Sea Bird Water Sports is the most popular parasailing tour operator among tourists. This tour operator provides parasailing packages for sessions at Jumeirah Beach, which is also the most sought after parasailing spot in Dubai. With well-trained staff and up to date high tech equipment, Sea Bird Water Sports is a perfect option for all level water sports enthusiasts. The medium of instruction is English. Several other facilities include; pick and drop service, which can be customised and added in the package accordingly.
Price per person: AED 420 
Duration: (Minimum two persons are allowed at a time)
10 - 15 minutes
Location: Office #0721 park Lane Tower, Business Bay
Contact: +971-528628284, +971-561883020
(Children below 9 years are not allowed)

2. Arabia Horizons Tours

Arabian Horizons Tours is well known for its overall tour package in Dubai at exceptional prices. If you are looking for a single place that can cater to all your needs of Dubai tour, including water sports like parasailing, this is the ideal search result. Parasailing tour packages are one of the primary speciality of this tour company. Well known for their hospitality and kind staff, Arabia Horizons Tours offer parasailing sessions at Jumeirah Beach with immense responsibility and discipline. Their prices vary according to different seasons.
Price per person: AED 420 
Duration: (Minimum two persons are allowed at a time)
10 - 15 minutes
Location: 1706, Al Manara Tower (ETA Star's), Business Bay
Contact: +971-4-294-6060
(Children below 9 years are not allowed)

3. Fun Beach Water Sports

Fun Beach Water Sports is one of the oldest tour operators In Dubai and is famous for highly regulated, professional and insured water activities including parasailing. This tour operator offers some special combined water sporting packages. However, one can also separately go for parasailing only. Like many other famous tour operators, they also have Jumeirah Beach as the parasailing spot. Guides are available for the English language. Pick and drop facility, complimentary food and safety locker for valuables are also offered by them.
Price per person: AED 250
Duration: 20 minutes
Location: Umm Suqeim-2, Dubai
Contact: +971 50 705 0433
Parasailing in Dubai

4. Sky and Sea Adventures

With over twenty-five years of experience in water sports, Sky and Sea Adventures has a wide range of water and aviation activities, prominent among them being parasailing. They provide professional staff and high tech equipment to make your experience in parasailing as the most memorable and safest one. They also have a wide range of parasailing spots to choose from such as Jumeirah Beach, Hilton Dubai The Walk and Rixos Premium Dubai JBR.  One can also have additional inclusions in the package such as professional photography assistance etc.
Price per person: AED 420
Duration: (Minimum two persons allowed at a time - Private activities)
15 minutes
Location: Dubai Center Office Dubai JBR Hilton Jumeirah Resort
Contact: +971 50 724 6184
(Children below 9 years are not allowed)

 5. Hydro Water Sports Dubai

A well-known name in the field of water sports such as parasailing in Dubai; Hydro Water Sports provide a thrilling experience to their visitors with their experienced guides and supreme safety measures. If you are looking for a place that can give you all sorts of water sporting options along with parasailing, then this tour operator is well suited for your demands. They have Arabian Gulf as the parasailing spot and offer small sessions with up to three people at a time. An optional pick and drop service can also be included.
Price per person: AED 350
15 minutes
Minimum one and maximum three persons are allowed at a time.
Location: BR beach, Beside Ritz Carlton Hotel
Contact: +971545985353
(Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed and participants aged between 12 and 16 years old must have the waiver signed by a parent or guardian)

6. Nemo WaterSports Dubai

Nemo WaterSports is yet another popular name when it comes to a perfect and adventurous parasailing experience. They have professional and experienced staff with updated equipment to help you throughout the activity. They have different price range according to the number of persons per session (maximum of three people at a time). Their parasailing package is divided into three parts: Solo, Duo and Trio. A 90 to 100 meters flight above the Persian Gulf amidst the breathtaking view of Dubai, a perfect thrilling experience is right at your disposal.
Solo: AED 300 
Duo: AED 550
Trio: AED 935
15 minutes
Location: Umm Suqeim Fishing Harbour, Umm Suqueim 2, Jumeirah Road
Contact: +971 50 471 7002, +971 52 961 6163 

 7. Seawake

Sea Wake, Tour operator, Parasailing in Dubai, UAE
Dubai’s premium tour operating company, Seawake offers a range of fun water activities, including parasailing. They work at four luxurious locations in Dubai: Ritz Carlton Hotel on the JBR beach, The Four Seasons resort in Jumeirah, Caesars Bluewaters Dubai, Le Royal Meridien Hotel in Dubai. With a well-experienced staff, managing squad, and latest equipment they strive for fun plus safe parasailing experience for their visitors. Covering the prime and exquisite views of Burj Al Arab, Dubai Marina and Jumeirah residence, they offer parasailing activity with a group of a maximum of three people at a time.
Price per person: AED 370
Duration: 15 minutes
Location: Beach Walk - Dubai
Contact: +971 50 5535626
(Children below the age of 10 years are not allowed)

Highlights of the Adventure

Highlights, How parasailing is done, Parasailing in Dubai, UAE
1. A Lifetime's Worth Experience
If one were, to sum up, parasailing in one line, then nothing would be better than this: ‘Freedom to fly in the air and gently experiencing yourself closest to nature. Apart from being one of the most recreational and healthy water activities, Parasailing is equally exciting and easy to do. The best part of parasailing is that no prior experience is required and even children can also enjoy this. Parasailing in Dubai is all the way even more special and memorable as you capture breathtaking views of tall magnificent buildings while floating above sparkling ocean waters.

2. Parasailing Mechanisms
The primary parasailing mechanism consists of participants (two to four people can ride at the same time) wearing a special parachute on their body and are towed behind a boat with a harness attached to the parasail. As the boat drives off and the air starts filling in the parachute, you are slowly lifted off your feet, in the air. Generally, activity lasts for ten to fifteen minutes while flying about 200 meters above the water, depending on the tour package.

3. Precautions

Every parasailing session is highly equipped with all sorts of technical equipment and safety valves. All the parasailing equipment are carefully tucked on your body under the professional guidance, and you directly take off and land from the deck of the boat itself. Weather conditions and wind situations mainly govern the activity. Thus, favourable sea breeze allows you to fly skywards higher and at the same time letting you grab the adventurous experience of sky heights.

4. Safety

The parasailing session mainly starts with an explanation of all procedures, then an introduction to the basics of the parasailing safety briefing. Since parasailing is primarily a recreational activity and it has nothing to do with professional paragliding, no special certificate or any such degree is required to practice it.

Parasailing Requirements

  • This parasailing activity is not recommended for pregnant women and visitors with cardiac and respiratory ailments and head or neck injuries of any sort.
  • Almost every tour operator charges a full ticket price for adults and kids.
  • Identity proof and medical certificate is a must requirement.
  • Participants must be able to swim to be eligible for this activity.
  • Dress code- casual and beachwear
  • Cancellation rights are reserved with every tour operator in case of unavoidable reasons such as bad weather, equipment malfunctioning and government policies.
  • Cancelling the activity within 24 hours of the scheduled time or failing to attend the event leads a full charge of the ticket price.

Things to Pack 

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • An additional set of clothes
  • Comfortable footwear
  • Towel
  • Camera

Other Tips

  • Always book tickets a few weeks before your actual visit so that you could save yourself from unnecessary rush and hassle.
  • Check the validity period and places of acceptance of the tickets if booked online.
  • Tourist with alcohol and drugs consumption will not be allowed to participate.
  • It is always advisable to have your medical checkup done before planning for parasailing.
  • Refrain from trying parasailing if you have an extreme phobia of heights.
  • Always go through instructions and requirements for parasailing very carefully and ask for weight restrictions as well if not mentioned.
Now that we've covered all you need to know to go parasailing in Dubai, get ready for a trip filled with adventure and beautiful views of the city from above.

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