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Travelling to a different country seems quite fun at first with all the planning and preparations. However, the documentation for VISA procedure is one absolute tiresome job and often quite confusing. Applying for the visa, attending the interview process, and so forth! So, when you finally think about planning your Dubai tour seriously, you need to have a fair idea about how to go about the visa procedures. Firstly, you need to apply for a UAE tourist visa to be able to visit Dubai.

Here are the varied choices of online visa for Dubai:

Types of Tourist Visa for Dubai

UAE Tourist Visa
UAE tourist Visa

Now, here are a few details about UAE tourist visas that you need to have an idea of:

There are five different types of tourist visas for the UAE, and all of them has different prices and purpose.

1. 14 Days Express Tourist Visa
Cost: AED 497 (INR 9,700)
Validity: 60 days validity from the date of issue
Type: Single entry and single exit visa.
Best Option: For those visiting Dubai for a short holiday.

2. 30 Days Single Entry Visa:
Cost: Approx. AED 350 (INR 6,800)
Validity: 60 days validity from the date of issue
Best Option: For a brief stay of more than 15 days but less than 30 days in Dubai. 

3. 90 Days Single Entry Visa
Cost: AED 1000 (INR 19,600)
60 days from the date of issue
Best Option: For those travelling to Dubai for an extended time.

4. 30 days Multi-Entry Short-Term Tourist Visa
Cost: AED 650 (INR 12,700)
60 days from the date of issue
Best Option: For those visiting not only UAE but other Gulf countries for a short time and flying in and out of UAE.

5. 90 days Multi-Entry Long-Term Tourist Visa
Cost: Approx. AED 2500 (INR 49,000)
60 days from the date of issue
Best Option: For those travelling to UAE along with other Gulf countries, flying in and out of the UAE.

6. Single Entry Service Visa (a special type of tourist visa)
Cost: AED 400 (INR 7,800)
Validity: 14 days from the date of issue
Best Option:
This visa is meant for the ones who want to visit Dubai for any official meeting or conference.
This particular type of online visa for Dubai is applicable for the following people and their family members who are accompanying them:
  • Sales Managers
  • Accounts Auditor
  • The representative of the Company’s Manager
  • Consultants who need to visit UAE (or Dubai) for an urgent work
  • Company delegates who need to visit UAE (or Dubai) for carrying out any commercial work
  • Females below the age of 18 years are not allowed any UAE tourist visas until and unless accompanied by the parents.
  • A 30-day tourist visa can be renewed twice for a maximum extension of 60 days, and each extension costing around AED 600 (INR 11,400).

Essential Documents

Visa Documents
Visa Documents

All of these documents have been mandated by the immigration officials and are needed to be submitted along with the duly filled up visa form. Have a look:
  • A valid Indian passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of entry to Dubai.
  • Scanned colour copy of the first and the last few pages of the passports.
  • Confirmed Dubai tickets for both ways.
  • Coloured photograph measuring 4.3*5.5 cms on a white background and at least 80% of face visibility.
  • Duly filled Visa application form.
  • If the tourist is a single female, she needs to provide a NOC from husband or father.

Application for a Dubai Tourist Visa

Visa Approved
Visa Approved

The UAE Ministry of Interior launched online visa for Dubai service in August 2015, which has made things a little easier for travellers. With the help of this online system, one can now apply for visas for Dubai entry from anywhere worldwide. Travellers can apply for the same quickly, from any location, and the payment can also be made online while submitting the online visa application form. This online tourist visa is sponsored by one of the most prestigious airline companies, Etihad, and while applying through this way, you can even submit all your documents online, without having to meet any official in person. And once your visa gets approved, you will receive the same through an email.

Apart from this, there are three more visa application choices:
  1. Apply for the tourist visas through the airlines with whom you are going to travel to Dubai.
  2. Receive visa through a local travel agent.
  3. You can also get in touch with the travel agencies in Dubai, and they can help you out with your visa application. However, make sure that you get in touch with official agencies only as you will need to provide them with your passport details.
  4. Apply for a tourist visa to the Dubai hotels planned for stay. It might be acceptable to sponsor your permission, but prior information to the respective authorities is essential.

Can You Cancel Your Tourist Visa?

Visa Cancellation
Visa Cancellation

Yes, you can! If you think you need to change your plan of visiting Dubai even after getting your visa done, you can cancel it through the travel agent, airline company or the Dubai hotel.
Cancelling Cost: AED 100 to AED 200
And now as you have a fair idea about the online visa for Dubai, planning your trip to this city of dreams won’t be a problem anymore. And once you have finally planned your Dubai trip, make sure that you keep your passport and visa with yourself wherever you go while on your journey. So, are you booking your tickets to Dubai yet?

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