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"The Table Land"

Panchgani Tourism

Deriving its name from the five hills surrounding it, Panchgani is a popular hill station near Mahabaleshwar, famous for its various sunset/sunrise points and scenic valley view.

Located at an altitude of 1, 334 mts. , Panchgani is a hill station in Maharashtra, known for its scenic views. Five hills form the Sahyadri mountain ranges offer Panchgani its name. The picturesque backdrop of hills on one side and coastal plains on the other makes for an amazing view. In the British era, the place was treated as a summer resort and hence many colonial period establishments can be seen here. Mahabaleshwar is like a twin city to Panchgani.

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More on Panchgani

The scenic hill town with the bewildering vistas

Locates very close to the city of Pune, Panchgani is an ideal getaway from Mumbai and Pune to find comfort and peace in the lap of nature. The hill station was discovered by the British superintendent John Chesson in 1860's and hence it has great influence of British in its markets and architecture. Panchgani is a land of nature's wonder.
Table hill spread over an area of 95 acres, it one of the astonishing beauty of Panchgani, it is the second largest mountain plateau in the whole of Asia. Not only it is a wonder in itself, the top hill also offers the great view of Panchgani hills. Other viewpoints of Panchgani are- Sydney point, Kate Point, and Parsi point. When in Panchgani do not miss one of the enthralling experience that this small hill town has to offer. Paragliding above the lush green hills of Western Ghats is the must do activity in Panchgani.

History of Panchgani

Panchgani was discovered during the British Raj and was tagged as their summer capital. British superintendent, in the name of John Chesson, can be credited for the improvement and grooming of the hill station during the 1960s. He planted several plant species from the western world, including silver oak and poinsettia, to beautify the place. Initially, Mahabaleshwar was the summer capital of the British, but they could not retire there during the monsoon. Later, they decided on Panchgani for the same as the town remain pleasant throughout the year. History goes to say that John Chesson was assigned the task of finding a suitable spot for the summer vacation retreat. He finally settled on the scenic area between five villages- Dhandeghar, Godavli, Amral, Khingar, and Taighat. Post discovery of the beautiful region, John was made superintendent, and the place was named Panchgani. Chesson then, improvised the infrastructure and appointed tailors, butchers, dhobis etc. to inhabit the place and that’s how Panchgani came to be as a town. Other than the verdant green valleys, soothing environment; the red, juicy strawberries are a major attraction of Panchgani hills. Rightly known as the ‘strawberry garden of India’, the farms of Panchgani are full of enchanting views of luscious berries, especially during February and March. And we have nobody but the British to thank for bringing these beautiful berry plantations from Australia.

Restaurants and Local Food in Panchgani

Panchgani does not really have a unique local cuisine but is famous for its strawberries. One must definitely try the fruit and maybe even take some home. Other than that, the area, true to the nature of the state, sustains a huge variety in the cuisines available here. One can choose from Gujrati, Parsi, Continental, Chinese, Moghlai, Punjabi, South Indian and Marashtrian menus along with countless options for desserts. Those interested in non-vegetarian delicacies will also find a lot to indulge in from a rich Biryani to various chicken and mutton preparations.
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Suggested Itinerary

Day 1- Arrive at airport or railway station in Pune. Travel to Panchgani from Pune in a cab in the evening. Check-in at the hotel. Overnight stay at the hotel.
Day 2- Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the Tableland, which is the second longest mountain plateau in the whole of Asia. A vast plain land on the top of the hill is sprawled over an area of 95 acres. Then, visit the Sydney point, overlooking the Krishna valley and offering the astonishing views of the hills. Later visit the Kate Point and Parsi point, do not miss a view of a sunset from here.
Day 2- Breakfast at the hotel. Visit the Rajpuri caves, the historic caves that provided shelter to Pandavas during their period in exile. Then, visit the nearby Devrai art village, which offers the beautiful artefacts of the preserved art. In the evening, enjoying paragliding above the hills of Panchgani.
Day 3- Breakfast at the hotel. Head to Mahabaleshwar and enjoy the various tourist destinations- Venna Lake, Mapro Gardens and Elephant’s head point.

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What's Great?

Lot of activities to do here, apart from sightseeing. Close proximity to Pune and Mumbai makes it an ideal weekend getaway.

What's Not So Great?

Does not have its own airport and railway station.

For Whom?

Perfect place weekend trips from Mumbai and Pune. Can be visited by adventure enthusiasts and nature seekers.

How To Reach Panchgani

Once you are in Maharashtra, connectivity to Panchgani is not an issue. Even though Panchgani does not have an airport or a railway station, the closest ones are within 100 km radius.

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Lovely and new experience and it was something new for me so was very much excited .. try this guy's don't miss it so that next time may be you don't get a chance again in ur life so better don't think twice and if u love heights then go for it give a try
Strawberry Farm 1 year ago
Laxmi Strawberry Farm, the place to be all year round and especially at strawberry season!!! Come and spend the day picking and eating ripe organic strawberries, down in our fields! For more information please call on
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