New York City in October: Things to Do, Events and More!

With the onset of fall, New York City gets transformed into a technicolour wondrous site! Fallen green, yellow and red leaves make the park and the city, in general, even prettier than usual and a paradise for travellers. The city in October starts getting ready to celebrate one of the most exciting festivals, Halloween, and pumpkin decorations are most likely to be adorning shops and stores. Here’s a quick list of things to expect and do in New York City in October.

1. What’s the weather like in October? 

NYC Autumn

The city would be embracing the autumn season by this time of the year so mild to chilly temperatures are likely to prevail during October. The average high temperature expected is usually 18°C and the lowest is 10°C. 

2. What to wear ?


Since the weather is relatively pleasant in New York for most of October, light winter clothes are recommended. While you will be able to enjoy the mild weather and get a bit of the sun in the open spaces for those picnic trips to  Central Park, it is best to pack a few warm cardigans for that nightly temperature drop and evening galas and adventures. Keep yourself covered to avoid that autumn breeze so make sure to pack a few pairs of jeans and long-sleeved tops.  Throw in a few sweaters and maybe a light weatherproof jacket for good precaution. 

3. Explore the parks

Central Park

Visiting New York in the beautiful fall season provides you with the opportunity to explore the parks in the city at a time when they are covered in layers of leaves of red, yellow, and brown shades. Experience the magical fall foliage at either Fort Tryon Park, Prospect Park or the classic Central Park. To get a good view of the skyline, head to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, Madison Square Park or Astoria Park.

4. Be a part of the Halloween Parade and other celebrations

Halloween parade

Visiting New York during October and not being part of the Halloween celebrations is truly a waste of being in the city at that time. The best way to experience the festivities is to be a part of the Halloween Parade which usually runs up Sixth Avenue from Spring Street to 16th Street. Lasting for about two to three hours, it is a fun way to dress up and enjoy the music played by phenomenal bands lined up specially for the parade. There is usually an upper limit for the number of people allowed to participate in the parade so make sure to get your tickets early on. There are various other Halloween costume contests and pumpkin carving events that you can be a part of such as pumpkin picking at Decker Farm in Staten Island. Queens drive-in screenings of scary movies is another Halloween tradition you can enjoy while in the city. 

5. Visit The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze

Jack O'lantern

The stature and popularity of The Great Jack O’Lantern Blaze at Hudson Valley deserves to be highlighted separately from all other Halloween celebrations. With more than 7,000 carved pumpkins and eerie background  music, it is the most awaited and spookiest Halloween event in the city. Making a trip here to witness the Pumpkin Carousel twirl and the Pumpkin Windmill whirl along with synchronised lighting and music will surely be worth your time! 

6. Attend Comic-Con

Comic con

Bring out your inner Scarlet Witch or get ready by donning your Harry Potter glasses and cloak because New York’s Comic Con is the ultimate place to be at to get a full-blown comic book cultural experience. Usually spanning over a couple of days, the assemblance of panel discussions, celebrity interviews, meet and greet and the thrill of being surrounded by fellow fans and comic enthusiasts is one of the best ways you can imagine spending your time in the city. 

7. Book your tickets for New York Film Festival

Film Festival

Another glorious event to look forward to in October is New York’s Film Festival which is a long running and one of the most prestigious festivals in the country. Advanced tickets can be booked online as per availability and event schedule. If you are in New York at the same time as the festival’s occurrence, it is worthwhile to give the event a shot. 

8. Participate in Columbus Day Parade


Commemorating the arrival of Christopher Columbus in America on October 12, 1942, the Columbus Day Parade begins from 44th Street and goes all the way to 72nd Street. Marked by musical performances and the customary serving of Italian food, it is a family-friendly colourful event that can be enjoyed by tourists while visiting the city during this month. 

9.Enjoy New York’s food and wine festival

Food and wine

New York Food and Wine Festival takes place in October and brings together a multitude of flavours and cuisines for the four-day event. It is one of the most comprehensive and entertaining ways to relish the food and wine that the city has to offer. Renowned chefs bring forth their expertise which is accompanied by other events such as hands-on classes, wine tastings and whatnot. 

10. Drive-ins and movie screenings


With just the right weather for outdoor activities, October is the perfect time to attend a movie screening in the many drive-ins that the city has to offer. Some of these drive-in movie theatres host special screenings for the Halloween season which are worth checking out for a relaxed evening. Tribeca drive-in, Brooklyn drive-in, Skyline drive-in and Queens’ Bel Aire Diner drive-in are some famous ones you can check out. 

New York City in October has a unique and incredible magical vibe to offer to all the travellers with its stunning views of nature’s beauty in the fall season  and the celebration of different festivals and events that bring together people from all over the world!

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