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How to Reach New York City from India

Reaching India from New York is extremely easy with the splendid air network between the two countries. Airlines like Emirates, Air India, United Airlines fly almost every other day, connecting New York and major cities of India including New Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. You might even find direct flights (typically Air India and United Airlines) to Delhi and Mumbai taking just about 15 to 16 hours.

How to reach New York City by flight

New York is one of the busiest states of the world. John F. Kennedy is a major international Airport located in Queens, New York City. There is a large number of flights flying to New York from just about any corner in the world. Some of the common ones are Emirates, United Airlines, Swiss, Air India and KLM. A cab to the main city will not take much time.

How to reach New York City by road

With so many taxi cabs operating in New York, one can reach any destination in and around the city. There are both, budget cabs and luxury cars, available. However, one must avoid taking them while travelling far, and opt for a bus or flight instead.

How to reach New York City by train

New York is very well connected with other states through its large rail network. Important places like Toronto, New Jersey, Florida, Boston, and several others could be easily reached to/from New York by rail.

How to reach New York City by bus

There are plenty of bus operators in the New York state. One of the best bus networks are that of Trailways that connects New York with Albany, Buffalo, Kingston, Rochester, Lake George, Toronto and where not!

Local transport in New York City

Once you have landed in New York city, you will witness a plethora of options to travel in and around this wonder land. Take super fast trains like NJ transit, and Amtrak which connects New York with nearby cities like New Jersey and New Burgh. You may avail a metro card which can give you access to almost every bus and train that runs in the city. Take MTA Subways and buses to spot by every nook and corner of the city. Taxis and cabs are also very efficient and comfortable.

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