Skydiving in New York City: Top 10 Destinations in New York City

Skydiving is one of, if not the most popular extreme adventure sport. It is free falling to no end at 120 mph. Skydiving is an experience unlike any other. The feeling of flying through the sky grips your heart and fills you with adrenaline and a sense of freedom.

There are many great places to go skydiving in New York City. The average cost of skydiving in New York is anywhere between $200 to $290. You can opt for a one-time fun jump or a tandem jump, in which an instructor jumps with you. An average dive lasts about five to six minutes, 50 seconds of which is freefall and four to five minutes are the parachute ride down.

New York City has many great skydiving destinations to offer. The top 10 skydiving spots in New York City are listed below.

Top 10 Destinations for Skydiving in New York City

1. Long Island Skydiving


Located at Brookhaven Airport just fifty miles outside the city. They offer the tandem jump in which an instructor is attached to and jumps with the diver. The dive is made interesting as you can catch glimpses of the shores of Long Island. 
Cost: A tandem jump will cost $298 per person. Videos or photos will cost you $99 extra. If you want both, it will be $129. Groups can avail discounts.
They also offer photographs and video facilities for an additional fee of $99 to monumentalize your jump. 

2. SkyDive New Jersey


Here you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Delaware River and the NYC Skyline while skydiving. While waiting for your turn you can enjoy and relax at the historic and scenic Alexandria Fields. They also have advanced courses where one can receive a skydiving certificate. 
Cost: The cost of skydiving for a group of 1-3 people is $215 per person.
For a group of more than 4 people, the prices are lowered to $205 per person.
These include a 40-second freefall and about 6 minutes of parachute ride. They also offer video and photo facilities.

3. Skydive The Ranch


Located in New Paltz, SkyDive The Ranch is perfect for first-timers. It offers tandem jumps called instructor-assisted freefall (IAF) up to level thirteen. Experience freefall for 60 seconds hitting speeds of up to 120 MPH. Enjoy the views while descending for a 5-7 minute long canopy flight. 
Cost: A tandem dive without video costs $219 and $343 with video.
A group of 5 or more can get a steal price of $199 on weekdays. 

4. iFLY Indoor Skydiving


It offers indoor simulating skydiving and is suitable for less experienced first-timers and people who want to experience skydiving but fear heights. Indoor skydiving is also a cheaper and safer alternative to the traditional skydiving experience. Located in Westchester, New York, it is open all days of the week. iFLY is unique as it is safe for all ages. Kids as young as 3 and even the elderly can enjoy body flight. You don’t need any special skills to fly here. 
Cost: The cost for 2 minutes of flying is $60 and 4 minutes for $110. You can add additional minutes.
Discounts are offered to groups.

5. Skydive Cross Keys 


 First-timers can choose to do a tandem, or you can opt to go through their training course to become a certified professional and solo skydiver. Skydive Cross Keys is unique because it offers the HALO skydive, in which you jump from an altitude of 23,000 feet with a full 90 seconds of free-fall. This is the only center on the East Coast where this type of skydiving is available.
Cost: Skydiving at Skydive Cross Keys costs $219 on weekdays and $239 on weekends.
You get $10 off the price if you book online. The photo and video package costs $129 per person.
A group of 5 or more people gets a discount of $5 each.

6. Long Island Skydiving Center


Located on the south shore of Long Island, the Long Island Skydiving Center offers spectacular views of the Atlantic Coast and Hampton Beaches as you dive. It has trained and professional instructors who are compassionate to first-timers. This place is also famous for its skydiving pictures.
Cost: An on spot reservation for a tandem jump costs $298 and an online reservation is relatively cheaper at $239.
A video and photo package is priced at $149, in addition to the tandem package.

7. Skydive Sussex


At Skydive Sussex you will be offered spectacular views of the New York City, the Manhattan skyline, and the High Point Monument as you jump from an altitude of 14,500 feet. Here you can enjoy an entire minute of freefall before the parachute ride. It is located at Sussex Airport in New Jersey and is about 40 miles from New York City.
Cost: The cost of a tandem dive is $225 per person.
A group of 5+ people gets a discount of $10 per person, groups of 10+ get $15 off per person and a group of 15 or more get a discount of $20 per person.
A professional videographer accompanies you on the skydive to film the experience and click about 50-100 pictures for $145 more.
A Hand-Camera Video & Pictures package costs $105 more.
In this package, the instructor wears cameras on your skydive providing a selfie-view of your experience.

8. Skydive Finger Lakes


Skydive Finger Lakes has tandem skydiving, sport jumping, and a Learn To Skydive program. It is located at the Ovid Airport and is Central New York’s premier skydiving destination. It overlooks the breathtaking Finger Lakes, making the jump even more memorable. 
Cost: A tandem skydive costs $239 on weekdays and $259 on weekends and holidays. Both videos and pictures cost $109 and if you choose only one it will cost $89 only.

9. Frontier Skydivers Inc.


Frontier Skydivers Inc. is located in Newfane in New York. From the aircraft, you can observe Niagara Falls, the CN Tower in Toronto, and the gorgeous Buffalo skyline, making the jump all the more exciting. You  make your first tandem skydive after an hour-long training class. You freefall for about one minute followed by a 5 minute canopy ride back to the drop zone.
Cost: A tandem jump without any photos or video costs $220 per person. Photos or videos cost $100 extra.

10. Rochester Skydivers


Located in Perry, New York City, Rochester Skydivers offers tandem jumps as well as AFF programs. They have a pre jump training of 30 minutes to brief you with the basics for your safety. You are dropped along with your instructor at an altitude of 10,000 feet, freefall about 35 seconds through the air until the parachute opens at 4,500 feet. 
Cost: Groups of 1-4 people have to pay $229 per person for a tandem dive. Groups of 5 and more have to pay $219. Videos and photos cost $95 and $85 respectively. If you want both it will cost you $115.
Aren't you eager to try skydiving in New york city? Let us know in the comments.

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