New York City in November - Weather, 5 Best Things to Do, 5 Best Events to Attend and More

November is the most festive and lively time in New York City. With Halloween just over, the city is already decked up and awaiting Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and of course, the Christmas season.

With October being a very busy tourist season, November is relatively an off-peak season. Prices are lower, especially during early November. Hotels and tours are cheaper and offer great discounts. This time is perfect for sightseeing, visiting attractions and other touristy places as it is less crowded and the holiday spirit is in the air!

Weather in New York City in November


During November, the days are warm and the nights are pleasantly chill. It gets colder as compared to October as autumn turns into winter. The weather is great for touring.

The average temperature in early November is 10.5oC and drops to 5.5oC gradually. There are about 6 hours of sunshine and the average precipitation is 84mm.



It is advised to wear a few layers as the weather is chilly. It would be enough to pack a few sweaters, jeans and pullovers. Comfortable, warm shoes would be great for walking in the cold muddy grounds. You can also carry a few scarves and gloves if you feel more comfortable in them. It would also be smart to carry an umbrella in case of rain.

If you are visiting towards the end of November, a few medium-weight jackets and coats would be needed.

5 Best Things to Do in New York City in November



If you went to New York and didn’t see a Broadway show, did you even visit New York? Broadway musicals are one of the most popular things from New York. There are many Broadway shows you can enjoy in November like “La Roux” and “Broadway: Under the Stars”. Broadway Under The Stars is a five-week series of free indoor Broadway performances. A must watch!

2. Ice Skating


Ice Skating rinks in New York open up in October and remain open for the rest of the season. You can go ice skating in November at the Rockefeller Center, Central Park, and Bryant Park.

3. Visit the Times Square


The famous Times Square is even more glorious during this month. Due to the holiday season, it is more active than ever. The shops are all decked up and many new vendors open up. The overall atmosphere of times Square will give you the complete feel of the festive season.

4. Visit the Central Park


Central Park is even more beautiful in fall. The leaves are brown and the air is crisp. Grab a hot cup of coffee and tour this gorgeous, 843 acres huge park and its attractions.

5. Black Friday Shopping


27th November, the day after Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday in the USA and is peak shopping season. Almost all shopping outlets have a Black Friday Sale and offer huge discounts on apparel, footwear, and accessories. Hit up shops on this day for high-end items at a cheap price.

5 Events to Attend in New York City in November

1. New York Comedy Festival 


The New York Comedy Festival takes place from 9th-15th November. The festival has over 200 stand up comedians, sketch performers, and podcast hosts. It is a treat for anyone who enjoys comedy.

2. Union Square Holiday Market


Union Square Park’s South Plaza hosts the Holiday Market from November 21 till December 24. There are more than 150 vendors selling everything including jewelry, art, garments, home décor, and candles. There are also many foods and drink vendors.

3. Brooklyn Crush Wine & Artisanal Food Festival


On November 9, the Industry City Courtyard is transformed into a food and wine extravaganza. If you enjoy wine, then this is a must-visit for you. Here you can sample many different types of wines, ciders, whiskeys, and other beverages along with mouth-watering delicacies.

4. NYC Craft beer Festival


On Halloween weekend, that is 1st and 2nd November, the Craft Beer Festival Takes place in New York City. Breweries from all over showcase their creations. Many create special, exclusive blends for this festival alone. Here you will find beer flavors that you haven’t even heard of before!

5. Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


Thanksgiving is a major American festival. On the 26th of November, Thanksgiving Day, the major highlight in New York City is Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. The parade is a huge extravaganza that you must see to truly experience American culture.It displays huge balloons and effigies of many pop culture and modern-day icons.

NYC offers scrumptious, hot food to counter the winter. November is a time where there are many seasonal delicacies available in New York. 

Food in New York City in November

1. Apple Cider Doughnut


Apple Cider Doughnuts are sweet doughnuts made out of cider glaze, apple chips, puffed buckwheat groats, and sea salt. They are a seasonal delicacy and are especially enjoyed in the cold November winter with a steaming cup of coffee or tea. The Cinnamon Snail is a well-known place to get some of these.

2. Pastrami


Pastrami is a sort of a smoked sandwich made of beef brisket, cured in brine, spiced with garlic, coriander, and black pepper. This hot and smoked sandwich tastes even better in New York’s November cold.

Hotels in New York City in November 


Since New York is a very popular tourist destination, it has a variety of accommodations to choose from. You must choose a hotel taking into account your budget and touring preferences.

Since November is not peak season, you can avail great discounts.

If you want to stay right in the heart of the city, Midtown Manhattan is the best fit for you. It has many luxury hotels like the Lotte New York Palace. If you want to stay near all the best shopping and fine dining districts, you should look for hotels in Tribeca. The Upper West Side of New York has quieter accommodations, surrounded by green parks. Chinatown and Little Italy are also great places to stay in. They are more unique.

Are you planning to visit New York City in November? Let us know in the comments.

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