Souvenirs in New York City: 10 Delightful Souvenirs to Remember Your Trip By

A souvenir is an object, memento, or token of remembrance that travelers buy from the destination they are visiting, as a symbol of their visit. When you look at your souvenir, all the memories of the visit come rushing back. Souvenirs can be cultural or relating to the place in many ways. 

New York City is a gorgeous place with many places to see and experience. You will need souvenirs and mementos to remember and monumentalize your trip to all these amazing places. There are many things to get in NYC!

10 Amazing Souvenirs in New York City

1. Yankees Pillow Pets


Yankees merchandise is perhaps the most New York one can get! You can buy adorable neck pillows that look like teddy bears with the iconic pinstripes of the New York Yankees, the famous baseball team. These neck pillows are New York in a nutshell and are the perfect gifts to take home to remember your visit to the Big Apple.
Cost: They are priced at $29.99 and can be found at every Yankees Clubhouse Shops.
Manhattan alone has three of these stores.
You can also buy other Yankees merch at the shops including jerseys and collectibles.

2. New York Themed Snow Globes


Snow Globes are the perfect memorabilia. They are cute, meaningful, and can even be used as gifts. What better way to commemorate your trip to New York City than to carry a mini version of it back home! 

You can buy snow globes that showcase attractions of New York like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building from stores in Herald Square. Macy’s, located at 151 West 34th Street in Herald Street sells such globes. They can also be found at Saks Fifth Avenue at 611 5th Avenue and the Disney Store at 1540 Broadway.
Cost: They are priced at about $40.

3. Bottles of Wine from Long Island


Long Island in New York is well renowned for its wines. It offers unique blends that are very hard to find elsewhere. If you are a fan of fine wines then make sure to take a bottle or two as souvenirs back home, because you sure will miss the delicious wines. They also make great gifts for your friends and families. 

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Merlot are a few wines recommended as souvenirs. If you are unable to visit the Island, you can also buy these from Bin 81 on the Upper West Side, or Astor Wine & Spirits at 399 Lafayette Street.

4. Figurines of Statue of Liberty


Statue of Liberty is the most iconic landmark in New York. Whenever one thinks of New York City, the Statue of Liberty is the first thing to come to mind. A figurine of this statue would be the perfect thing to take back home to remember your trip.

They can be found at a lot of stores, and flea markets. They are also sold near the Statue of Liberty.
Cost: They are priced at around $20.

5. “I <3 NYC” T-Shirts, Mugs, and Keychains


A basic tee or mug that says I <3 NYC might seem a very cheesy and touristy thing to buy but it is a must-have souvenir from your New York Trip. They make great memorabilia as they are daily use products. Every day you will be reminded of all the great memories of your visit! 

They can be brought from vendors near tourist attractions. They are also available at NYC airports, Chinatown, and convenience stores.
Cost: They are moderately priced at around $10 onwards.

6. St. Mark’s Place

8th Street in the borough of Manhattan in New York is the perfect place to buy quirky souvenirs. It sells a lot of miscellaneous items like shot glasses, jewelry, and vintage New York-style clothing. This street also has many tattoos and piercing shops. If you like it, you can get a tattoo or piercing to permanently commemorate your visit.

7. New York Train Set


The Metropolitan Transit Museum at Downtown Brooklyn sells train sets that look like the New York trains. It is the perfect souvenir as it represents the city and your visit. The train set is also a great gift to bring back to your family. The shop at the museum sells other stuff, too. You can buy maps, T-shirts, keychains, hats, etc.
Cost: The train set costs only $15 and is even compatible with other engine toys.

8. Memories of New York


Memories of New York is a souvenir shop at the 5th Avenue that sells everything from postcards to handbags to figurines. All the items are officially licensed New York City souvenirs. They also have rare and hard to find American pop culture merchandise.

9. GrandSlam


This one is perfect for sports fans. GrandSlam, located at Broadway, sells Yankees and Major League Baseball (MLB) merchandise. It has all types of Yankees gear from books and photos to bags and hats, for all ages and sizes.GrandSlam also sells the official merch for all MLB teams like the Boston Red Sox and LA Dodgers.

Apart from the sports gear, they also sell touristy souvenirs here including calendars, magnets, albums, snow globes, toys, etc.

10. Dean & Deluca Coffee


Dean & Deluca Coffee is one of the most popular coffee names in NYC. They have over 6 stores in Manhattan alone. Some of their popular blends are the  mellow Americana Blend, the fruity Africana Blend, and the chocolate Pacifica Blend.
Location: The Dean & Deluca outlet at 121 Prince Street, Soho was the first store.
They have other stores at prime locations including the City Spire Café on West 56th Street,
Rockefeller Center Café between 5th and 6th Avenue, 1150 Madison Avenue at 85th Street,
New York Times Café on 8th Avenue, and Paramount Hotel Café on West 46th Street. 
Cost: A Trio Sampler offers 3 ounces of each blend and costs $13.50.
Which of the souvenirs in New York City are you planning to bring home for your loved ones? Tell us in the comments.

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