New Year in the New York City - Celebrate New Years Eve in NYC

Every year when the calendar turns to December 31st, millions of eyes turn to the New York City as the Big Apple pumps up its energy and dazzles with lights and enthusiasm to give a warm welcome (in snowy cold days) to the New Year!

Whether you want to watch the ball drop, in Times Square or stroll through the Central Park, or even chill and party on a rooftop, NYC has got you covered with all your needs to brighten up your celebration mood.

Here we take a look at the best things to do for New Year in New York City!

1. Watch the Ball Drop in Times Square

Ball Drop, Times Square, NYC
Heads up, you better show up early and secure your seat if you want to catch a great view of the New Year’s eve Ball. The 42nd Street will be crowded with people making their way to catch a glimpse of the proceedings and your only best bet is to show up early and navigate through a clear walking route – minding the police barricades – to the ball watching area.

2. See a Comedy Show

Whether or not you like tickling your funny bone from time to time, you’re sure to laugh out loud in the Big Apple – the home to some fine comedians including local and national talents in the field.

Comedy clubs like the Caroline’s on Broadway or the Gotham Comedy Club host hilarious New Year’s Eve parties which usually include dinner, dancing, DJ, and live streaming of the ball drop of Times Square following the comedy act. So it’s a win-win that you can watch the ball drop, along with some extra fun when you want it.

3. Run Through Central Park

If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you might want to go for the fitter way to celebrate your New Year with the New York Road Runners’ midnight run through the Central Park. It’s a 6.4-kilometer trek through Central Park, with an excellent view of the fireworks from the route.

4. Party on a Rooftop

Want to get a bird’s eye view of the ball drop without battling the cold or the crowd and let long waits dampen your party mood? Well, some rooftop venues such as the St. Cloud or the Monarch Lounge are just the places for you. They overlook all the action down below in Times Square as you sip a cocktail or party with your friends and enjoy it all from high above!

5. See a Concert

New York City has a number of music venues and hosts some of the most beautiful performances in and around the New Year’s Eve. For instance, New York City’s Pier 36 hosts a New Year’s Eve Concert annually. The venue, which has 3 floors, boasts of a great view of both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges and the main level is accessible to all guests.

6. Enjoy a Cruise

If you’re looking for a romantic evening, then you would definitely want to try a Cruise in NYC. A boat ride with food, drinks, and fireworks can bring just the amount of magic a romantic evening looks for.

Getting a boat ride in NYC will ensure amazing views of the Statue of Liberty, grand fireworks, and a mesmerising view of the southern tip of Manhattan.

7. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge never ceases to amaze tourists and natives all year round. But on the New Year’s eve, the iconic place becomes even more magical with all the fireworks and lights all around – a sight you aren’t going to forget any time soon.

Which of the above places is on your bucket-lit for new years in New York City.

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