Street Food in New York City:10 Best Places to Relish Street Delicacies

New York is a diverse melting pot of almost every single culture from every single corner of the world. It has been for so long a home and a harbour for different races, ethnicities and immigrants. So, it is but natural for this fact to get reflected in everything New York City offers But the best way where this heterogeneous culture gets reflected is by the way of food. So, here in this article, we will explore what all New York City has to offer in terms of street food. Come, let us have a look:

10 Best Places for Street Food in New York City

1. Mamak Rendang Stew


Mamak Rendang offers almost all the dishes from a South Asian country of Malaysia. From boneless short rib meat to hard-boiled eggs and cucumbers and chilli soups, Mamak will make you feel as if you are in Malaysia. It is a very popular destination for all those who are huge foodies of Malaysian cuisine.

Mamak is located in a very crowded place of Hanover Square and Water Square in the downtown New York City which brings a lot of footfall to the restaurant.

2. Makina Ethinopian Food


Makina offers traditional Ethiopian cuisine which is a very huge favourite with the local African population. It is owned by Eden Egziabhar and it is under his supervision that dishes like red lentil stew, squishy injera, protein-rich diet and side dishes are offered. The most liked combination of these dishes is with rice and hot soup. All the dishes made are pure vegetarian and utmost hygiene is maintained.

3. NY Dosas


New York Dosas is a South Indian outlet owned by Thiru Kumar is famous for its wide range of mouthwatering dosas. The outlet is located in the Washington Square Park in New York City since the year 2001. The dosas are completely vegetarian with a lot of generous use of vegetables and traditional Indian masalas. The stall also offers hot samosas which is an instant hit with the locals.
Cost: The dishes start from $9 and are as easy on your pocket as much as they on your stomach.

4. Nuts 4 Nuts


Nuts 4 Nuts is a single franchise with multiple outlets or rather carts roaming all through New York City. It was started by Alejandro Road, an Argentinian. They offer various nuts like cashew, pistachio, almonds, chestnuts all of them roasted right in front of you. The aroma of this is more than enough to garner a crowd of hundreds of people. Most of its stalls are located in 46th Street of New York City. It is open on all days of the week from morning 8 am to evening 9 pm.

There are other dishes which are offered like soft drinks and sometimes popcorns.



Calexico is one of the very few Mexican outlets present in the New York City and prepares some very nice Mexican cuisine most traditionally. Calexico was started in the year 2006, and since then its popularity has only skyrocketed. Calexico sells their Mexican products on small carts spread all through the city.

The outlet sells tacos, jalapeno cheddar, burritos, chipotle pork, beans, rice and fish, which are some of the all-time favourites of their loyal customers. Most of their carts are concentrated in Prince Street and Wooster Street.

6. Breakfast cart Bagels


Breakfast Cart Bagels is a chain of carts all through the city. However, it has most of its carts outside the subway stations of New York in early morning office hours and they serve some of the most nutritious and delicious breakfast to the residents of New York City. They serve bagels, pastries, dirty water dogs, yellow cabs and some hot coffee.

The best part of them, is that they serve these at some of the most economical prices and prominent locations which brings them huge revenue and fame.

7. Red Hook Lobster Pound Food Truck


Lobster Rolls are quite a famous traditional dish of England which is greatly enjoyed the British. This food outlet has their trucks which are parked in multiple locations across the city and offer some of the most mouth-watering lobster shacks on wheels. They are mostly Maine-styled and served with lots of cheese and Mayonnaise. Other combinations include serving with warm lemon water.

The rolls start with $16 and are quite famous throughout New York City. They sell a record of more than 200 lobster rolls every hour in the city.

8. Divine Flavored Food Truck


Divine Flavored Food truck was started by a Nigerian immigrant by the name Godshelter Oluwalogbon. It is located outside the Nigerian Embassy in New York City. He says that it is his mission to introduce the huge delicious dishes and cuisines of Nigeria to the world.

Divine flavoured food truck makes dishes like fried yam burgers, green vegetable stew called efo elegusi, Akara which is a common breakfast served in West Africa and New York pretzels. The starting prices of his dishes are from $14.75. Godshelter has numerous awards to his name, the major one which is, 2017 Vendy Awards. 

9. Banh Mi Cart


Banh Mi Cart is a food venture by some Vietnamese immigrants and offers traditional Vietnamese cuisine and mouthwatering delicacies. Among the major attractions are Banh Mi sandwiches, wholesome lunch options like special baguette, grilled sardines and eel.
Timings: The carts operate throughout the New York City and are available on all days of the week from morning 8 am to evening 9 pm

10. Uncle Gussy’s


Uncle Gussy’s is a famous restaurant offering great Greek cuisines. It is said that Greeks as well as other nationals people throng and like Uncle Gussy’s dishes.

The full-fledge food truck serves breakfast, lunch, evening snacks and even dinner. The options include Greek salads dressed with Balsamic and Extra Virgin Oil, Pork Sausages, Sandwiches, Platters, Vegan Souvlaki, Fries and drinks like sodas, beer and Gatorade. 
Location: The food trucks of Uncle Gussy’s are located in Midtown Park Avenue and Paros.
Timings: They are open on all days of the week from morning 10 am to afternoon 3 pm.  
So, these were some of the most popular street food options available in New York City. If you feel like we have missed out on including your favourite outlets and eateries, let us know in the comments section below. 

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