Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) - 2021

If you love literature and books and fancy staying in touch with the literary circle, then the Jaipur Literature Festival is your Mecca! A grand festival solely dedicated to Literature had been long due and JLF made it possible for all of us.  It is so popular that Mail has even called it “the grandest literary Festival of them all”. So, what is the Jaipur Literature Festival? It is the annual literary festival which takes place in the royal city of Jaipur in the month of January. The Diggi Palace Hotel serves as the main venue for the event with 6 sub-venues inside.

As the largest FREE literary festival on earth, JLF brings together some of the greatest thinkers and writers from across South Asia and the world. Every January is a treat for literature lovers as they get to listen and interact with the note-worthy personalities from the literature circuit. Nobel laureates to journalists, Man Booker prize winners to debutants, photographers to painters; JLF is the hub of arts and culture. By 2011, JLF attracted the largest festival audience in the Asian Pacific region with approximately 60,000 visitors from 24 countries. It featured 224 speakers in 140 sessions and 100 musicians in 20 concerts.


Ravish Kumar at one of the sessions (Source)

This year would mark the Jaipur Literature Festival’s 12th year on the run. Since the past few years, however, the festival has been on the front page for its controversies more than the events. JLF never ceases to see a gathering of a huge number of audiences and speakers in any year. The cool, breezy January morning beginning with an intellectual session is a huge relief for a lot of the festival’s attendees.

The best aspect of the festival is the fact that one can easily interact and ask questions to their favourite speakers or they might even catch up on a conversation with them over tea. The setting of the Diggi Palace Hotel sets the mood for a high-profile meeting place for the ones whose minds are never at rest. A large crowd compromising of students and academics are thankful to JLF for not making this festival a paid one for them (However you can get a delegate pass by paying a certain amount of money which would buy you uninterrupted entrance into the authors’ lounge). But once a person is inside, everybody is treated the same which visitors find most attractive.

Numerous book reading sessions and poetry reading sessions also keep happening simultaneously as the other sessions take place. A pool in the middle of the communal area provides for a quick breather in the midst of the hectic schedule, even for the ones attending the festival. A Full Circle bookstall is also available on the ground for the guests to buy books of the speakers and to get their own copy of the book by their favourite author signed at the meet-and-greet sessions. The democratic nature of the festival plays a huge role in its success over the years.


Full Circle bookstall at JLF source


The pool at Diggi Palace source

Jaipur Literature Festival Dates 2021

2021 Jaipur Literature Festival will begin on Thursday, January 28 and ends on Monday, February 1.


His Holiness at JLF 2013 source

If you are also looking forward to attending this festival then all you need to do is, log on to www.jaipurliteraturefestival.org and register yourself for free! You will get a receipt of your registration and you need to print it out in order to produce it at the registration desk at the entrance. You can also register on the spot. That is just about all that you need to do in order to get yourself a seat into the biggest literary festival in Asia!

One of the main reasons for the success of the festival is because it is so overwhelming for its visitors; they make it a point to come back the next year round as well. And while they wait for the next January to arrive, they spread the word to their friends and family and tag them along on this incredible literary adventure.   Moreover, as the sun sets with the last session of the evening at the Jaipur Literature Festival, the celebrations are moved to another location for the concert night where numerous artists of various genres, ranging from folk to electronic to jazz, continue to celebrate the day with the guests through their performances.


A fusion event at the concert, JLF source

All in all, Jaipur Literature Festival paints a complete picture of the art scene in India and abroad with its motive to work towards igniting the intellect of the people with their various talks and globalised musical performances. This is definitely an event which will have you talking about it all year long. Official Website of JLF-2019




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