7 Family Holiday Destinations To Travel With Your Kids To Ignite Their Wanderlust Early!

Raise your hands if you love travelling but waiting for the kids to grow older. With our busy schedule, we often forget the fact that apart from studies, acquiring new experiences is also a part of growing up. There are so many beautiful destinations to travel with kids which are not only fun but they can also gather enriching experiences.

Here are 7 best family holiday destinations that will inspire you to travel with the munchkins when they are still in the school. Get ready to create memories and feel like a child once again.

1. London, England

London, Best Family Destinations in the World to Take Your Kids

If you want the kids to experience a major European city, a family vacation to London is a must. The children are surely going to be fascinated with the world they have only seen in Harry Potter movies. The colourful markets, telephone booths, legendary pop culture and all things nice have a unique way of pleasing children. No wonder, this city will delight the little ones and allow them to explore it in its different shades.

Top Things to do
  1. Listen to the grisly tales about the Tower of London from a Beefeater guard
  2. Get to know interesting facts at the Natural History and Science Museum
  3. Have a fun-filled evening at a popular children’s theatre
  4. Get amused and excited at the London Dungeon
  5. Feel the vibe at Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum
  6. Explore Sherlock’s home at 221b, Baker Street
  7. Savour the view from the London Eye

2. New York City, New York

New York City, Best Family Destinations in the World to Take Your Kids

A trip to New York is the best way to teach the kids more about US history that they only read in textbooks. Visit the legendary Statue of Liberty, the most recognized symbol of the nation’s freedom. Get a closer look at the lives of the immigrants who came here through Ellis Island in the hope of a better future. At Ground Zero, the children will be able to relate everything that they have heard about the horrifying 9/11 incident. In addition, New York City also offers a number of fun activities that will make this trip a memorable one for the kids.

Top Things to do
  1. Walk through the Times Square
  2. Go for Ellis Island tour
  3. Witness the Statue of Liberty
  4. Let the kids feel the thrill at SeaGlass Carousel
  5. Take the children to the Imagination Playground
  6. Relish the city view from One World Observatory
  7. For kids centred activities, visit the Children's Museum of the Arts

3. Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong, Best Family Destinations in the World to Take Your Kids

For a chilled out family trip, head to Hong Kong. It is one of the most exotic cities in Asia with a medley of Chinese tradition and urban living. Hong Kong has a plethora of options that can keep the kids happy and entertained throughout the trip. The bustling life, soaring skyscrapers and the breathtaking view of the harbour work perfectly for a fam jam. Thus, there won’t be any dull moment when you are here in this perfect family holiday destination!

Top Things to do
  1. Prepare to be dazzled at Hong Kong Disneyland
  2. Hop on to a cruise and head on a sightseeing tour
  3. Enjoy thrill rides at the Ocean Park
  4. Go for a fun adventure at The Big Buddha
  5. Embark on a boat tour to Lamma Island
  6. Let the kids ogle the Pink Dolphins
  7. Explore the Science Museum and the Museum of History

4. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Best Family Destinations in the World to Take Your Kids

If you are planning to visit Tokyo with the children, think no more. It is one of the most fabulous cities that seamlessly blend Japanese traditions with the cosmopolitan aura. The kids will be spoilt for choice when in Tokyo. It is easy for them to find fun and unique experiences here. The gorgeous play centres and interactive museums are the key attractions for the little ones. Also, a walk through the Akihabara will charm them where most of the shops are either a toy store or a video game parlour.

Top Things to do
  1. Day trip to Tokyo Disneyland
  2. Try Purikura and cosplay at Sega Game Centre
  3. Experience incredible live shows at Puroland, an indoor theme park
  4. Experience swan boat ride at Inokashira Park
  5. Scream in delight at Japan’s oldest amusement park
  6. Enjoy futuristic boat rides along the Sumida River
  7. Let the little ones get bombarded with colourful toys at Asobono

5. Grand Cayman Island, The Cayman Island

Grand Cayman Island, Best Family Destinations in the World to Take Your Kids

The Grand Cayman Island is a water lover’s paradise. Here you can enjoy family-friendly water activities and stroll through the picture-perfect beaches. This place offers so much more than the sea and sand and every activity is an opportunity to spend quality time with your munchkins. Go for scuba diving or feel the splash as you snorkel through the emerald water. The greatest experience for the kids on the island is to get a closer look at the thousands of turtles from just hatched to 150+ years.

Top Things to do
  1. Snorkel among dozens of stingray at Stingray City
  2. Let the kids play with the turtles at Cayman Turtle Farm
  3. Ride the swimming ponies on the crystal clear water
  4. Play with the starfish at Starfish Island
  5. Feel alive during a Bioluminescence Bay Tour
  6. Get a glimpse of the underwater world at a submarine tour
  7. Witness the endangered species of Cayman Blue Iguana at Queen Elizabeth II Park

6. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, Best Family Destinations in the World to Take Your Kids

Cape Town is a lovely coastal city with the Table Mountains as the backdrop. There are so many things to do and see in Cape Town for tourists of all ages. The gorgeous coastline will not only enthral you but also leave the little ones awe-inspired. For exclusive family time, ride a cable car and soak in the panoramic view from the top of the Table Mountain. This is a perfect family holiday destination for which you will desire to come back again.

Top Things to do
  1. Go for a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain
  2. Walk through the verdant greenery at Company’s Gardens
  3. Visit the South African Museum and get to know interesting facts about animals
  4. Visit the historic Castle of Good Hope
  5. Witness aquatic life at Two Oceans Aquarium
  6. Let the kids wander in the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens
  7. Watch the penguins and tortoises at World of Birds Park

7. Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Phu Quoc, Best Family Destinations in the World to Take Your Kids

Phu Quoc Island is all about sun-kissed beaches, crystal clear water and lush landscape. It is ideal for a laid-back family vacation by the sea. Spend days by lazing around on the beaches or swim in the azure water, Phu Quoc has something to offer everyone. Long Beach is very popular among tourists as well as locals alike. Other magnificent beaches are Bai Thom, Vung Bao and Bai Sao. Enjoy boat trips, snorkelling and squid fishing with the kids. Undoubtedly, this island offers unique experiences that you may not find anywhere.

Top Things to do

  1. Excite the children with a visit to Vinpearl Land
  2. Go for a snorkel tour in the An Thoi Island group
  3. Let the kids get some knowledge at the Coi Nguon Museum
  4. Immerse in exclusive beach time
  5. Engage in squid fishing during sunset
  6. Let the kids learn honey production in Phu Quoc Bee Farm
  7. Go for go-carting near Ong Lang
Are you convinced yet? Don't have to worry about leaving your kids with your relatives to babysit them while you're away anymore, pack your bags and venture into an adventure perfect for you AND your children! A rocking family trip awaits!

This post was published by Atreyee Dutta

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