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Doddamakali, Bangalore Overview

Situated at a distance of about 132 kms from the city of Bangalore on 6 kms from Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp, Doddamakali is a living example of pristine rustic charm and idyllic sylvan setting. The place makes for an ideal weekend getaway away from the hustle bustle and chaos of the city amidst natural surroundings and euphoric atmosphere. It also has a few resorts which offer a relaxing and rejuvenating break to the city folks. Besides the amazing bed and breakfast, the guests can also choose from a plethora of day activities like bird watching, wildlife spotting and end the day with a quiet bonfire. All in all, this sacred haven tucked away in the wilderness is a perfect way to beat the city blues and spend some quiet moments in solitude and serenity with loved ones.

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Best Time To Visit Doddamakali

The best time to visit Doddamakali is during late monsoons or early winters between August and March when the rainfall has sufficiently fed the river and the river Cauvery is in full bloom. This time is also ideal for fishing and other water activities. In this season, the vegetation is also at its peak greenery to provide for a better experience. It is also the migration period for the birds; hence, there are high chances of spotting the exotic breeds. In all possibility, this is the best time to visit the place. However, during the rest of the year, you can enjoy a leisure trip lazing in the camps and gazing at the natural beauty surrounding the area.

Doddamakali Nature Resort

The nature resort is mostly used by corporate companies to offer training and a natural retreat at the same time to the employees. The resort has 8- 10 tented cottages ideal to spend a relaxed weekend. It has no electricity and operates solely on solar lamps. They also provide a delicious breakfast in the twilight and a delicate dinner under the starlight. You can also choose to camp and have a bonfire of your own along with barbequing by the riverside. In any case, you can just laze on the hammocks or recline on a lawn chair to read a book. The camp also has excellent indoor and outdoor games.

Activities at Doddamakali

You can choose from myriad leisure and adventure activities available here depending on your interest and time.


Doddamakali is home to around 200 species of water and land based birds. People come here, especially during the hibernation period to spot exotic birds coming in and going out from here. The area is home to a variety of birds including black bellied river turn, woodpeckers, spot billed duck, pied kingfisher, honey buzzed, pied crested cuckoo, osprey, tawny eagle, grey headed fish eagle etc.

Wildlife Spotting

Doddamakali also facilitates jungle safaris wherein you can spot vast varieties of wild animals including wild boars, spotted deer, sambar, endangered grizzled giant squirrels, leopards, elephants, jackals etc. You can also find reptiles like chameleons, turtles, pythons, Russell’s vipers, banded kraits, cobras etc.


River Cauvery settles down into a large pool at Doddamakali and hence it also has many opportunities for shallow water fishing. The camps facilitate fishing activities where you can catch Mahseer and other freshwater fish.

Adventure Activities

The river offers adventure activities like rafting, kayaking, coracle rides etc. And the surrounding green cover makes up for amazing trekking and soft hiking. The camps also organise nature walks where they walk you through the woods. You are also allowed to interact with the aboriginal Soliga tribes who inhabit the place.

How To Reach Doddamakali

Start on the Bangalore Kanakapura highway from the main city. Drive past Hagalur and reach Shimshapura village. Once in Shimshapura, you will have to leave behind your vehicle and will have to either walk down to Doddamakali or take a jeep through the winding roads to the wilderness below.

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