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Bananthimari Betta, Bangalore Overview

Located at a distance of 3 kms from the town of Kanakapura near Bangalore, Bananthimari Betta is a twin hillock surrounded by lush green fields with patches of flowers and rocky surface in turns. The beautiful valley in between is laden with an emerald velvetine grass cover and through it flows the most quaint and beautiful stream ever. The hillock is around 2090 feet in height and makes up for a moderately easy trek which the beginners and trekking enthusiasts can easily take. Bananthimari is situated between the villages of Konanadoddi and Kuthanahalli. The villagers are extremely helpful, in case you need help with the directions. In addition to that, at the base of the hill is a Devi Temple which is considered a perfect starting point for the trek.

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Best Time To Visit Bananthimari Betta

It is best advised to not trek the hillock during the monsoons as the rocks might get slippery and wet and there may be higher changes of any accidents. Midsummers might get too hot and humid for the trek. Therefore, the best time to visit Bananthimari Betta is during October to March when the weather is pleasant so that the trek doesn’t tire you out.

Tips For Visiting Bananthimari Betta

1. Wear trekking shoes for a comfortable trek.
2. Carry your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun.
3. Avoid wearing bright colored clothes.
4. Carry atleast 2 litres of water and energy food (like chocolate bars, glucon-D, electrolyte drinks etc.)


Bananthimari Betta gets its name from the Devi Temple situated at the base. Bananthi meaning ‘mother who is nursing a new born’, and mari meaning ‘the violent goddess’.

Other Activities at Bananthimari Betta

Bananthimari Betta is also ideal for rappelling. The steep rocky boulders make for a great accent and a lot of adventure enthusiasts come here for the same. Other activities including mountain climbing, hiking, rock climbing etc. Some people also camp at the base of hill near the village. There are also bonfires and other events organised from time to time.

Trekking at Bananthimari Betta

Bananthimari Betta is surrounded by verdant green fields which is mostly used by shepherds to feed their flocks. To begin with, the Devi Temple at the base of the hillock serves as a great starting point. You will also find localites and villagers on the way up, collecting firewood or tending to their livestock. As the height increases, the scenery gets more and more enticing. A few meters ahead in the trek, you will be awed at the beauty of the neighboring vistas of the tiny little stream flowing amidst virescent mountains. Most of the hillock is made up of granite rocks with patches of protruding grass and vegetation and a few trees here and there. The coarse granite rocky boulders offer the perfect grip to trek and hike; and are believed to be older than the rocks present in Ramanagaram or Madhugiri. The top of the peak is slightly blunt and flat; it offers enchanting views of the paddy fields in the distance, and the tiny township below. In any case, the mesmerising memories of this trek are bound to stay with you for a long, long time.

How To Reach Bananthimari Betta

Take the Kanakapura- Malavalli route from Bangalore, which is also called the Sathanuru Route sometimes. Take a left turn from the Y-Junction in the outskirts. A few kms ahead you will (maybe) find a lake on the right. You might also not spot it as it stays dry most times of the year and the authorities are fast filling it up with concrete to shut it down. Keep moving ahead on the same route until you spot a public school on the right and turn from the cut right next to it. Around 6 kms further on the same route you will find the temple arch. You will have to park your vehicle half a km before the temple and set ahead on foot. In case you lose the way, you can ask the villagers for Bananthimari Temple and they will guide you accordingly.

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