Beaches in Dubai To Beat The Heat!

Because of the hot climate of the United Arab Emirates, residents of Dubai are always looking for ways to stay cool. Thankfully, this region is blessed with a beautiful shoreline with long stretches of turquoise waters and golden sands, making beaches a popular location to spend the day. No longer do you need to splash out on air-conditioned locations when you can enjoy the cool ocean breeze instead!

The long Dubai shoreline is comprised of both private and public beaches. The private beaches belong to hotel establishments (some of which allow non-guests to use the beach services at a price) while the public beaches are maintained by the Dubai Municipality. Most are free, but there are some that have nominal entry fees. Also, private beaches tend to have closing times while public beaches are open all day long. All of Dubai's beaches are well-kept. Most have food-services, showers, and changing rooms. If you are interested in water sports, there are plenty of beaches with shacks that rent out surfboards, snorkels, and other equipment. The private beaches are generally lenient about swimwear, meaning men can wear Speedos and women can wear bikinis. But most public beaches have Emirati visitors as well, so it's advised to be more modestly dressed here. Women should stick to wearing two-pieces and one-pieces while men can wear swimming shorts.

Whether you're interested in a lazy beach day or would like an adrenaline rush, Dubai's beaches cater to all interests. These are some of the best beaches to spend the day in Dubai:

1. Sunset Beach

Known as Umm Suqeim beach by the locals, this is one of Dubai's beaches. Located behind Sunset Mall in Jumeirah, it offers a pleasant view of the Arabian Gulf and as the name suggests, gorgeous sunsets. This makes Sunset Beach a lovely beach for couples to enjoy long strolls together on the weekend. During the weekdays, it is generally open to only women and children. Keep in mind that this beach doesn't have cafes or kiosks, so it's best to carry your own food. As a public beach, it's open all day.

beaches in dubai, sunset beach


2. JBR Beach

JBR (which stands for Jumeirah Beach Residence) Beach is one of Dubai's most luxurious and beautiful beaches. It has been awarded Blue Flag status for cleanliness. It has a private waterfront for guests at Jumeirah Hotels that are great spots for sunbathing while the public area has water sports like banana boating, parasailing, and even wakeboarding. Access to this public area costs AED 5 per person for the day. This beach is open from 7 AM to 10 PM.
beaches in dubai, jbr

3. Ghantoot Beach

Ghantoot Beach is a private beach operated by Golden Tulip Hotel chain in Dubai. While access to the beach is free for guests, it can be used by the public for entry fees varying between AED 30-100 depending on the day and current season. It has lots of bars and bistros, making it a great party beach once the sun sets. Ghantoot Beach can be found along Sheikh Zayed Road leading towards Abu Dhabi. 
Ghantoot Beach

4. Kite Beach

Located on Al Manara Road, this beach gains its name from the popularity of kitesurfing here. It is home to plenty of water sports such as kayaking, beach tennis, and beach volleyball and land sports like skating and a high-ropes course as well. Because of these amenities, it's a great place for families. On the weekends, it has even got a seaside market that sells arts and crafts. Best of all, it's got a spectacular view of the Burj Al Arab and there is no entry fee here.

beaches in dubai, kite beach


5. El Chiringuito

Another popular party beach, El Chiringuito is no stranger to the nightclub scene. The first branch was opened in Ibiza. El Chiringuito in Dubai hosts popular international DJ's and has tons of top-notch bars spread along its expanse. It is located on Palm Jumeirah and can be accessed for AED 100 on Wednesdays and Thursdays and AED 250 on Fridays and Saturdays. On other days of the week, this beach is closed.
el chiringuito

6. La Mer Beach

Formerly Jumeirah Public Beach, La Mer Beach is a wonderful location for those who appreciate a chic aesthetic. It has beautiful wooden walkways and beachside promenades as well as vibrant artwork and graffiti murals. There are ice cream parlours and restaurants to fill your appetite, and a fair share of bars to satiate those cravings. The beach has shacks to cool down and public showers to wash down, as well as water sports equipment on rent at nominal prices. There are even water hammocks to lie down in shallow waters. Surprisingly, all these amenities come at no cost - entry is free!

beaches in dubai, la mer

7. Black Palace Beach

Less popular than the more commercial beaches of Dubai, Black Palace Beach can be found at Al Sufouh Road.  It is easy to miss as access is tricky, but once you do arrive, you'll find it a calm haven outside of the city bustle. The beach has gorgeous turquoise waters and pretty sand ridges. It is a popular family location for little kids to splash in the shallow waters, so dressing modestly is recommended here. Unfortunately, because of the beach's seclusion, there aren't many amenities available.

Black Palace Beach

8. Al Mamzar Beach Park

Located on Al Mamzar Al Khaleej Road, this public beach spans a whopping 106 hectares. It is understandable why its so large - the beach park includes a well-kept public lawn, a public pool, and even cycle paths for bike enthusiasts. This means that there's plenty of space to enjoy warm sands as well as cool grass in the same afternoon. For those who'd like to spend the night, Al Mamzar Beach has beautiful chalets overlooking the Arabian Gulf for rent.

beaches in dubai, al mamzar

9. Burj Beach

As the name suggests, this beach offers a fantastic view of the Burj Al Arab. It has become the go-to destination for surfers and swimmers who enjoy a good challenge, as the waves here are quite choppy. There are plenty of other water sports on offer too, with equipment that can be rented at nominal rates. A promenade is a great place for joggers and couples hoping for a romantic stroll along the beach. Best of all, the indoor dolphinarium in Dubai isn't too far away if you'd like to watch and interact with these beautiful ocean animals.
Burj Beach Dubai

10. Mercato Beach

This public beach near Mercato Mall is a great location for those who appreciate calm waters and cooling sands instead of just picturesque settings. This beach isn't known for its scenery, and as a result, it is one of the lesser-crowded beaches in Dubai. But, it has access for wheelchairs and disabled persons as well as a jogging track and a public library rub by Dubai Municipality. Visit this beach near Jumeirah 1 to enjoy a quiet day on a flat shore with the cool breeze.
Mercato Beach
Source: Wikipedia Commons

So don't forget to pack your swimsuit for your next vacation to Dubai, because these beaches definitely shouldn't be missed! With cool turqoise waters against your skin, a calming ocean breeze, and friendly locals all around, a beach day at this beautiful location can never a bad idea.

This post was published by Rhea Nath