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Places To Visit in Thailand

Continent: Asia

Here are the top 54 tourist places & attractions in Thailand

Here are the best places to visit in Thailand to explore the beaches, culture and historic tourist destinations. Read more to plan your travel to Thailand.

43. Ko Jum

4.0 /5

43 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand

With beaches that are as idyllic as its neighbouring sites of Krabi and Koh Lanta, Ko Jum is slightly off the beaten track but nonetheless beautiful and luxurious.

44. Hang Dong

3.0 /5

44 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand

Beautified by a stunning quarry resembling the Grand Canyon, Hang Dong is Thailand's answer to the attraction of the west. It is also famous for its handicrafts and antiques.

45. Koh Kret

3.9 /5

45 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand

Lying on the banks of Chao Praya River, Koh Kret is a quiet little island known for its pottery and handicrafts. It's quiet historic and lies just on the border of the past and the present.

46. Koh Phra Thong

3.1 /5

46 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand

Known for its beautiful beaches as for its mangroves filled biodiversity, Koh Phra Thong is among Thailand's best kept secrets.

47. Koh Rok

3.0 /5

47 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand

Koh Rok is an island destination located in Thailand. It is bordered by other more popular island such as Koh Klang, Koh Lanta Yai and Koh Lanta Noi The archipelago is locally called Mu Koh Lanta and is mainly known for eco-tourism.

48. Golden Triangle

3.2 /5

48 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand

The Golden Triangle in Thailand is a part of the natural terrain which is situated in the far northern region of Thailand, in between the borders of Thailand, Myanmar and Laos. The landmass is triangular is a shape and is precisely located at the confluence of River Mekong and River Ruak.

49. Koh Poda

3.0 /5

49 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand

Ko Poda is a National Park in Krabi Province of Thailand. It was one of the many islands that were affected during the 2004 Tsunami and is hence mostly uninhabited. Its picturesque beauty and remoteness offer a serene environment for vacationers.

50. Mae Hong Son

3.9 /5

50 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand

Lying quietly by the banks of the River Pai, Mae Hong Son is well-known for the Mae Hong Son Loop, a picturesque travel loop passing through valleys and hills of the misty town. It is also home to Pai, a famous backpacker town.

51. Ao Nang

3.2 /5

51 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand 2
tourist attractions

As famous for its long coastlines as for its reputed night market, Ao Nang is a welcome respite from the other, better-known beaches of Krabi.

52. Samut Prakan

3.0 /5

52 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand 1
tourist attractions

Lying on the cusp of ancient history and modern living is Samut Prakan. An important port since the historical times; it is as much a bustling city as a land lost in time.

53. Lampang

3.7 /5

53 out of 53
Places To Visit in Thailand

Lampang, also known as Nakhon Lampang, is the capital of Lampang Province and Lampang District, in Northern Thailand. Known as a trading and transportation centre, Lampang is the third-largest city in Northern Thailand.

54. Khao Sok National Park

54 out of 54 Places To Visit in Thailand

Khao Sok National Park is located in the Phanom district of Thailand. Falling under the Surat Thani province of Thailand, it is accomplished as the oldest rainforests of the world. This National Park will welcome you with enormous limestone mountains, deep valleys, lakes, caves, and the unique ecosy...

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