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Mae Hong Son

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"The Hill Station by the Beaches"

Mae Hong Son Tourism

Located in the north-west Thesaban Mueang municipality of Thailand, Mae Hong Son is a town and the capital of the Mae Hong Son province.  It is in the Shan Hills, close to the outskirts with Burma along the banks of the River Pai. The town covers the Tambon Chong Kham of the Muang Mae Hong Son area. This quiet north-western region bordering Burma resembles a different universe and is enveloped by verdant mountain ranges with over 80% misty virgin forests.

Mae Hong Son is a perfectly secluded town and the magnificence of the town makes it a perfect destination for those seeking quiet time. This town has become quite the visitor hotspot for backpackers and it doesn't offer much regarding accommodations. The Cascades, the hot springs, the moving mountains and the forests of Mae Hong Son add to the charm of the city. 

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Places to Visit

  • Mae Hong Soon is among the region's most famous and thrilling motorcycle routes. It is the most optimal way to see the interiors of Thailand and its provinces including Chiang Mai province and Mae Sariang.
  • Visit the Pang Tong Palace where beautifully manicured gardens, agricultural areas, and many caged birds including the hornbills stay. It is located near Pha Suea Waterfall on the way to Ban Rak Thai.
  • Su Tong Pae Bamboo Bridge is a bridge joining the village of Ban Kung Mai Sak with the temple called 'Wat Pu Sama'. It spans approximately 900 meters over the paddy rice fields.
  • One of the main reasons tourists love going to Mae Hong Son is to go trekking in the nearby mountains and to visit the hill-tribe villages. There are, however, no formal trekking maps for the area so it is advised to do it independently.
  • The Phu Klon Mud Spa is a great way to relax. It lasts about 90 minutes and costs around 1,200 baht. The mud face mask lasts about 15 minutes and costs only 80 baht. There are other muddy treatments also available here.
  • The Tham Pla-Namtok Pha Suea National Park which covers more than 488 km2 separates Thailand and Burma. The 'Doi-Larn' is considered to be the highest peak in this area.
  • The Tham Pla Fish Cave and the Pha Sua Waterfall are both located in the National Park. The Tham Pla Fish Cave is near Huay Pha village and about 17 km from Mae Hong Son. It is the perfect spot to escape the heat and has a water channel that leads its way out of the submerged cave. It draws the Pluang-Hin fish into the cave and has only a small number of them that go back out.
  • The Pha Sua Waterfall which is around 26 km North of Mae Hong Son consists of 6 levels and offers fine walks. It is about 20 m high and 30 m wide. It offers the best views and the rainfall makes the waterfall look like a rolling mat.


As in most common capitals, Mae Hong Son has the main market where local people can purchase everything from food supplies to appliances and travellers can purchase garments and other essential supplies. Along Khunlumprapas road that keeps running from north to south through the central point of the town, you will discover a large number of the city's eateries and shops. At night, the road is additionally loaded up with merchants as well. Mae Hong Son has a "Night Bazaar" where there are a couple of intriguing shops along Khunlumprapas road close to the focal point of the town. The best store here is a fiddle shop with old tickers, temple urns, and different fascinating finds.

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Mae Hong Son
Mae Hong Son - Phenomenal Town in North West Thailand
Stunning View of Tung Bua Tong, Mae Hong Son
Pang Ung Reservoir - Ideal for Camping and Paddle Rafting

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FAQs on Mae Hong Son

What is the best time to visit Mae hong son?

The best time to visit Mae Hong Son is between the months of November and February as the weather is quite pleasant. The busiest month for tourism in Mae Hong Son is January. The prices for hotels and flights are likely to be the most expensive during January.  However, May makes for the low season and you can take advantage of the off-season prices.

Generally, Mae Hong Son has a tropical savanna atmosphere. The winters there are dry and warm. Temperatures ascend until the month of April, which is hot with the normal highest being around 39°C (101.7 °F). The storm season is usually between the months of May through October.

There is an overwhelming amount of precipitation during these months. However, cooler temperatures exist during the day, despite the fact that evenings stay warmer. Mae Hong Son holds the record for the highest temperature at any point recorded in Thailand when it hit 44.6 °C (112.3 °F) on 28 April 2016.

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What is the local food in Mae hong son?

There are quite a few restaurants along the main road. There is also a night market with a lot of food stalls. Some of the famous dishes include stuffed pork leg and fish sausage, Burmese green tea salad, Khao Souey, and of course, the eponymous Thai green curry
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What are the places near Mae hong son?

The top places near to Mae hong son are Chiang mai which is 122 km from Mae hong son, Bangkok which is located 673 km from Mae hong son, Phuket which is located 1262 km from Mae hong son, Krabi which is located 1251 km from Mae hong son, Pattaya which is located 773 km from Mae hong son

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