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Hang Dong

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"The Grand Canyon of Thailand"

Hang Dong Tourism

Hang Dong is a district of Chiang Mai Province in northern Thailand. It is mostly famous for its trade in antiques and handicrafts. They sell everything from gigantic Buddhist wood carvings to Burmese Lacquer boxes to Thai Knick-knacks. Don’t worry about carrying your antiques till your home country as there are numerous shipping companies which will ship your purchases worldwide. The district of Hang Dong is about 15 kms south of Chiang Mai. The village of Hang Dong has built its fortune on the production and sale of furniture, woodcarving, antiques and handicrafts. Hang Dong’s furniture highway ‘Th Thakhilek’ runs east towards Ban Tawai.

San Pa Tong, Mae Wang, Samoeng, Mae Rim, Mueang Chiang Mai, Saraphi of Chiang Mai Province and Mueang Lamphun of Lamphun Province are its neighbouring districts. The village of Ban Tawai in Khun Khong sub district is very famous for its handicraft centre, as wood carving has been a local specialty since the early 1960s. Before 1917, the district was named Mae Tha Chang. In the year 1938 this district was downgraded to a minor district and was made a subordinate of Mueang Chiang Mai district. In 1947 it was re established to its former position of a full district again.

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Places to Visit

Ban Muang Kung
Mostly everyone in this village specializes in making the traditional earthenware jugs for the purpose of serving water. Villagers turn pots on a simple hand-driven wheels which shows the years of practice they have had. Wiang Kum Kam which is nearby, is a recently restored settlement along the Ping river, which was built by King Mangrai as his capital before he moved it to Chiang Mai. It was flooded more than 700 years ago.

Wat Intrawat Temple
The Temple of Wat Intrawat was built around the yar 1858. It served as a resting place for the Phra Boromathat Chom Thong relic when it was brought from Chom Thong to Chiang Mai. This temple is a wonderful example of Lanna wooden architecture of the 19th century. The decoration in the Viharn and the detail cross-shaped hall in the temple courtyard are significant features of this style of architecture.

Ob Khan National Park
The National Park is about 484 square kms covering many districts in Chiangmai Province like the Hang Dong district, Sameng district, Mae Wang district and San Pa Tong district. The National park consists of dry evergreen forests, pine forests and hill evergreen forests. The Khan River flows through a small gorge and into a natural pool. This is very popular during the weekends among the locals. After following the path past the gorge and along the rocky river-bed to a better, less-visited pool below Ob hai which is about 450 meters upstream.

Shopping for Handicrafts

The village of Ban Tawai is famous for its wooden carved handicrafts. It is known as the village of Handicraft as it has a variety of wide variety of wood carvings and other decorative items e.g. wood carving, wood-strips, gold leaf wood, antique wood, silverware, lacquerware, hand-woven textiles, basketry, earthenware, Buddhist art pieces, decor items and wall hangings. It is also the cheapest place in Thailand to find silk, antique reproductions, incense, candles, oil and soap gift packs, ornaments, lamps, bamboo products, wall hangings, frames, vases and much more.

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How To Reach Hang Dong

Hang Dong is nearly 15 kms from Chiang Mai City by Route 108. The best way to reach Hang Dong from Chiang Mai is to take a private car or a Tuktuk. The city of Chiang Mai has an international airport. The nearest railway station is also situated in Chiang Mai City. Local buses also run from the city towards the village but the timings vary. Most of the people that visit the village of Hang Dong stay at the Chiang Mai city and then hire taxis or Tuktuks to visit the village. It is mostly a shopping destination where people visit during the day.

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