Beautiful Valleys in Bhutan with Mesmerising Views

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The valleys of Bhutan have been the centre of attraction in the country since time immemorial. With green and tall trees, blue rivers and surrounding mountains, the valleys are known to provide tranquillity to one's mind. Although the country has no dearth of beautiful valleys, the following Valleys in Bhutan should definitely be visited.

Here is the list of 8 Beautiful Valleys in Bhutan with Mesmerising Views

1. Phobjikha Valley

Placed against a backdrop of the Black Mountains, Phobjikha is one of the flattering bowl-shaped valleys in the country which offers breathtaking views of vast expanses of green fields visible from a number of points along the journey. Phobjikha Valley is an ideal place to try your hands on hiking. It is in the shape of a bowl and important wildlife preserve in the country.

2. Punakha Valley

Elevated at a height of 4265 feet, the sight of 108 chortens marks the entry into the serene Punakha Valley. Due to the suitable weather conditions present over here, this place has been known for its extensive rice cultivation. Two major rivers of Bhutan namely Pho Chu and Mo Chhu converge here in the Punakha valley. This place has been beautifully designed and one can easily spot the architectural brilliance showcased in the construction of the Punakha dzong.

3. Paro Valley

Paro is the entry way to the land of Bhutan. This place is filled with the stories of legends as well as some of the greatest fights in the history of Bhutan. Paro Valley of Bhutan is quite the location for someone who enjoys being close to nature. This valley is one of the most fertile as well as most historic valley located in Bhutan.

4. Haa Valley

The it-destination for nature lovers, Haa Valley is a god-gifted valley in Bhutan. Least-visited valley by tourists due to poor infrastructural development, it was opened to visitors only in 2002.  Most areas are not touched by global development, which makes it a perfect place to spend time in peace and serenity. Haa Summer Festival makes the valley even more vibrant and colourful and displays the lesser-known facts about Bhutan's culture.

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5. Thimphu Valley

Thimphu which is originally pronounced as 'Thimbu' is the capital of Bhutan. This place is known to be the largest city located in Bhutan and is known to contain a population of about 80,000 people. Thimphu is a place where you would find a very clear glimpse of what Bhutanese culture is about also you would be able to see traditional arts as well as some architectural structures which would tell you a lot about the history of this country.

6. Lheunste Valley

A kingdom of dreams, as we may call it, Lhuentse is a place where an individual finds serenity and peace. Tucked away in Eastern Bhutan, we can almost call it heaven on Earth because of the spectacular views it offers. A popular camping site, Lhuetnse is the proud owner of some of the best textiles in Bhutan.

7. Bumthang Valley

"Switzerland of the East", Bumthang is undoubtedly one of the most sacred and best places in Bhutan. It consists of four major valleys namely Ura, Chumey, Tang and Choekhor.  It is one of the most popular spots among tourists because of the peaceful and beautiful surroundings that it has. One of the oldest monasteries in Bhutan, Jamey Lhakhang is also situated here. It dates back to the 7th century and an important religious site in the area.

8. Trongsa Valley

Trongsa is a hilltop town situated at the centre of Bhutan; hence known to be the heart of the Himalayan Kingdom. It's translated as "new village" in Dzongkha that has a backdrop of the black mountains offering beautiful views of the surrounding valleys.

There is no denying to the fact that valleys of Bhutan are absolutely wondrous. They are the epitome of what we call "perfection". This little Himalayan kingdom is truly a marvel to behold. And what makes it so beautiful are its clear rivers, tall mountains and lush valleys.

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