Haa Valley

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Country rank: 10 out of 14 Places To Visit In Bhutan

Sub-Region: North-Western Bhutan


Ideal duration: 1 - 2 days

Best time: October - November (Read More)


"Have a Haa-ppy Holiday !"

Haa Valley Tourism

Located in the smallest out of the dzongkhags in Bhutan, Haa Valley finds a way to stand out as one of the most beautiful and picturesque valleys in Bhutan. Surrounded by rich forests and grasslands and home to interesting traditional practices,this valley is not just a visual, but also a cultural treat.

The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan is not a country that one would say has been fully exposed to the world. The people are simple and so is their lifestyle. The Government lays emphasis on the happiness of its citizens as opposed to generic indicators of well-being and their way of life is deeply in harmony with nature and the other living beings they share it with. Being nestled in the Himalayas, this country boasts of a wonderful landscape with dense forests, picturesque mountains with rivers that flow past majestic Dzongs and Goempas. The Land of the Thunder Dragon is a nature-lover's paradise. If you've made it as far as Bhutan, might as well make your way to the heaven that is Haa Valley. This would be a dream come true for nature enthusiasts (not to mention a gala time for photography buffs as well) and also those looking to do some some soul-searching which is very well complemented by the serene atmosphere coupled with the existence of many religious and spiritual spots. Having opened its doors to tourists only in 2002, what Haa Valley has to offer you is a surrounding so surprisingly untarnished by the outside world, a place where people are happy and content with their simplistic ways of living and beliefs. To immerse oneself in this kind of a living, homestays provide an experience like no other. A trip to this region may not be recommended to those in want of luxury.


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