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Top tourist places near Coimbatore

Coimbatore is on the must-visit place and is one of the most popular getaways among Indians and international tourists alike. Places to visit near Coimbatore are a perfect amalgamation of historical places, hill stations, and wildlife sanctuaries. Tourist places near Coimbatore provide a perfect weekend getaway for laid back vacationers or adrenaline fuelled adventurers alike. There are many places to visit near Coimbatore that showcase the beauty of the place and offer an unforgettable travel experience. Find here the top places to visit near Coimbatore.

Here is the list of 41 Places To Visit Near Coimbatore For A Sightseeing Vacation

1. Ooty, Tamil Nadu - Cool cozy place to visit near Coimbatore

4.1 /5 View 30+ photos

Known For : Nilgiri Mountain Railway Ooty Lake Emerald Lake, Ooty

55 active cases 53 in last 7 days

The Blue Mountains have always been shrouded in mysticism, and Ooty is no exception to that. For every mountain lover, the very idea of travelling to the city known as the Queen of the Hills holds an allure like no other. Once regarded as the summer headquarters of the East India Company (and for a very good reason), Ooty, also known as Udagamandalam, is a hill station in Tamil Nadu which serves as a very popular tourist destination for anyone looking for a picturesque place to relax and unwind. Ooty is nestled amidst the Nilgiri hills at an altitude of 2,240 meters above sea level and enjoys a favourable climate all year round.

Distance From Coimbatore: 86.0 km via NH181

Best Time: Throughout the year

2. Coonoor, Tamil Nadu

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Known For : Sim's Park Dolphin's Nose Ketti Valley

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One of the most beautiful and serene places to visit near Coimbatore, Coonoor is the second largest hill station in the wonderful Nilgiri Hills of the Western Ghats. It is situated at an altitude of 1930 meters and just 19 km from Ooty.

Distance From Coimbatore: 68.2 km via NH181

Best Time: October to March

3. Malampuzha, Kerala - Dams, Reservoirs and lush green sceneries

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Known For : Thread Garden, Malampuzha Udan Khatola Malampuzha Dam

263 active cases 135 in last 7 days

Malampuzha in Palakkad district a place with rich lush green vegetation popular for its scenic beauty as well as the dams and exotic wildlife that it offers as tourist attractions and places to visit near Coimbatore.

Distance From Coimbatore: 54.1 km via NH544

Best Time: August to April

4. Bellikkal, Tamil Nadu - The Hills of Good Times

3.8 /5
45 active cases 42 in last 7 days

Bellikkal is one of those places where you can completely relax, without having to worry about a 'to-do' list for your vacations and yet experience mountains that will steal your breath away. Instead of having a hundred places to offer, this place to visit near Coimbatore will take you by its beauty, calmness and serenity.

Distance From Coimbatore: 222 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

5. Munnar, Kerala - Place to visit near Coimbatore for tea gardens and lakes

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Known For : Echo Point, Munnar Photo Point Atukkad Waterfalls

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The idyllic hill station Munnar - famous for its tea estates, exotic lush greenery and craggy peaks, is located in the Western Ghats, in the state of Kerala. It serves as the commercial centre for some of the world’s largest tea estates. In addition, Munnar has many protected areas which are home to endemic and highly endangered species like the Nilgiri Thar and the Neelakurinji.

Distance From Coimbatore: 156.4 km

Best Time: September to May

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6. Palakkad, Kerala - The Gateway of Kerala

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Known For : Parambikulam Tiger Reserve Silent Valley National Park Palakkad Fort

272 active cases 131 in last 7 days

The quaint twee town of Palakkad boasts of picturesque landscape, tranquil scenery and clear backwaters. Palakkad gets its name from pala trees which once dominated the area. Located near a wide low pass in the Western Ghats mountain ranges, Palakkad is the place to visit near Coimbatore for the land of Palmyras and Paddy Fields and is famous as the "gateway of Kerala".

Distance From Coimbatore: 52.9 km via NH544

Best Time: July to March

7. Nelliyampathy, Kerala - Majestic place to visit near Coimbatore

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Known For : Nelliyampathy Hills Nenmara Vallanghy Vela Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

263 active cases 135 in last 7 days

If you see the mist floating in the air and a pleasant aroma of coffee teasing your nostrils, a chain of majestic mountains peaking from all around and a wonderful weather relaxing your nerves, then you are not dreaming, you are in a small beautiful hill station of Kerala known as Nelliyampathy.

Distance From Coimbatore: 107.2 km via NH544 and NH544 and Nenmara - Nelliyampathy Road

Best Time: October to March

8. Madumalai, Tamil Nadu

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Known For : Madumalai National Park The Jungle Safari Theppakadu Elephant Camp

45 active cases 42 in last 7 days

Mudumalai National Park is a part of the Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, located at a distance of 150 kilometres from Coimbatore, in the Nilgiri District of Tamilnadu. It connects the Western Ghats to the Eastern Ghats and owes its popularity to the fact that it’s home to many vulnerable and endangered animal and bird species. The neighbouring states of Kerala and Karnataka both have their borders adjacent to the park. The Ooty-Mysore highway passes through the forest, curving around the Moyar river which separates Mudumalai and the Bandipur National Park.

Mudumalai is presently being considered for declaration as a world heritage site by UNESCO. The 6,000 square kilometre area under consideration comprises of the Western Ghats in Nilgiri, encompassing all of Mudumalai National Park.

Distance From Coimbatore: 130.3 km via NH181 and Mysuru - Ooty Road

Best Time: December to June

9. Kotagiri, Karnataka - Oldest hill station place to visit near Coimbatore

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Known For : Elk Falls Longwood Shola Trekking

45 active cases 42 in last 7 days

Kotagiri is a smallest and oldest hill station, nestled in the lap of Nilgiri Hills bounded by surroundings that exhibits peace and tranquility. A hill town that was first noticed by the British as their summer home away from the heat of plains, today, it is again gaining popularity among tourists.

Distance From Coimbatore: 64.1 km via NH181 and Mettupalayam - Kotagiri Road

Best Time: December to May

10. Wayanad, Kerala - Nature's Abode

4.3 /5 View 71+ photos

Known For : Banasura Sagar Dam Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary Chembra Peak

47 active cases 21 in last 7 days

Replete with enchanting waterfalls, historical caves, comfortable resorts and homestays, this popular town is famous for its spice plantations and wildlife. Among the prettiest areas of Kerala, Wayanad has a multitude of options for its visitors. Part of a forest reserve, Wayanad is located on the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala making it a perfect place to visit near Coimbatore.

Distance From Coimbatore: 239.7 km via NH948 and NH766

Best Time: Throughout the year

11. Mysore, Karnataka - Historical place to visit near Coimbatore

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Known For : Mysore Palace Brindavan Gardens Somanathapura Temple

95 active cases 91 in last 7 days

Famously known as The City of Palaces, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Mysore is one of the most flamboyant places in the country. It is replete with the history of its dazzling royal heritage, intricate architecture, its famed silk sarees, yoga, and sandalwood, to name just a few. Located in the foothills of the Chamundi Hills, Mysore is the third most populated city in the state of Karnataka, and its rich cultural heritage draws millions of tourists all year round.

Distance From Coimbatore: 194.6 km via NH948 and NH150A

Best Time: Throughout the year

12. Kochi, Kerala - Queen of Arabian Sea

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Known For : Mattancherry Palace Fort Kochi Jewish Synagogue

166 active cases 65 in last 7 days

Situated on the south-west coast of India, Kochi or Cochin is a bustling commercial port city with a trading history that dates back to at least 600 years. Called as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, the city is the financial, commercial and industrial capital of Kerala.

Distance From Coimbatore: 191.0 km via NH544

Best Time: July to April

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13. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu - The Princess of Hill Stations

4.4 /5 View 25+ photos

Known For : Green Valley View (Suicide Point) Kodai Lake Bear Shola Falls

176 active cases 126 in last 7 days

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. When you think of Kodaikanal, you think of a wonderful climate, cliffs covered in mist, cloud-capped mountains and beautiful lakes and valleys, and once you visit this hill station, you will find that every bit of what you have imagined it to be is true. Nestled amidst the rolling slopes of the Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal stands at an altitude of 7200 feet above sea level and has a cool, pleasant climate all year round. Kodaikanal means the gift of the forests and is one of the most stunning places to visit near Coimbatore.

Distance From Coimbatore: 171.9 km via NH83 and Palani-Kodaikanal Road

Best Time: September to May

14. Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu - Breathtaking place to visit near Coimbatore

3.6 /5 View 10+ photos

Known For : Hogenakkal Falls Mettur Dam Melagiri Hills

45 active cases 34 in last 7 days

Hogenakkal is where the Kaveri river splits into multiple streams of waterfalls, making it arguably the most heavenly place in the state. The neighboring regions and small villages that surround this place are breathtaking, making your holiday a perfect amalgamation of relaxation and discovery.

Distance From Coimbatore: 218.4 km via NH544

Best Time: October to March

View packages starting from ₹ 3,000

15. Idukki, Kerala - Eco-village in the western ghats

4.0 /5 View 39+ photos

Known For : Hill View Park Kulamavu Dam

48 active cases 21 in last 7 days

With remains of Chera dynasty, Vembolinad Kingdom, and European plantations in the later years, this rugged hill resort is best known for its wildlife sanctuaries, beautiful bungalows, tea factories, rubber plantations and forests.

Distance From Coimbatore: 191.8 km via NH83 and Munnar - Udumalpet Road

Best Time: Throughout the year

View packages starting from ₹ 6,000

16. Madurai, Tamil Nadu - The Lotus City

3.6 /5 View 35+ photos

Known For : Meenakshi Temple Thirumalai Nayakar Mahal Vaigai Dam

1,664 active cases 1,453 in last 7 days

Madurai, the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities of India. Ruled by Pandya kings for the longest time in its history, Madurai is constructed in the form of a lotus.

Best Time: October to March

17. Chennai, Tamil Nadu - A magnificent past and an early metropolitan dream

3.5 /5 View 62+ photos

Known For : Marina Beach Government Museum, Chennai MGR Film City

21,685 active cases 13,217 in last 7 days

Formerly known as Madras, Chennai is the capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu, in the southern part of India. Located on the Coromandel coast of Bay of Bengal, Chennai is as dynamic as it is immersed in tradition. This 'capital of the south', is one among the four metropolitan siblings of India, having a rich cultural history which it perfectly balances with its metropolis lifestyle.

Best Time: October to March

18. Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu - The Bridge on the Indian Ocean

3.3 /5 View 20+ photos

Known For : Rameshwaram Temple Dhanushkodi Temple and Beach Glass Boat Ride at Pamban Bridge

537 active cases 443 in last 7 days

Rameshwaram is one of the holiest places in India and is located on a beautiful island. It is separated by a small Pamban channel from Sri Lanka. According to the Hindu mythology, this is the place where Lord Rama created a bridge across the sea to Sri Lanka.

Best Time: Throughout the year

View packages starting from ₹ 11,200

19. Trichy, Tamil Nadu - The Metro City devoted to the Gods

3.1 /5 View 23+ photos

Known For : Kallanai Dam Rockfort Ganpathi Temple Samayapuram Amman Temple

363 active cases 326 in last 7 days

Trichy is a mid sized, fast emerging city in Tamil nadu. It is a refreshing change from cities that are either completely religious and some that are nothing but concrete jungles. Trichy is one of those places that you can explore in a weekend and will hold secrets even after several years.

Best Time: October to March

20. Yercaud, Tamil Nadu - The Land of Seven Forests.

3.6 /5 View 28+ photos

Known For : Killiyur Falls Lady's Seat Bear's Cave

483 active cases 401 in last 7 days

Nestled in the Shivaroy Hills of Tamil Nadu, Yercaud is a tranquil hill station in the Eastern Ghats steeped in abundant greenery. Commonly called ‘Ooty of the Poor’, this region has a history dating back to the time of the British. Located at an altitude of 4970 feet, Yercaud is known for its vast expanses of coffee plantations. A paradise for nature lovers, this quaint town is an ideal place to experience nature at its enchanting best.

Best Time: October to June

21. Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu - The land of three seas

3.6 /5 View 41+ photos

Known For : Thirparappu Falls Vivekananda Rock Memorial Thanumalayan Temple - Sthanumalayan Kovil

207 active cases 171 in last 7 days

Located at the southernmost tip of the Indian peninsula, Kanyakumari is a coastal town in the state of Tamil Nadu. Earlier known as Cape Comorin, Kanyakumari is surrounded by mountains and bordered by vibrant sea shores, lined with paddy fields and coconut trees, and also boasts of aesthetic elevated patches of hills with undulating valleys and plains in between the sea and the mountainous terrain. Ever since ancient times, Kanyakumari has been one of the major centres of religion, art and culture. Famous for being the only place in India where you can observe the sunrise and sunset at the same beach, Kanyakumari is a very popular tourist destination, not just because of this unique geographical phenomenon, but also because of its pristine beaches as well as its temples and churches which attract a huge number of tourists to this city all year round.

Best Time: October to February

View packages starting from ₹ 6,768

22. Chidambram, Tamil Nadu - A Temple Town of Tamil Nadu

2.9 /5 View 8+ photos

Known For : Pichavaram Mangrove Forests Shopping in Chidambaram The Nataraja Temple

358 active cases 217 in last 7 days

A beautiful temple town in the Cuddalore District of Tamil Nadu, Chidamabaram is famous for housing the marvellous Lord Nataraja Temple and the famed chariot festival. Situated 250 kms away from the city of Chennai, Chidambaram has been a place of architectural glory and religious importance since antiquity.

Best Time: October to January

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23. Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

4.3 /5 View 20+ photos

Known For : Shore Temple Mahabalipuram Beach Five Rathas

2,505 active cases 1,370 in last 7 days

Famous for its intricately carved temples and rock-cut caves, Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram as it is famously known, is a historically important and well-loved tourist location situated on the Coromandel Coast along the Bay of Bengal, in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Best Time: November to February

24. Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu - Golden City of a Thousand Temples

3.3 /5 View 22+ photos

Known For : Kamakshi Amman Temple Varadharaja Perumal Temple Devarajaswami Temple

Widely known for its beautiful 'Kanchipuram sarees' and also referred to as the 'golden city of a thousand temples', Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu is a popular tourist attraction. Kanchipuram or Kanchi attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world who are interested in Hinduism or just want to enjoy the marvel of South Indian architecture and grandeur. It is particularly known for being a culture and philosophical hub. With such an association being made with the city, it is only natural that this destination has become such an influential centre in these avant-garde times.

Best Time: October to May

View hotels starting from ₹ 500

25. Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu - City of Temples

3.9 /5 View 17+ photos

Known For : Brahadeshwara Temple Gangaikonda Cholapuram Shiva Ganga Garden

243 active cases 148 in last 7 days

Also known as Tanjore or the city of temples, Thanjavur has a lot of cultural value and is known for its famous Tanjore paintings, antiques and handicrafts, textiles and saris , its Carnatic music and musical instruments and of course the temples.

Best Time: October to March

View packages starting from ₹ 8,000

26. Yelagiri, Tamil Nadu - The Call of the Hills

3.6 /5 View 11+ photos

Known For : Yelagiri Adventure Camp Jalagamparai Falls Nature Park

93 active cases 70 in last 7 days

A quaint little hill station located in Vellore, Yelagiri is just three hours away from Bangalore, making it the perfect spot for a quick weekend getaway. Spread a little over 30 square kilometres, and at a height of over 1100 metres above sea level, Yelagiri offers its tourists some beautiful places like the Jalagamparai falls, sweeping orchards and rose garden, among others. The ideal destination for nature lovers, Yelagiri is a town that is completely off the beaten tourist trail, lending it a quieter and much more peaceful vibe compared to other more famous hill stations nearby. Originally belonging to the Zamindar family of Yelagiri, the hill station began to gain popularity since the colonial rule, when it was used by the British as a summer getaway. Ever since then, it has been one of the hidden gems of South India, replete with rocky hills and natural scenic beauty, making it the perfect place to take a break from the fast-paced city life.

Best Time: November to February

27. Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu - The Cambridge of India

3.5 /5 View 15+ photos

Known For : Adi Kumbeshwara Temple Nageswaran Temple Shopping in Kumbakonam

230 active cases 116 in last 7 days

Sandwiched between two great rivers of southern India, Cauvery and Arsala, Kumbakonam is a gorgeous temple town in the heart of the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu.The town is a place for the lovers of history and those seeking to understand India's cultural roots and Hinduism.

Best Time: November to February

28. Vellore

2.5 /5

Known For : Vellore Fort Jalakandeswarar Temple St. John's Church

951 active cases 750 in last 7 days

An ancient city in the northeastern part of Tamil Nadu, Vellore is located on the banks of river Palar Vellore. Nicknamed ‘The Fort City’ due to the marvellous Vellore Fort which sits at the heart of Vellore city, it is an ideal place to glimpse Tamil Nadu's rich cultural heritage through its temples.

29. Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu - The Traditional Urban City of Tamil Nadu

3.3 /5 View 8+ photos

Known For : Kalakkadu Wildlife Sanctuary Papanasam Agasthiyar falls

208 active cases 104 in last 7 days

Tirunelveli, also called Tinnevelly, is a big city in the midst of numerous small towns, each with its own bounty of beautiful sights, temples, waterfalls and much more. Unlike many temple towns, this 2000-year-old ancient city also does offer many other sites to its tourists. The city is located on the west bank of the Tambraparni River which provides irrigation water for crops of rice and cotton.

Best Time: October to February

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30. Tenkasi, Tirunelveli

Tenkasi is famous for its temple which is believed to be built by a Pandyan King, King Arikeari Parakrama after Lord Vishwanatha appeared in his dream and instructed him to do so. The temple architecture has several inscriptions and carvings of mythological figures.

31. Siruvani Falls and Dam, Coimbatore

3.2 /5

The Siruvani falls and dam is situated some 37 kilometers to the west of Coimbatore city amidst the lush green Western Ghats. The river is clean and offers to its visitors some sensationally tasty water.

32. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, Palakkad

4.1 /5 View 12+ photos

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve and Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Palakkad district of Kerala, is best known for its constant efforts to preserve the dwindling tiger population. Surrounding hills and river along with flora and fauna make it the perfect place for a trek and safari.

33. Mangalam Dam, Palakkad

Mangalam Dam has been built on a tributary of River Mangalam and River Cherukunnapuzha for meeting the irrigation requirements in the region. The dam is a marvellous sight amidst dense forests. The wildlife thriving in the forest region can be spotted around the reservoir often. The region is quite a relief from the hustle and bustle of a city life and is a preferred picnic spot for many.

34. Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Tamil-nadu

The Anamalai Tiger Reserve, more famously known as the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, located in the south of India is a unique reserve which has long since protected the endemic species of both plants and animals that reside here.

35. Meenkara Dam, Palakkad

The Meenkara Dam is one of the reservoirs built under the Gayathri river project. The dam was completed in the year 1964 and is built across the river Meenkara, which is a tributary of the Bharathapuzha river. The earthen dam itself is about 934 meters long, 18.9 meters tall. The dam is used mainly for irrigation purposes, supplied to the whole Palakkad district through a network of canals.

36. Amaravathi, Guntur

3.1 /5

A place situated about 16 miles from Guntur is packed with a famous holy shrine and site of great historic importance. The place itself is named after a renowned temple lying in the area namely Amareswara Swamy which inhabits Swayambhu Linga.

37. Monkey Falls, Coimbatore

3.7 /5 View 6+ photos

Only 65 km away from the hustling and bustling city of Coimbatore is the peaceful Monkey Falls. Enveloped between evergreen forests and rocky cliffs, the alluring waterfall brings together the entire scenery. Anyone in earshot of the humming Monkey Waterfalls is inevitably drawn to these melodious sounds. The water swishes across the rocks joyfully and dives into a pool of water as clear as cellophane.

38. Catherine Falls, Kotagiri

3.1 /5

Catherine Falls in Kotagiri near Ooty is made popular by its seclusion from the cacophony of the urban areas. The falls are nestled amidst the lush greens of the Nilgiris and are a pristine location to witness the beauty of nature. The water of the Kallar River, cut off by the Mettupalayam - Ooty road beyond the mountains, falls in a double cascade from over a height of 250 metres as it forms the Catherine Falls, making it the second highest waterfall of the Nilgiris. Located near Kotagiri, this tourist-favourite spot is often visited by people travelling the Ooty-Coonoor region for a place cut off from the crowd.

39. Aliyar Dam Reservoir Park, Coimbatore

Aliyar Dam Reservoir Park is situated adjacent to the dam at the foothills of Anamalai Hills in Western Ghats. The park boasts of well-maintained gardens, orderly green lawns, swings for kids and play area etc.

40. Silent Valley National Park, Palakkad

4.1 /5

The Silent Valley National Park, with its lush green forests and beautiful views of the rich flora and fauna, is a popular destination for nature as well as wildlife lovers all across the globe. Spread across an area of 89 square kilometres, the Silent Valley National Park is located in the Kundali Hills of the Western Ghats in Kerala in southern India. With its long, detailed history and the unique status of a rainforest, this national park is indeed a sight to visit. The well-planned Safari and the beautiful stop-overs around the park only make a trip to this part of Kerala more worthwhile.

41. Attappadi, Palakkad

Lying on the foothills of the Silent Valley National Park, located in the Palakkad district of Kerala- is Attappadi. It lies at a distance of 38 kms from Mannarkkad. This place is a perfect vacation getaway if you are a nature lover. It is also a great place to be for those who appreciate wildlife. Attappadi is one of those pleasantly beautiful locations you surely do not want to miss. Most of this magnificent and alluring village town of Kerala comes under government protection as the Reserve Forest area. Attappadi is a perfect amalgam of mountains, forests, rivers and has a hilly terrain. Thus it is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Kerala. Not only is Attappadi associated with nature’s beauty, but it is closely related to religion as well. People here have deep seated belief in Lord Murugan. The inhabitants of this region are mainly tribal people, who have been the natives of this area for a long time. If Anthropology interests you, a visit to this place is definitely a great catch.

Places to visit near Coimbatore have something for each kind of traveller that is why they attract domestic as well as international tourists all-round the year. There are many tourist places near Coimbatore which provide a perfect outing for those who are trying to escape from their daily routine. These places take 1-2 day(s) and make for a perfect weekend getaway from Coimbatore. Escape to these places around Coimbatore and explore them if you haven't.

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