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Monkey Falls, Coimbatore Overview

Only 65 km away from the hustling and bustling city of Coimbatore is the peaceful Monkey Falls. Enveloped between evergreen forests and rocky cliffs, the alluring waterfall brings together the entire scenery. Anyone in earshot of the humming Monkey Waterfalls is inevitably drawn to these melodious sounds. The water swishes across the rocks joyfully and dives into a pool of water as clear as cellophane.

As the water thunders down like a giant waterspout, it forms bubbles of white foam where it merges with the pool. The spiky shrubs surround the body of water as if they are crowning it and the sweet nectar fragrance of flowers take over the spirits of anyone around them. Plummeting from a height, the fringes of the Monkey falls crash along the sides of the mountain and give a silver lining to the fall. Frogs dancing around the gushing water, tiny birds chirping along joyously and numerous monkeys swaying across the trees playfully. This soul-swelling magic of witnessing this waterfall in all its glory will surely follow you all the way home.

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Trekking at Monkey Falls

Trekking at the Monkey Falls will meet all your expectations of thrill and adventure that you hope to encounter. Traversing through thick jungles into the wild is an adventure indescribable by mere words. 

One needs to take permission from the Tamil Nadu Forest Department a fortnight before the date of the trek. The headquarters are at Pollachi and the procedure to obtain a permit is not very cumbersome. There are guided tours available too for visitors who are eager to learn about the diverse flora and fauna that surround these falls.

You can take a shower in these falls! But bear in mind; every visitor should also be actively aware of the monkey that habit around the Monkey Falls. They are entirely harmless if not enticed with food; the sight of any eatable will lead them to snatch it from you.

Places To Visit Near Monkey Falls

1. Aliyar Dam Reservoir Park: The Aliyar Dam Reservoir Park is only a 7 min drive from Monkey Falls. This park, as the name suggests, is on the banks of the Aliyar Dam. It is a perfect picnic spot for you to grab a blanket and a basket to. Wrapped between the magnanimous mountains from all three sides, it creates a picture perfect picnic view. One can also enjoy a fun boating experience on the dam. You can walk up the hill for a quiet stroll cradled by nature. Don't forget to carry your camera!

2. Valparai Hill Station: Located just 25 km from Monkey Falls, Valparai Hill Station is a perfect getaway from the grasps of the mundane city life. 3900 feet up in the sky, you will be far away from the honking cars and blaring alarms. The journey to Valparai is, in fact, the destination! The scenic view on the ghats as you drive through 40 hairpin bends builds you up to for the much-needed vacation time in Valparai.

3. Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary: The Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary is only an hour long drive from the Monkey Falls. Previously known as Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary, it is home to tigers, leopards, wild boars, elephants and many other exotic species of animals and birds. Wildlife enthusiasts and admirers of ornithology find this sanctuary to be fuel to their passion. One can take gipsy safaris to wander through the woods and spot the beautiful flora and fauna of the wild. The Elephant Camps in this sanctuary are also a major crowd puller.

Tips For Visiting Monkey Falls

1. Do not carry any food to the Monkey Falls; the monkeys around will definitely try to steal it.
2. Carry a spare pair of clothes so you can indulge in the joy of bathing in the natural waterfalls.
3. Make sure you keep all your electronics in a plastic bag to protect them from getting wet.
4. Due to the moisture and constant water runoff on the rocks, the rocks may be slippery. Wear flip flops that have a good grip. Do not enter the waterfall barefoot as there may be tiny fragments of rocks that may impale or injure your feet.
5. Apply an insect repellant to protect yourself from any mosquito or other bug bites.

How To Reach Monkey Falls

This natural waterfall is 65 km from Coimbatore and 30 km away from Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. The Gandhipuram Town Bus Stand is closest to the falls at a distance of 71 km, which is approximately an hour and a half by road. Pollachi Railway Junction is only 28 km away from the falls, which is only a 35-minute drive.

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