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1. Kallanai Dam

Kallanai Dam
Must visit 4.1 /5

12 km
from city center
1 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Kallanai Dam, which is also known as the Grand Anicut, is an ancient dam built across the Kaveri River, located at a distance of 15 kms from Tiruchirapalli. The dam was originally constructed by the then ruler of the area, a Chola king Karikalan around the 2nd Century AD. One of the oldest standing dams of the world, this dam aptly exemplifies the amazing engineering marvel India was capable of at that time.

2. Rockfort Ganpathi Temple

Rockfort Ganpathi Temple
Must visit 3.4 /5

11 km
from city center
2 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

By far the most popular place in all of Trichy is the Rockfort Ganpathi Temple. It derives its name from it's unique building style. The temple structure comprises a huge rock, which is believed to be the oldest rock in the world, even older than The Himalayan Mountains.

3. Samayapuram Amman Temple

Samayapuram Amman Temple
3.1 /5

20 km
from city center
3 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

The beautiful temple is located at about 20 km from the main city of Trichy. The Goddess worshipped here, Goddess Mariamman is believed to be the goddess of power.

4. Vekkali Amman Temple

Vekkali Amman Temple
Must visit 3.4 /5

6 km
from city center
4 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Vekkali Amman Temple is another very famous Hindu temple dedicated to Vekkali, a form of the Hindu Goddess Parvathi. It is located in Woraiyur, Trichy.

5. Sri Ranga Nathaswamy Temple

Sri Ranga Nathaswamy Temple
3.1 /5

8 km
from city center
5 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple is situated in Srirangam Town of Trichy. The temple is devoted to Lord Ranganatha, a reclining form of Lord Vishnu. The temple complex along with the surrounding area covers a total area of 156 acres.

6. Puliyancholai Waterfalls

Puliyancholai Waterfalls

41 km
from city center
6 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Puliyancholai Waterfalls are situated at the base of Kolli Hills in Tiruchi. The mesmerizing waterfalls are a popular site of tourism and receives a huge influx of visitors. The waterfalls are truly a spot of peace and tranquility and offers solitude like no where else.

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7. Agaya Gangai Waterfalls

Agaya Gangai Waterfalls

63 km
from city center
7 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Falling down from a massive height of 300 feet, Agaya Gangai Waterfalls are situated amidst Kolli Hills in the Eastern Ghats. The waterfalls can be reached through a trek or by climbing almost a 1000 steps. The waterfalls are best visited during monsoons.

8. St. Joseph's Church

St. Joseph's Church
3.1 /5

5 km
from city center
8 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Built in 1792, the St. Joseph's Church is one of the most beautiful churches in all South India. It is also one of the oldest Churches of India. It was built by Schwartz.

9. Makkombu

3.1 /5

17 km
from city center
9 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

In addition to beautiful temples, Trichy also has something for your children. Mukkombu is a picnic spot located at a distance of about 18 km from the city.

10. St. Johns Church, Tiruchi

St. Johns Church, Tiruchi
3.1 /5

2 km
from city center
10 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Trichy also has its share of places for Christian worship. St John's Church, built back in 1812, still stands tall. The white painted church does not see a lot of crowds and is the perfect place for you to spend some quiet hours by yourself. The church also has an adjoining cemetery.

11. Viralimalai Murgum Temple

Viralimalai Murgum Temple
3.1 /5

27 km
from city center
11 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Viralimalai Murugan Temple is located in the centre of the Viralimalai town of Trichy. The temple is one of the most popular temples in Tamil nadu. The temple derives its name from the Viralimalai hill, where it is located.

12. Brahmapureeswarar Temple

Brahmapureeswarar Temple

28 km
from city center
12 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Located in the Thirupattur area near Tiruchi in the state of Tamil Nadu, Brahmapureeswarar Temple is a revered Hindu temple enshrined by Lord Brahmapureeswarar in the form of Swayambu Lingam as he is believed to have changed the destiny of Lord Brahma. Predominantly a Shiva temple, it is local myth that one can change his own fate of he seeks blessings in this temple. Lord Brahma has a separate shrine where he sits in a meditative pose in his signature lotus flower. Goddess Parvathi is also worshipped in the temple.

13. Thiruvanaikoil Temple

Thiruvanaikoil Temple

7 km
from city center
13 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

Located in the suburb of the city Tiruchirappalli, Thiruvanaikoil Temple, also known as Jambukeshwarar Temple is one of the holiest places in Tamil Nadu, India. It is one of the Panchabhoota Temples (signifying the 5 elements of nature) and represents the water element (Neer). It is situated on an island surrounded by rivers Cauvery and Coleroon and should definitely be on your list when moving around this suburb. 

14. Varahi Amman Temple

Varahi Amman Temple

7 km
from city center
14 out of 14
places to visit in Trichy

The Varahi Amman Temple is located in Mangal Nagar, Woraiyur in the Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu. The temple is dedicated to Saptha Matha Varahi Amman who is regarded as one of the Matrikas. The Matrikas are a group of seven mothers or Goddesses, Saptha Matha being the fifth mother. The temple in Tiruchirapalli was founded by Sri Varahi Daasar Boopathi Swami who was an extremely loyal and dedicated devotee of the seven Goddesses.

FAQs on Trichy

Can you suggest an itinerary for Tiruchi?

A very beneficial thing about Trichy is that, even though it has so many diverse destinations all in the same city, they aren't very far away from each other. Start with Rockfort Temple, one of the most distinct looking Ganesha Temples of South India. Next, go to either Sri Ranga Nathaswamy Temple or Vekkaliamman Temple and then see the other. The former temple is a little off the route, but if you want to see it, you will have to take the detour. From there, head to St. John's Church- One of Trichy's most famous Christian Relics and finally complete your day with the sunset at Kallanai Dam.

How can I commute within Tiruchi?

The city has an extensive network of transportation facilities. The Local buses and autoricksaws are the most common ways of commuting. In addition to those, taxis are easy to find. Special arrangements can also be made from your hotel, on payment of extra charges. Chatram Bus Stand and Central Bus Stand are the two most important bus stands in the city. They have buses coming over from all over the city and the nearby neighboring places.
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What are the top sightseeing places in Tiruchi?

The top sightseeing places in Tiruchi are Kallanai Dam, Rockfort Ganpathi Temple, Samayapuram Amman Temple, Vekkali Amman Temple, Sri Ranga Nathaswamy Temple, Puliyancholai Waterfalls.
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