"The Land of Seven Forests."

Yercaud Tourism

Nestled in the Eastern Ghats, Yercaud is a hill station called poor man's Ooty with abundant forests, vast coffee plantations and some unique species of flora and fauna resulting in gorgeous views.

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Hotels in Yercaud

There are plenty of scenic vacation cottages that are built on the hill slopes.One could Check out Star holidays Inc which is just a mile away from the lake. Hotel Shevaroys is a decently built resort with 3 restaurants, bar, super market, beauty parlour with room rents varying from Rs900/- to Rs4900/-. The GlenRock Estates which is located Near Pagoda Point is a fantastic coffee growing estate with other spices.In between all the greenery and spices and coffee is where you stay with options such as - Tree Houses , Tents & dormitories for co-orporate groups all at an unbeatable price in Yercaud .Another option is that you can stay at Salem Town and reach Yercaud. But Night Stay at Yercaud is a pleasant experience.

Top Hotels in Yercaud

La Four Seasons

Staring from INR 4,500

Grand Palace Hotel & Spa

Staring from INR 3,840

What's Great?

Jewel of South. Lake forest. Scenic and beautiful surroundings.

What's not so Great?

Difficult to reach.

For Whom

Yercaud is a great weekend getaway for those living in and around Tamil Nadu.

Yercaud Tour Packages

Weekend Gateway To Yercaud

2 Nights

Staring from Rs. 5,800


Day 1- Arrive at Yercaud, check-in and rest. Then visit the Big Lake and Pagoda Point.
Day 2- Begin day with a trek atop the hills. Later, visit Anna Park, Lady's Seat.
Day 3- Visit the Kiliyur Falls, Deer Park, Karadiyur View Point, Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple and Shevaroy Temple.

History of Yercaud

The history of Yercaud, the Salem district of Tamil Nadu, can be traced back to the Stone Age, with artefacts being discovered in the Shevaroy Hills. It is believed that Sir Thomas Munroe, former Governor of Madras found this place in 1842, and the Scottish collector David Cockburn contributed to its development. He is thus often referred to as the Father of Yercaud, and he introduced a variety of plantations here like coffee, pears and apples. More Europeans arrived over the years in the city, and this led to further expansion of its plantations to include tea, cinnamon etc. The famous MSP Plantations and MSP Coffee of the town owes its inception to MSP Rajes, who was the first Indian coffee planter to settle here.

Flora and Fauna

A jewel of the South, Yercaud in the Eastern Ghats has a treasure trove of exotic flora and fauna. The name Yercaud is derived from the Tamil words yeri which means lake, and kaadu which means forest. Yercaud is home to the famous National Orchidarium and botanical garden which covers an area of 18.4 hectares and has over 3000 trees of jackfruit, pears, oranges etc. It also has a rich variety of wildlife including bison, deer, jackals, ant-eaters and birds like the whistling thrush, Indian grey hornbill, peacock and racket-tailed drongo.The beautiful Killiyur falls is another attraction of Yercaud.

Trekker's Paradise

Yercaud is also known as the 'Land of 7 forests', situated at an altitude of 1515 meters above sea level. Fields of coffee, citrus fruits, jackfruit, banana and pear trees are all constituents of the forests in and around Yercaud. Therefore, trekking through all this is a wonderful experience.

Tamil Nadu people believe that serving food to another living being be it humans or animals, is a service to god itself. Therefore, they are generous when it comes to food, whether it is in their home or temples or even restaurants. Traditionally, this south Indian cuisine is served on a banana leaf and people sit on the floor to eat. It is rich in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food.
The food mainly consists of rice, lentils, legumes with spices such as curry leaves, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, garlic etc. Coconut in various forms in widely used. A typical meal consists of Rice, Sambhar(Curry), two types of vegetables, curd and a pickle. Dosas, idilis, Upma, Parota, Sambhar, Rasam, Pongal are the dishes with which the cuisine of Tamil Nadu is identified. Paysam, Kesari, Sweet pongal are the sweet treasure of this cuisine.
Filter coffee is a specialty of the south-Indian cuisine. The making of filter coffee is like a ritual, as the coffee beans are first roasted and then powdered. They then use a filter set, few scoops of powdered coffee, enough boiling water is added to prepare a very dark liquid called the decoction. A 3/4 mug of hot milk with sugar, a small quantity of decoction is then served in Dabarah, a unique Coffee cup.

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A beautiful spot. Walk to this place, if you can, instead of taking an auto.

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