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Chiang Mai is an extensive city of northern Thailand and the capital of the Chiang Mai province. A hub for ancient structures and religious attractions, Chiang Mai, is situated towards the mountainous area of the region. Chiang Mai hosts a range of exciting and exotic things to do and places to visit in and around the region. Here are our top suggestions to fulfil your day trip from Chiang Mai!

Here is the list of 8 Day Trips From Chiang Mai

1. Doi Suthep - 39.8 km From Chiang Mai

Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, also popular as simply Doi Suthep, is an ideal place to visit if you wish to seek spirituality during your trip to Chiang Mai. Situated atop the Doi Suthep mountain amidst the dense forests of the Doi Suthep National Park, the holy shrine occupies a pious corner in the hearts of Thai people due to the legend and the history associated with it. Further, the stunning view of the Chaing Mai downtown region from the Doi Suthep temple makes it an ideal sightseeing destination to plan a visit to.

2. Wat Rong Khun - 174 km From Chiang Mai

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Wat Rong Khun is an architectural wonder filled with Buddhist elements. Famously known as the White Temple, Wat Rong Khun was built by the brilliant artist Chalermchai Kostipitat. The temple shows architecture poortraying the well known Buddhist teachings of heaven, hell and karma. The ornate white color of the temple symbolises the purity of Buddha and his Dhamma teachings. The entrance of the temple is over a bridge below which there are skulls and grasping hands representing hell, and crossing the bridge and reaching the temple represents entry to heaven. It's a very unique sight and a must-do for all the travellers.

3. Mae Sa Waterfall - 41.8 km From Chian Mai

3.8 /5

Mae Sa Waterfall is an eight level waterfall set amidst the lush rainforests of Mae Sa. Visitors can picnic near the lower waterfalls, or trek upwards to the higher tiers which are uncrowded and peaceful. There are several vendors around who sell local street food delicacies that tourists can enjoy. The surrounding Mae Sa valleys also offer opportunities for adventure activities.

4. Doi Inthanon National Park - 104.9 km from Chiang Mai

4.1 /5

Doi Inthanon National Park is home to the highest peak in Thailand, Doi Inthanon. The Park is a treasure trove of natural beauty, containing many specimens of the animal kingdom, lush jungles, waterfalls and a massif of mountains in the background. Some tribal communities also reside within this protected area, with authorities working tirelessly towards their cultural growth.

5. Chiang Dao - 104.6 km From Chiang Mai

3.0 /5

Literally known as the 'City of Starsäó, Chiang Dao is a beautiful town lying in the Chiang Mai Province. It is best popular for the Chiang Dao mountain that stands amidst the widespread greens of the countryside. It is an active centre for tourist activity with several sightseeing options such as the Chiang Dao Caves, hot springs, national parks, tribal villages, and adventure sports.

6. Chiang Rai - 197.2 km From Chiang Mai

2.9 /5 View 54+ photos

Known For : Wat Rong Khun Clock Tower, Chiang Rai Baan Dam Museum

Chiang Rai is a mountainous city in northern Thailand, near the borders of Laos and Myanmar. It has many ancient temples and tribal villages along the Mekong river. It has a plenitude of historical and cultural attractions and immerses a traveller in its pleasant collection of temples, art, music, and local food.

Best Time: Decemberembe to February

7. Emerald Lake - 110 km from Chiang Mai

While tourists in Chiang Mai are usually attracted to Buddhist temples, embellished with carved serpents, those who end up visiting Emerald Lake are marvelled by its beauty. This hidden gem is located three and a half hours east to Chiang Mai. People can easily plan a day trip to this place so that they can spend some quiet time here and also make their way back home just in time before the sun completely sets. The locals consider this lake to be sacred and visit it every year to make their offerings. Thus, while fishing, feeding the fish, and swimming are not allowed, this rare cenote in Thailand is enchanting and an ideal place to have a calm and peaceful time.

8. Wiang Pa Pao Hotspring - 72.7 km from Chiang Mai

Being one of the most popular sites for tourists, hot springs in Wiang Pa Pao consists of three natural hot springs well. Also known as the Maekachan Hot Springs, the Wiang Pa Pao Hot Springs is a stress-relieving experience. An unusual, yet exciting activity in these hot springs is boiling chicken eggs. The water’s temperature is about 80-degree Celcius such that eggs are boiled in 3 minutes in these springs.

Now that you have your options clear, sketch up your favourite sites and let us know about your experiences in the comments below!

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