Chiang Mai Flower Festival 2020 - Time to Get Mesmerised!

Radiating a golden hue, Thailand is an ever-comforting holiday destination. Having rice puddles in the rural heartlands of Thailand is a great experience. Relaxing on one of those magnificent beaches with white sands and enjoying Thai cuisine in one of the stalls of Mae Sot finds a place in everyone's bucket list. Though beaches, Thai cuisine, Thai markets, fields and forests and sacred spots are essential attractions in Thailand, none of them is as gorgeous as the Chiang Mai flower festival held every year. The festival takes place with vibrancy in the gardens of Chiang Mai followed by the main parade and crowning of Miss Chiang Mai. The traffic around the public park of Suan Buak Haad is closed during the first weekend in February. It is during this time of the year when the winter season ends, and there is full bloom in the orchids. The vibrant flower festival also marks the beginning of the summer season. 

Chiang Mai Flower Festival Dates

7th February 2019 - 9th February 2020

Chiang Mai Flower Festival Venue

Nong Buak Haad Public Park

Gardens and Festivities at Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Chiang Mai flower festival

For visitors to browse during the festivities, flower, orchid and gardening focussed stalls are set up by the vendors. Orchid lovers should not miss the beautiful orchids grown by locals. It is during the Chiang Mai Flower Festival that the lush green park is transformed into colourful heaven with various flower displays. Some of the exotic species of flowers like Damask Roses, miniature trees and local orchids are displayed. These flowers are found naturally only in Thailand.

Apart from gardeners, there are also landscape specialists who make displays of different gardening decorations and setups. These specialists also showcase exhibits from both local gardens and other countries. One of the best parts of Chiang Mai flower show is that you can enjoy delicious food that is available here throughout the day. Also, there is a unique area within the park where kids can play safely without the worry of getting misplaced in the crowd. 


Chiang Mai Flower Festival Parade

Chiang Mai flower festival parade
A float at the Chiang Mai Flower Festival Parade

Following the festivities and showcases is the famous Flower Parade. The parade usually starts at around 8:00 in the morning. The participants of this festival line up on the Charoen Muang Road from where they walk and proceed to the park's boundaries. Typically, the flower parade moves slowly, weaving in and out of the roads with the marching bands and traditional dancers performing in their costumes.  

The parade moves slowly so that attendees get time to admire the flowers after observing every individual float. As the parade comes to an end, attendees and participants move towards the last point, where the floats are still kept open for seeing. This point also has a large number of stalls selling delicious foods of Thai cuisine. 

Miss Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Chiang Mai flower festival
A contestant at Miss Chaing Mai Flower Festival

As the noon sets in, the parade comes to an end and people move to the next part of this grand festival - choosing Miss Chiang Mai. Miss Chiang Mai Flower Festival pageant has all women riding on the floats as its contestants. The most serious part of the festival is when it comes to choosing Miss Chiang Mai. The winner is chosen, and the announcement made for the same in the evening. Until then, parties, dancing and singing go on.


  • Arrive at least 2 hours before the parade begins to have an uninterrupted view of the show.
  • Ask local people or your guides about the exact timings.
  • Take additional care of kids and elders as there is a huge crowd.
  • The festival is worth at least half a day visit. Try to stay for longer.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and footwear, preferably shoes.
With air-filled with of the soothing fragrance of thousands of fresh flowers and vibes of goodness, the Chiang Mai Flower Show can be the highlight of holiday in Thailand. There are countless options to stay in Chiang Mai. Many hotels, apartments and guest houses are available at affordable prices around the city. If you are in Chiang Mai during February, make sure you attend the grand Flower Festival. 

This post was published by Sravya Vemuri

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