Beaches in Maldives For A Sun-Kissed Getaway

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Best Beaches in Maldives

An archipelago located in the Indian Ocean, the beaches in Maldives are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. With fine white sand, sunny skies and turquoise waters, its beaches are often called a lovers’ paradise. The best time to visit is between the months of December to April.

Here is the list of 26 Beaches in Maldives For A Sun-Kissed Getaway

1. Bikini Beach

Being a conservative country, most of the public beaches of Maldives have strict dress codes which disallow wearing bikinis. Bikini beach on Rasdhoo Island is one of the few public beaches where you can bathe under the sun wearing your favourite bikini on the sun beds or rest in the cool shade under the trees, surrounded by a paradise-like view. Just perfect! Apart from being a large beach, it also offers one some transfixing views. 

Highlight: No clothing restrictions as such 
Activities: Swimming, snorkelling, wading, Dolphin cruise! 
Best time to visit: April to June are the warmest months, best for sunbathing.

2. Hulhumale Beach

For those who are looking forward to spending time close to nature without spending too much, Hulhumale Beach is the place. Being close to the Male airport, the island is convenient to enjoy a budget trip in the powder-like white sand and clear blue water. Although the beach is a little crowded, it's clean, calm and offers a number of activities.

Highlight: The pocket-friendly cafes and hotels around the beach 
Activities: Snorkelling, scuba diving, canoeing, para-sailing, jet skiing, kite surfing 
Best time to visit: July to October

3. Artificial Beach

The Artificial Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Maldives and for a good reason. With breathtaking views and a pleasant climate, this beach, shaped like a crescent, has earned its spot as one of the most popular and liked tourist destinations. At first glance, the beach does not appear to be an artificial one at all.

4. Veligandu Island Beach

Sprawling over an area of 22 acres, Veligandu Island beach with its fresh turquoise water and powder-like white sand is one of the best beaches in the Maldives. Not only it's ideal for couples on their honeymoon, but the beach also offers a number of water sports activities for the thrill-seekers.

Highlight: The paradise-like romantic setting
Activities: scuba diving, parasailing, jet-skiing, banana boat riding and canoeing
Best time to visit: July to October; visit in the evening

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5. Gulhi Beach

Accessible from Maafushi by a quick speedboat ride, the Gulhi Beach in Maldives is lively and surrounded by souvenir shops of all sorts. You can swim among the unbroken coral reef with colourful marine life or relax on one of the many sundecks. Equipped with beach umbrellas and chairs, the Gulhi Beach attracts numerous tourists all year round.

6. Rasfannu

Rasfannu is an artificial beach in Male, Maldives. The beach is part of a beach resort. It is a quite a plush attraction and has a decently long stretch of white sand beach overlooking the Laccadive Sea. Although the attraction was created to promote water sports, locals advise against swimming as the waters have high levels of bacteria. Nonetheless, people can have some free time in the sand watching the horizon. The region also has some of the best eateries, restaurants, retail stores, etc. where travellers can indulge in some good local food or go shopping.

7. Bodu Mora

Situated in Vaavu Atoll, Maldives, Bodu Mora is a picturesque beach bracketed by the compact little island and dense palm and coconut tree vegetation. A vast stretch of the white sand beach leads into the pristine turquoise waters of the Arabian Sea. Bodu Beach is considered one of the best beaches in the Maldives. The shore is shallow and suitable for wading and snorkelling. Experienced divers can go diving to explore the marine life, including coral reefs.

8. Kunburudhoo Beach

Kunburudhoo Beach is located on Kunburudhoo Island, a part of the Maldives Archipelago. The beach was once inhabited, but now, it is a secluded attraction with only bare minimum facilities offered by one hotel. With smooth white-coloured sand and turquoise blue waters, the ambience of the beach is mostly pleasant. However, cleanliness might be an issue as people tend to have bonfires and litter the beach. Nonetheless, one can find enough space to sunbathe and swim in the Arabian Sea.

9. Villingli Island's Beach

Just a 10 minutes ferry ride from Male, the beach is a perfect combination of quaint and calm. Since it is an inhabited island, there are restrictions on alcohol consumption and clothing, but on the bright side, you will get to mix up with the locals here and spot Maldivian women in their 'burkinis.' After sunbathing on the shore and diving in the ocean, wait till the evening and complete your day watching the setting sun with your loved one(s)!

Highlight: Perfect for watching sunset.
Activities: Ideal for sunbathing, diving and snorkelling
Best time to visit: July to September; avoid visiting on weekends as it'll be more crowded

10. Reethi Beach

An epitome of luxury, Reethi beach is perfect for a laid-back vacation with your lover or family. With white sand, clear blue waters and green palms, this place is no less than a paradise. The famous Reethi Beach resort offers a large number of facilities and activities. Chill on the beach, enjoy a spa session and snorkel with the fascinating sea turtles to have a perfect beach time.

Highlight: The luxurious places around the beach
Activities: Snorkelling, windsurfing, traditional Dhoni (Maldivian sea boat)
Best Time to visit: August to October.

11. Alimatha Island Central Beach

Located on the northern end of the Vaavu Atoll, Alimatha Island is not just a famous for its government-sanctioned protected diving site but also for its pristine beaches with the sprinkles of greenery. The large central beach offers quiet corners, a bar and music, massage and Ayurveda centres, and exciting water sports activities. The emerald shallow waters are great for swimming and playing with kids.

Highlight: Ideal site for water activities, for both experienced and beginners.
Activities: Diving, snorkelling, canoeing, swimming
Best time to visit: November to April

12. Nalaguraidhoo Beach

Nalaguraidhoo beach is perfect for a lazy afternoon - chill under the sun amid a breath-taking view, sipping coconut water, what heaven! For the active travellers seeking adventure, the clear blue water and the presence of a variety of exotic flora and fauna ensures a perfect snorkelling experience. The pristine surroundings of this beach can leave anybody speechless!

Highlight: Its natural beauty and pristine environment
Activities: Snorkelling, fishing, swimming
Best time to visit: July to October

13. Kurumba Beach

Just 10 minutes from the airport by speedboat, the beach on Kurumba Maldives is so much more than its white sand and turquoise water. The fun activities, Veli Spa, amazing cafes, entertainment will keep you engrossed during the hours when you won't be lying under the shade of coconut trees, chilling! Just that finding a quiet, secluded spot is a bit difficult to find here.

Highlight: The variety of services and activities it offers
Activities: Scuba diving, snorkelling, Veli Spa etc.
Best Time to visit: July to October

14. The Glow in the Dark Beaches

Yes, you read it right! There are some beaches in the Maldives with the presence of Bioluminescent Plankton, which glows when it's moved or comes into contact with something, creating a sight which looks straight out of a science fiction movie. Witness this natural yet quite unusual phenomenon which is fascinating and calming at the same time, and capture the blissful view with your camera. It is important to note that there is no specific month or time when this phenomenon takes place as bioluminescent plankton is highly unpredictable.

15. Villingilli Beach

The Villingili beach located on Villingili Island is one of the most popular public beaches in the Maldives! Villingili Island is located only around 2 kilometres away from the capital city of Maldives- Male and thus is very easily accessible.

Highlights of the Beach: The beach is one of the most popular public beaches in the Maldives and offers one easy access being close to the capital Male and the island of Hulhumale! The island also has facilities and cafes near it that one can enjoy! 
Activities: One can enjoy the beach and feel the waves crash at their feet or alternatively sit in one of the cafes near the beach and enjoy as Maldivians go about their daily life.

16. Vabbinfaru Beach

Whether you're looking for some private time, some fun activities, relaxation or great food, Vabbinfaru makes for the ideal tropical vacation.

Highlights: A beautiful island sprinkled with an assortment of luxury villas, the beach offers warm sands, clear waters and breathtaking views. Nature and animal lovers are in for a treat! The island is surrounded with colourful corals and a range of tropical marine life that is astounding and a sight one would remember and cherish for the rest of their life! An added bonus, the island is only around a 25-minute ferry ride from the Male International Airport!

Activities: After a relaxing day at the beach, one can unwind in the evening under starry skies. The island offers top notch food choices and one can pick between many cuisines from around the world! One can also enjoy the many water sports available here or simply just sit on the beach let go off all their stress! Definitely a place you want to keep on your list!

17. Fulhadhoo Beach

Located in the Baa Atoll, Fulhadhoo Island is unlike other islands. Lying away from the busy tourist routes, sea routes and other inhabited islands, the Fulhadhoo island is unlike other islands in the Maldives. The island is long and narrow, it always has a pleasant sea breeze thus keeping the weather wonderful never being too sultry. The island isn’t commercialised and full of tourist so it maintains its charm.

Highlights: With an abundance of palm trees, white sandy beaches and azure blue beautiful lagoons, it surely makes for a beautiful experience! Lying away from the tourist routes, the beach offers one a lot of privacy and isn’t crowded. As another consequence, nature and marine wildlife here is untouched and pristine. It has an abundance of coral reefs, tropical colourful fish and turtles and dolphins that aren’t afraid of humans!

Activities: One can go snorkeling and enjoy the exquisite marine beauty or just lay on the sparsely populated sands as they have the beautiful beach to themselves. Alternatively one can just wade in the water and enjoy as the waves cascade around their feet. The beach also offers spectacular sunsets that will be etched into your memory for times to come!

18. Cocoa Island Beaches

The beaches of Cocoa island are known and popular for offering some the most exquisite, luxurious and most exotic experiences in the world! Located close to both- the Kandooma Channel and Guraidhoo channel, the Cocoa Island beaches have an exquisite and stunning variety of marine life that leaves one spellbound!

Highlights: The Cocoa Island Beaches offer some of the most luxurious and exotic beach experiences in the world that is unparalleled anywhere else. A perfect combination of beautiful beaches with a few hints of luxury!

Activities: As the Islands are located close to both the Kandooma and Guraidhoo channels, there is intense marine biodiversity and one can find some the most exotic marine life species. This makes it a delight to go scuba diving or snorkelling and seeing the waters teeming with colourful marine life! Apart from this one can also enjoy long strolls across the unspoilt soft sand beaches while soaking in the beauty of the area. One can also kick back and bask in the warm sunlight while the waves slowly crash into the sand making for an extremely relaxing experience. Another relaxing experiences that one can undertake are the spa and yoga facilities that the resorts offer! Truly a rejuvenating place to be!

19. Baros Maldives Beach

Easily one of the top ten beaches in all of the Maldives archipelago, the beach is located close to the exquisite 5-star resort of Baros Maldives.

Highlights: With crystal clear waters, pristine sands and beautiful views, it is definitely one of the best lagoons in all of Maldives! The beach offers some amazing reef snorkelling experience that can’t be paralleled anywhere else in the world! An added bonus is that it is only 25 minutes away from the Male International Airport!

Activities: One can enjoy some of the best snorkelling experiences here at the Baros Maldives Beach.

20. Taj Exotica Beach

A part of the Taj Exotica Resort, it is located on the South Male Atoll and is quite close to the airport! Although there isn’t a reef around the island so the snorkelling experiences aren’t the best, it makes up for that with its beauty and luxury.

Highlights: Owned by the prestigious Taj group, the beach is situated close to the luxurious and beautiful property of the Taj Exotica Resort.
Activities: It offers fabulous Scuba diving and wildlife spotting walks! One can even have a sumptuous evening meal prepared by some of the best chefs right on the sands of the beach under the beautiful starlit skies!

21. Thoondu Beach, Maldives

Thoondu Beach in north Fuvahmalah Island is a hugely popular beach destination in the Maldives. Hundreds of people visit it every day and the number doubles during peak travel season. The strong currents may it a dangerous place to swim, but the appeal of the beach lies in its beauty and surfing opportunities.

22. Public Beach on Maafushi Island

The Public Beach on Maafushi Island is a hidden gem providing a panoramic view of the limitless sea and a quiet place to spend time on. You won't find many tourists in this serene place, just a few locals. The public beach is adjacent to the Bikini beach which can be visited by just walking past the boundary. Look for the Floating Bar and Safari, the only place in Maafushi which sells alcohol.

Highlight: A crowd-free serene place
Activities: Ideal for jet skiing and surfing
Best time to visit: January and February are the best months the rainfall is low and temperature averages around 29 degrees Celsius.

23. Lily Beach Resort, Maldives

Constructed on a Private Beach, your stay at Lily Beach Resort is bound to be luxurious, allowing you to live a king’s life. A 20 minutes seaplane ride from Male, the resort holds breathtaking views of nature and the tortoise crystal clear Indian Ocean around the resort will soothe you to the core. The pristine beach and a few days amidst the natural vegetation will sway you to the vagabond life we all wish to live once.

24. Kandolhu Island Beach , Maldives

Nestled between lush green palm trees, Kandolhu Island Beach is 70 Kilometres away from south of Male’ near North Ari Atol. The white sand glitters next to the bay that is home to many exquisite coral reefs and species. Kandolhu Resort has 30 villas that come in with trendy architecture and facilities that will give an experience of a lifetime. Activities like snorkelling, deep-sea diving, surfing are always at disposal for concocting a stay that brims with memories.

25. Mirihi Island Beach, Maldives

Clubbed between surreal blue waters and the greens, Mirihi Island Resort is a 30-minute waterplane ride from Malé. A prime location for witnessing the splendor of whale watching and to live with nature. The rooms in the resort come with breathtaking views and the immensely supportive and friendly staff is an icing on the cake. The resort has 39 Vilas that come in with varying interiors and concept. Food menus are updates daily and quick tip would be to try all the local dishes for savoring the authentic taste of Maldives.

26. Kurumba Beach, Maldives

Kurumba Maldives is the very first resort located just 10 minutes from the airport that also has luxury speedboat travel service available 24/7. A perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of life, Kurumba beach allows you to explore the beauty of the coral reefs, laze on the white sand, indulge in a relaxing Maldivian Spa and take a dip in the crystal clear lagoon.

Which of these beaches in Maldives has caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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