Maldives in November : The Best Time to Visit Maldives

The Maldives is a beautiful island located in the Arabian Sea towards southwest Sri Lanka. Considered as one of the world's most geographically dispersed sovereign states as well as the smallest Asian country by land area, the Maldives is the absolute natural remedy. Extending over 510 miles from north to south and 80 miles from east to west, the IslandIsland owes a large part of the land to the Maldivian ethnic group, although various traders from across Asia have been a part of its history. 

How's the Weather in the Maldives in November?

Since November is the end of the wet season with short rainy days, the island would otherwise experience bright and clear sunny days, mostly post-winter. The weather conditions remain appropriate during mid-day with around 27 degrees celsius, which can soar up to 29 degrees celsius. As the water begins to clear up, it becomes the perfect time for scuba diving or snorkelling. With the typical muggy tropical feel and temperatures that rarely peak over average, the IslandIsland is humid throughout the year.  

7 Things to Do in the Maldives in November

Things to do in Maldives

1. Snorkelling and Scuba diving:

The warm, clear waters of Maldives gives one of the best diving experiences in the world. The tropical islands of the archipelagic nation bracketed by coral reefs and white sands offer breathtaking views along with exotic marine life. The Maldives offers two types of scuba diving holidays, either a resort with private boat diving or an all-inclusive liveaboard boat. 

2. House reef diving:

House reef diving is a reef close to or surrounding an island resort which provides better snorkelling and diving experiences. The Maldives island itself has around 2500 reefs out of which 900 are house reefs. The main benefit of house reef diving is that you can directly explore the reefs by just going into the water without a boat. Few of the best house reefs in the Maldives are Baros Maldives (2.5 Mile reef), Reethi beach resort, Mirihi Island resort, Lily beach resort, Bathala island resorts.

3. LIVEABOARD scuba diving:

This is also a great way to explore the marine beauty by visiting multiple diving sites and not just one. Liveaboards are all-inclusive, which means, they include meals, accommodation, and multiple dives in a day supervised by the best diving instructors. Liveaboard ships are available for a week, but you can also book for a longer period which is available throughout the year. There are multiple liveaboard ships available according to your budget, such as The Emperor Maldives which has six boats, The MV Queen and Blue force one.
Best Diving Sites in Maldives


4. Underwater Spa

No doubt that the Maldives can utilize its assets to its full potential from world-class luxurious hotels to underwater restaurants, and you will enjoy every bit of it. The Underwater spa in per Aquum Huvafen Fushi is a perfect example of this. 
Huvafen Fushi features some of the most luxurious stays one can only dream of. Meaning the"dream island", Huvafen Fushi hosts beautiful views with rooms in the middle of the ocean. You can also enjoy at Lime Spa, the relaxing underwater spa here, which also offers sensual facial treatment by Teresa Tarmey. Teresa Tarmey is a well known regular contributor to huge magazines such as Vogue and Tatler.

5. Private Sandbank Picnic 

The Private Sandban Picnic is a unique experience, where visitors could witness beautiful sandbanks through a private boat. With a view of coral reefs and white sandbanks, the ocean would provide you with a great picnic spot along with complimentary snorkelling experiences. 

6. Nosh and Mash Huni

Mas Huni is a delicious traditional breakfast made with a combination of tuna, onions, shredded coconut and red hot chilli peppers. The ingredients are then combined in a bowl and mixed with salt and pepper, which is then served with flatbread known as Huni Roshi. It is often served with hot tea.

7. Traditional Dhoni Sunset Cruise

The sunset cruise is one of the most highlighted aspects of the trip. If you are on the Traditional Dhoni Sunset Cruise in the Maldives, as the name suggests, you will stand a chance to witness the most beautiful sunset over the Indian ocean.

9 Places to visit in the  Maldives in November


1. Como Cocoa Island

This Island is no doubt one of the beautiful places on the planet. It is also a great honeymoon destination offering multiple resorts and water villas.

2. Seagull Cafe, Male

The Seagull cafe is a must-visit, especially for food lovers. Housed in beautiful decor, the cafe offers a vast food and drink menu, which is primarily seafood.

3. Utheemu Ganduvaru

The Maldives is more about just sea and beaches. This place is hugely popular among locals and tourists as it is the birthplace for sultan Muhammed Thakarufaanu, who is considered as the leader who brought freedom to the Maldivian people from the Portuguese.

4. Maldives National Museum

A gift from China to the Maldives this place holds ancient weapons, household wares, and many historical artefacts. This museum will give you a glimpse into the Maldivian history and culture.

5. Maldives Fish Market

Also known as the soul of the Maldives, the Maldives Fish Market is one of the most visited sites, especially for seafood lovers. If you are lucky, you may come across locals catching fish in their traditional ways. 

6. National Art Gallery

Established in 1999, the National Art Gallery displays various beautiful pieces of the Maldivian art and culture, including international artefacts. 

7. Tsunami Monument 

The monument is dedicated to all the people who lost their lives on 26th December 2004 to the life-wrecking Tsunami. 

8. Male

This capital city houses the 17th century Friday mosque and the Gold-tipped Islamic centre among other attractions. Visitors could also hire scooters and cars and explore the Indian Bazaar in the city. 

9. Baros Island

One of the most popular islands of Maldives, Baros Island is a white sand beach with crystal clear water. Known for its beautiful resorts and villas, the IslandIsland is a quiet getaway. 

Cost of Travelling, Food and Living

The Maldives is a great place to go solo-travelling or in a group. It provides both budget-friendly and luxurious stays, which completely depends on your budget and personal preference. The average hotel price for a couple can be up to MVR 1298. So, an average trip for a couple for one week in the Maldives can cost up MVR 12896. The approximate amount for food for two can cost around MVR 200. Transport would cost around MVR 124 per day. 

Cost of Travelling, Food and Living in Maldives

Now that you know what to do in the Maldives during November, what are you doing in November? Have you been to the Maldives in November already? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

This post was published by Rimi Sharma

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