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What is the best time to visit Ziro?

Ziro experiences pleasant weather throughout the year and you can plan your trip here any time of the year. The best time to visit Ziro is from March to October. During the summer season, Ziro becomes a perfect retreat to get away from the torrid heat of nearby cities. The lush greenery with clear blue skies makes the entire place look picturesque and magical. Spotting bird and animals is sure to excite anyone who visits Ziro. Another ideal time to visit Ziro is in Early Winters from October to November when the valley is enveloped in snow. However, the months from late November to January experiences firgid temperatures as low as -13 degree celcius; hence must be avoided. Monsoon is yet another beautiful season to visit Ziro welcoming you with variagated valleys and beautiful weather.

Weather in Ziro


Upcoming Ziro Weather

Monthly Weather in Ziro

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 13°/ 4° 12 days
February 14°/ 5° 18 days
March 17°/ 8° 27 days
April 18°/ 10° 25 days
May 19°/ 14° 31 days
June 23°/ 16° 29 days
July 20°/ 16° 31 days
August 24°/ 17° 31 days
September 21°/ 15° 30 days
October 20°/ 12° 25 days
November 19°/ 10° 13 days
December 15°/ 5° 8 days

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Ziro in Summer (April - June)

Summer season in Ziro begins from April and continues till June. This time of the year has windy weather making Ziro a great retreat from nearby places. Ziro is enveloped with verdant trees, majestic hills and lush rice plantations making it a picturesque landscape. Summer is also a great time to spot animals and birds; one can even take a dip in the waterfalls and feel refreshed. With the tranquillity that surrounds this serene hill town, the echo of birds chirping is soothing. All in all, the summer season is an excellent time to visit this quaint hamlet nestled amidst mountains and greenery.
Paddy Fields in Ziro
Paddy Fields in Ziro

Ziro in Monsoon (July - October)

Ziro witnesses extensive rainfall during the monsoons from July to September, while the outdoor activities come to a standstill. The cold monsoon showers make the place look incredibly magical with mist over the valley. The otherwise variegated surroundings look enchanting with the spell of rain making it an excellent time to visit for honeymooners and couples. It is during this time of the year that the waterfalls meandering from hills is a sight to behold. Do not forget to carry umbrellas, raincoats and light woollens as the temperature might dip down to 2 degrees.
Ziro Nature
Ziro Nature

Ziro in Winter (November - March)

Beginning from the month of October, winters in Ziro lasts till March. The weather during this time of the year is pleasant and chilly while it dips down to -13 degrees Celcius in December and January. This is, however, not an ideal time to visit Ziro. The snow-capped mountains in early winters look mesmerising making it a great time to trek and explore the beauty of the valley. This is an ideal time to interact with the tribals of Ziro and spot animals around the valley. If you're looking for some more adventure, then take a dip under the waterfalls. The winter season in Ziro is the perfect time to visit this hill town amidst the lap of nature.
Tribal Women of Ziro
Tribal Women of Ziro

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