What is the best time to visit Along?

Although as Along is not situated at a high altitude and has pleasant weather all - round the year, the best time to visit Along is from October to April.

Weather in Along


Upcoming Along Weather

Monthly Weather in Along

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January -3 24
February 1 26
March 2 26
April 6 27
May 8 30
June 12 31
July 13 32
August 14 32
September 12 32
October 8 30
November 1 29
December -1 26

Along in Winter

Winters in Along is a great time to visit although it can get cold. So carry woollens and warm clothes.

Along in Summer

Along has a pleasant weather during summers but receives heavy rainfall. Rainfall is unpredictable so it can ruin your trip so visiting during summers is not suggested.

Along Photos

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