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What is the best time to visit Majuli?

The gorgeous river island of Majuli can be visited in winter Season. The cool temperature and the breathtaking vistas make the ambience beautiful. During the summers, the temperature is immensely high and can lead to humidity and nausea. It is best to avoid Majuli during summers. Monsoon is another good season to visit Majuli. The frequent showers bring alive the surroundings, and the atmosphere becomes beautiful.

Weather in Majuli


Upcoming Majuli Weather

Monthly Weather in Majuli

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 22°/ 11° 12 days
February 24°/ 13° 9 days
March 28°/ 16° 8 days
April 29°/ 18° 13 days
May 29°/ 21° 24 days
June 32°/ 23° 27 days
July 30°/ 24° 29 days
August 32°/ 25° 28 days
September 29°/ 23° 26 days
October 28°/ 20° 22 days
November 27°/ 18° 7 days
December 24°/ 12° 1 days

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More about Best Time to Travel to Majuli

Majuli in Winter (October-February)

Winters are considered to be the best season to visit Majuli. Winter season starts from October and lasts until February. The temperature remains moderate, with the minimum temperature falling as low as 15 degrees Celsius. The cold temperature allows the weather of Majuli to stay pleasant.

Majuli in Monsoon (July-September)

Monsoon season starts from the month of July and can stretch till as long as September. Rainy season brings a new kind of freshness in the atmosphere of Majuli. The temperature ranges around 20 degrees Celsius during the monsoon season, and the weather remains cool throughout the season.

Majuli in Summer (March-June)

Majuli can be hard to explore in the summer season. As the temperature increases, it becomes hard to roam around Majuli without sweating or feeling nauseous. Summer season starts in the month of March and can go on until June. Sometimes, the temperature can cross the 30 degrees Celsius mark.

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