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"The green valley in the laps of Brahmaputra"

Dhemaji Tourism

The serene location, paddy fields, the temples and the culture makes Dhemaji an experience in itself. The town's name Dhemaji' is believed to be derived from a combination two Assamese words ""dhal"" meaning flood and ""Dhemaji"" meaning ""play"".

Dhemaji is a small yet very important district of Assam and it is located in the north-east part of Assam. Dhemaji district borders with Arunachal Pradesh and is part of the Brahmputra plains. It is considered very important from point of view of archeology. Dhemaji is inhabited by many Assamese tribes including Chutia, Ahoms, Sonowal Kacharis, Koches, Kalitas, Kaibartas and other tribes like Mishings and Deoris, so you can experience their culture and way of living. Abundant with rich green beauty and wonderful water bodies punctuating every place, it is a place which is waiting to be explored.

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The Solitary Paradise

Being a small district located in the foothills of Arunachal Himalayas and the bank of River Brahmaputra, Dhemaji is a beautiful place not yet explored by many people. With the tourism slowly blooming in the area, the authorities have started coming up with ways for the advancement of the place. Established by the first king of Ahom reign, Chow Chukafa, Dhemaji has come a long way from that time to be the tourist attraction it is now.

Still inhabited by some Indigenous tribes, including Mising, Khamti, Konch, Deori and Laloong, the place is a beautiful depiction of the cultural heterogeneity of the country and the religious tolerance. Most of the places to visit in the town are associated with the rulers prevalent in the area along with the tribes, which came up ith numerous practices and places which later turned to be major tourist attractions in the town.

Restaurants and Local Food in Dhemaji

Being a part of Assam, the food of Dhemaji district consists of traditional Assamese cuisine. Some of the local food of the area are Maasor tenga (sour fish curry), aloo pitika (potato mash), khar, murgir manxor jool (chicken curry), dal, xaak bhaji (green leaves fry), chutney, pickle and curd. After food, it is almost a habit of the people of Assam to have paan and betel nut ( tamul ) and offering it is a mark of respect.
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One Day Itinerary

Day 1: Start afresh on the first day of your trip and book up a taxi to travel down to Gerukamukh, which is located at a distance of 44 km from Dhemaji. If time permits, utilise the day to even pay a visit to Malini Than, known for the worship of the local goddess Malini.

Day 2: Explore the beautiful Ghughua Dol and Maa Manipuri than on the second day of your trip, which is at a convenient distance from each other, to bring a wonderful and memorable end to the trip.

Dhemaji Photos

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Holidify's Opinion

What's Great?

With proximity to important cities like Guwahati and Dibrugarh, the place provides some comfortable and pocket-friendly travel option to the tourists. Also, with a lesser population, Dhemaji might be a nice pick away from the hustle-bustle of the regular tourist destinations.

What's Not So Great?

The monsoon in the region is mostly erratic in nature and is thus not a preferred time to visit as it may trigger landslides and can cause severe accidents. Located at the base of Himalayas, the place can get cold during winter nights, thus rendering a bit of difficulty for the tourists.

For Whom?

People looking forward to visiting the lesser discovered area of Northeastern India are the ones who will enjoy their visit down to Dhemaji. Couples, young people, and even families, everyone can look forward to visiting this beautiful place.

How To Reach Dhemaji

Located in the beautiful state of Assam, Dhemaji is well connected to all the major nearby cities and various other cities from all over the subcontinent. The connecting link nodes to Dhemaji are conveniently linked to the town, thus helping one to gain easier access to the city. The city is bestowed with a well developed network of road and rail routes, helping the tourists travel from a number of cities down to Dhemaji, in a pocket friendly and convenient manner. Important cities like Jorhat, Chabua, and Guhwati are located at an accessible distance from Dhemaji and is thus an easier choice for people wanting to visit Dhemaji.

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