Daporijo Tourism At A Glance

Paddy Fields, rainforests with bamboo trees along with beautiful Subansiri River flowing along the town, Daporijo is a small town on the way from Ziro to Along.

Daporijo is a scenic town situated 600 meters above the sea level in the upper Subansiri district of the north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. Daporijo is typically a good town to stopover on the route of Along to Ziro for a break, otherwise, the town does not have much to offer to its tourists. The town is known for its varied ethnic cultures succinct at one place. River Subansiri ( a tributary of Brahmaputra ) gives a panoramic view flowing in the immediate vicinity of the town. This is a home of people of different tribes like Tagin, Galo, Hilmiri etc. one of the oldest being Mishmi, which are believed to have existed since the Mahabharata era. Varied tribes at one place enriches the town that also celebrates many local festivals. Bamboo handicrafts or colorful costumes are some special take away things from this place.

Hotels in Daporijo

Daporijo does have good hotels and lodges which can best suit your budgets, but very few in numbers.

Daporijo is a part of Arunachal Pradesh, where people usually eat rice, meat and green vegetables. There also is a great interest and availability of Momos in this region. One shouldn't miss on "Apong" which is a special alcoholic drink made from rice available in different flavours. Rice is the staple food of all the tribe?s of Arunachal Pradesh. Dung Po (Steam Rice) is the most popular version of cooking rice.

Commuting Within Daporijo

There are bus services and taxis that are used to commute within the town. You can also walk to explore the local market.

One Day Itinerary

Start your day with a visit to Meghna Cave temple and after that you can try rafting near the Subansiri River. It will be a good idea to check with locals about the availability of rafting organizers. You can check out the Church in the evening. If you also want to visit the Kamala Reserve Forest, you might need an extra day.

Reviews about Daporijo

It is a place for passer-by to stop and relax. Even though the town is pretty, Daporijo is not considered much of a tourist place.