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Daporijo Tourism

Paddy Fields, rainforests with bamboo trees along with beautiful Subansiri River flowing along the town, Daporijo is a small town on the way from Ziro to Along.

Daporijo is a scenic town situated 600 meters above the sea level in the upper Subansiri district of the north eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh. Daporijo is typically a good town to stopover on the route of Along to Ziro for a break, otherwise, the town does not have much to offer to its tourists. The town is known for its varied ethnic cultures succinct at one place. River Subansiri ( a tributary of Brahmaputra ) gives a panoramic view flowing in the immediate vicinity of the town. This is a home of people of different tribes like Tagin, Galo, Hilmiri etc. one of the oldest being Mishmi, which are believed to have existed since the Mahabharata era. Varied tribes at one place enriches the town that also celebrates many local festivals. Bamboo handicrafts or colorful costumes are some special take away things from this place.

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About Daporijo

Located in the lap of River Subansiri, Daparijo is a charming town in Arunachal Pradesh. This town is also known as "Town of Sunshiners" and comes on the way from Ziro to Along. Though this place does not have much to offer for the tourists, the scenic beauty of the town is simply amazing.

You can see tribal culture here as this town is home to the tribes like Tagin, Galo, Hilmiri, etc. Since there are many tribes, this place is enriched with festivals, cultures, and traditions which are very colourful. Daporijo is famous for its handicrafts, especially bamboo ones, which are made by the tribal people. These crafts are worth buying.

Suggested Itinerary for Daporijo

Day 1: Arrive at Daporijo. Check-in to a hotel. You can go and see River Subansiri and try out rafting there. Later on, you can explore Meghana Caves, where Lord Lakulisha is worshipped. In the evening you should check out the local market, which is famous bamboo handicrafts.

Day 2: If you are a bird-lover, then you should head to Kamala Reserve which is a beautiful lush green forest. 

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Daporijo, Arunachal Pradesh
Meghna cave temple

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FAQs on Daporijo

What is famous about Daporijo?

Friendly and warm people. The local food is sure to provide an unforgettable culinary experience.

What is not so good about Daporijo?

Accommodation options are limited. Not much of a tourist place (best suited as a place to stop by and relax).

Who should visit Daporijo?

Daporijo is a perfect retreat for all those looking for a unique tourist destination to break away from the monotony of city lives. It is a paradise for adventure seekers providing them with activities like trekking, hiking and river rafting. It is also an idyllic place for cavers looking to embark on enthralling cave expeditions. 

What is the best time to visit Daporijo?

This town is a delight to visit during the months from December to February. Since it is located in the eastern region of the country, monsoon months are not an ideal time to visit. Summer months are hot, and a lot of humidity is present. October and November are considered to be the ideal time to visit the place and undertake sightseeing, nature exploration and wildlife expeditions. 
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What is the local food in Daporijo?

Daporijo is a part of Arunachal Pradesh, where people usually eat rice, meat and green vegetables. There also is a great interest and availability of Momos in this region. One shouldn't miss on "Apong" which is a special alcoholic drink made from rice available in different flavours. Rice is the staple food of all the tribe's of Arunachal Pradesh. Dung Po (Steam Rice) is the most popular version of cooking rice.
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What is the best way to reach Daporijo?

The nearest airport from Daporijo is Dibrugarh which is just 87 km away from the town. However, very few flights operate from this airport. Alternatively, Lilabari airport provides helicopter services to Ziro. From Ziro, you have to go to Daporijo by car which is 155 km away. Silapathar is the nearest railway station from the town. However, this station doesn't have many trains coming up. The nearest well-connected train station is Dibrugarh, which is at a distance of 87 km. This station is connected to different important cities of the country.
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What are the places near Daporijo?

The top places near to Daporijo are Ziro which is 63 km from Daporijo, Along which is located 60 km from Daporijo, Dhemaji which is located 65 km from Daporijo, Majuli which is located 115 km from Daporijo, Itanagar which is located 116 km from Daporijo

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Shreyas Kapoor

3 years ago
- It is a place for passer-by to stop and relax. Even though the town is pretty, Daporijo is not considered much of a tourist place.