What is the best time to visit Zadar?

Zadar is a city which sees fewer travellers than the other tourist hubs of Croatia. The Autumn season is the best time to visit the city to enjoy exploring the historical city in moderate temperatures. This time of the year is also the end of the peak season which means cheaper hotels and less crowded beaches.

Weather in Zadar


Upcoming Zadar Weather

Monthly Weather in Zadar

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 5 13
February 4 12
March 6 17
April 8 17
May 12 23
June 17 29
July 19 31
August 20 32
September 14 23
October 9 20
November 6 15
December 2 11

Zadar in Winters

Touring Zadar in winters can be a challenging task. The winters see cold temperatures going below 5C which can make it hard for you to travel and explore the major attractions of the city. The water is too cold to go out for a swim, although, the hotels are extremely cheap meaning those who can tolerate or like below par temperatures are in for some savings.

Zadar in Summer

The summer season can be of scorching heat in Zadar. With the peak season going across Croatia, the summer months from June-August can be a grueling time to travel across Zadar. Exploring the old town in such heat can be a tiring experience. This is probably the best time to go swimming in the Adriatic sea while the summer festivals such as the Summer Theatre Festival are sure to enhance your enjoymeny in Zadar.

Zadar in Autumn

The best time to visit Zadar, the autumn season sees moderate temperatures close to 20C. The water is warm enough to go out swimming while touring the historical locations of town can be relaxing. This is also a cheaper time to come to Zadar as the peak season is about to end and the winter hibernation of hotels is about to set in. The night of the Full Moon festival is one of the most awaited events in Zadar and is a must visit for food and music lovers.

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