What is the best time to visit Zagreb?

With spring rains making periodic appearances with warm summers, April to September is considered to be the most conducive time to visit Zagreb. Months between May and June are witness to warmer temperatures (pleasant and not hot) with days longer in duration. This makes Zagreb an ideal retreat for travellers giving them more time to explore the local attractions, bask in the sun and experience outdoor activities. This time is also ideal to embark on a cruise in Zagreb.

Weather in Zagreb


Upcoming Zagreb Weather

Monthly Weather in Zagreb

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 7°/ -2° 1 days
February 14°/ 2° 6 days
March 14°/ 3° 5 days
April 21°/ 6° 3 days
May 18°/ 9° 16 days
June 30°/ 17° 9 days
July 30°/ 17° 11 days
August 30°/ 18° 9 days
September 24°/ 13° 11 days
October 20°/ 9° 5 days
November 13°/ 6° 10 days
December 9°/ 2° 6 days

More about Best Time to Travel to Zagreb

Zagreb in Summer

The end of Spring season around April is the best time to travel to Zagreb to enjoy the various music festivals and events that take place during the peak season. The city hosts visitors from across Europe during this time, until the end of August when the summers are more or less done with. The average temperature ranges between 20-24C. This season is the best time to not only travel Zagreb, but the rest of Croatia as well.

Zagreb in Autumn

The beginning of autumn in September is sure to lay your hopes of swimming to bed. The temperature decreases moderately and the days start to become smaller, meaning less time for you to explore the city. The average temperature during these months is a modest 15C while also seeing moderate rains throughout the season ending by the beginning of December.

Zagreb in Winter

December marks the beginning of Winter season in Zagreb with average temperatures falling sharply to around 1C. The winters last until the end of March meaning you have little chance of being able to explore the city's best offerings. The winter season in Zagreb sees a majority of hotels shut down with minimal tourism during such times. Those who can stand such freezing cold temperatures can save big on accommodation during such times.

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