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"The city where modernity co-exists with tradition"

Zagreb Tourism

No other city glorifies culture and arts in Croatia like Zagreb. This capital city of the coastal country has a charm of its own, differentiating itself from the exotic beach towns and playful islands. Zagreb will not fail to fascinate you if you are a profound admirer of architecture, music, cinema, and other arts. This isn't a conventional summer-time seaside vacation spot like most of the places in Croatia. Instead, its vibrant representations of culture, art and history show you a unique facet of Croatia.

Zagreb is the perfect city break for people travelling to Croatia. Touted to be the centre of contemporary development, architecture, culture and sports, Zagreb has preserved its rich history along with making strides in development and progress. The amalgamation of medieval towers with open-air markets and 19th-century palaces with happening nightclubs is what imparts the city its unique charm. The straight-laced Austro-Hungarian architecture that gives the city its historical appeal blends seamlessly with the new age coffee culture. The city is said to be divided into three parts, namely, the Upper Town, Lower Town and new Zagreb. The former houses the Presidential Palace, St Mark's Church, Sabor, museum and galleries, all structures that are a repository of the rich history Zagreb has been a part of. The Lower Town is known for its restaurants, cafes, parks and theatres while new Zagreb is replete with high buildings for commercial and industrial purposes and has scant avenues of tourism and sight-seeing.

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Nightlife in Zagreb

Nightlife in Zagreb is pretty up to the mark with several small and big clubs offering good entertainment. Peppermint, Mansion and Gallery are some of the popular nightclubs that attract a good crowd. Live music, good food and drinks are the highlighted traits of Zagreb's nightlife, much like that of any other city. Clubs such as Jackie Brown and Purgeraj are known to keep things lively all night long.

History of Zagreb

In the 14th century, Kaptol and Gradec, the medieval cities which are now a part of Zagreb, fought amongst each other for power. Kaptol was controlled by the priests while Gradec was under the royal leadership. The hilltops united after acknowledging the looming danger of a seize from the Turks, which had captured near about every piece of land in the country. The later merging of the town after Kaptol lost some territories to the Turks gave birth to Zagreb. The city was named as Croatia's capital. However, it was subject to numerous raids and epidemics which resulted in its fall.

Language of Zagreb

Most people speak Croatian in Zagreb as is the case in all Croatian countries. However, most of the locals, especially the young ones, can converse in English easily.

The city of Museums

Zagreb is fondly known as the city of museums because of the sheer number of museums that dot the city - the number outnumbers most other famous European cities. From the award winning Museum of Broken Relationships to the Museum of Contemporary Art, the exquisite number of museums in the city are sure to blow your mind. While museums are usually related to woo those interested in art,craft or history, the Automobile Museum Ferdinand Budicki is sure to lure automobile lovers. The museum features vintage cars and motorbikes since they were first used in Croatia over a century ago. Art lovers can also revel in the modern day murals and graffiti arts displayed on the walls of the Petrinjska Street.

Festivals & Events in Zagreb

Even though Zagreb is a stopover city for tourists while on their route to other places in Croatia, one of the major reasons for seeing more number of traellers in the past years is because of the great music festivals that take place in the city. The commercial town is host to the INmusic festival which features internationally recognized artists over the course of three days for tourists to dance on their tunes while camping by the arena. Those looking to explore the culture and traditions of Croatia must not miss out on attending the International Folklore Festival, which features Croatia's best artists showcasing the country's folklore and heritage.

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How to Reach Zagreb

How to Reach Overview

Zagreb is well connected through rail, road and air. It is easily accessible through all these means from any city in Croatia. Zagreb International Airport is the main airport in Croatia with excellent domestic and international connectivity. Zagreb can be reached via train and road from almost all European cities.

How to reach Zagreb by flight

Zagreb being a transit hub sees direct flights to multiple destinations including, but not limited to Dubrovnik, London, Brussels, Naples, Paris, Vienna, Dusseldorf and Zurich. The airport is located approximately 45 mins away from the town centre and airport shutle buses and cab are easily available from outside the airport.

How to reach Zagreb by bus

There are a number of international bus services running to and from Zagreb to the major cities in Croatia and elsewhere. The buses are run by Croatia Bus mostly. Zagreb bus terminal website is a good medium to direct all your bus queries.

Local transport in Zagreb

Trams are undeniably the best way of commuting within the city. There are 15 routes in Zagreb, and you will find tram tickets which are sold in a pack of ten at any newspaper kiosk. Purchase of tickets can be made through cash or credit cards. After boarding the tram, do not forget to validate your ticket in the machines.
Apart from trams, an extensive bus system makes commute easy in the city.
Zagreb also has a small yet robust cycle system for commuters who want to pedal through the city.
Taxis are readily available throughout the city, offering reasonable rates compared to other Croatian towns.
A lot of travellers choose to travel through Croatia via self-driven cars. Our advice is to drop the car off at Zagreb and avoid getting stuck in the traffic. Go for public transport within the city instead. However, if you still wish to self-drive, you'll get some great deals with Autoeurope and Economy Car Rentals.

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FAQs on Zagreb

What is not so good about Zagreb?

not many tourist attractions, shady alleys where its easy to get robbed

What are the places near Zagreb?

The top places near to Zagreb are Budapest which is 299 km from Zagreb, Venice which is located 288 km from Zagreb, Vienna which is located 267 km from Zagreb, Zadar which is located 197 km from Zagreb, Salzburg which is located 314 km from Zagreb

What are the things to do in Zagreb?

The top things to do in Zagreb are Museum of Broken Relationships, Upper Town (Gornji Grad), The Croatian National Theatre, Villa Rebar, Maksimir Park and the City Zoo, Brestovac Sanatorium. You can see all the places to visit in Zagreb here

What is the best way to reach Zagreb?

Zagreb is well connected through rail, road and air. It is easily accessible through all these means from any city in Croatia. Zagreb International Airport is the main airport in Croatia with excellent domestic and international connectivity. Zagreb can be reached via train and road from almost all European cities.
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What is the local food in Zagreb?

Food landscape in Zagreb has undergone sea changes in the past couple of years with several dining forms (street, gourmet, fine dining) gaining prominence in equal proportions. Croatians are heavy meat eaters and love their food. Lavish lunches and Mediterranean sea food is the traditional food of Croatia, with locals and especially the old guard still banking on that. However, the newer generation believes in experimenting with cuisines and you can find anything and everything from European food to sushi. If you are a stickler for fine dining, head to Gallo and Takenoko. For your cheap food cravings, you can try Rocket Burger Cafe and Vagabund. While in Zagreb, do not give a miss to sweet potato dumplings and cottage cheese and the very famous Croatian candy.
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What is the best time to visit Zagreb?

With spring rains making periodic appearances with warm summers, April to September is considered to be the most conducive time to visit Zagreb. Months between May and June are witness to warmer temperatures (pleasant and not hot) with days longer in duration. This makes Zagreb an ideal retreat for travellers giving them more time to explore the local attractions, bask in the sun and experience outdoor activities. This time is also ideal to embark on a cruise in Zagreb.
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What is famous about Zagreb?

Paradise for museum lovers, great music festivals

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