What is the best time to visit Yercaud?

October to June is the best time to visit Yercaud because the weather is dry and cool. However, Yercaud offers breathtaking views and a tranquil ambience throughout the year. During the month of May, a seven-day Summer Festival is conducted which includes flower shows, dog shows, boating races and village fairs. Monsoons (July - September) could be avoided as rains might hamper your sightseeing plans, but the rains make this place extra beautiful and you might not want to miss that either.

Weather in Yercaud


Upcoming Yercaud Weather

Monthly Weather in Yercaud

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 25°/ 13° 2 days
February 27°/ 13° 0 days
March 29°/ 15° 2 days
April 30°/ 17° 13 days
May 32°/ 19° 17 days
June 30°/ 18° 14 days
July 27°/ 17° 16 days
August 26°/ 17° 21 days
September 26°/ 16° 27 days
October 24°/ 16° 29 days
November 24°/ 15° 16 days
December 23°/ 14° 4 days

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Yercaud in Summer (March - June)

With temperatures that hardly move out of the range between 24 degree Celsius and 28 degree Celsius, Yercaud experiences mild summers during March to June. The best places to visit during this season are the enchanting Emerald Lake, Killiyur Falls, Silk Farm, and Lady?s Seat.

Apart from these attractions, one particular festival which allures tourists from every nook of the world is the Yercaud Summer Festival. Held in May, it is an annual festival which keeps everyone on their toes until its arrival. Usually taking place for five days, the enrapturing summer event is as grand as it gets! From sophisticated folk dances to bewitching musical concerts, from captivating cultural competitions to horse riding tournaments, this event is a treasure trove of a smorgasbord of wonderful activities.

Dog shows that tug at our emotions and cookery contests which intoxicate our senses, along with spectacular boat riding races and colourful rangoli contests also make up a significant part of this festival. The prime attraction of this festival is the floral exhibition set up by the horticulture department of Yercaud, which uses around 2 lakh flowers to create huge statues and figures, in addition to displaying over 10,000 flower pots of at least 50 different species. All in all, the Yercaud Summer Festival is a perfect balance between adventure and elegance.

Yercaud in Winter (November - February)

Yercaud experiences a delightful climate from October to February. The average temperature which stays between a pleasant 10 degree Celsius and 15 degree Celsius is ideal for leisurely nature walks as well as adventure activities. Do not miss out on the Bear?s Cave, Pagoda Point, Shevaroy Temple, and Anna Park, if you plan to visit this beautiful place during winter.

Yercaud in Monsoon (July - September)

Yercaud experiences a hot and humid monsoon with temperatures that range between 20 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius from June to September. At this time, the coffee plantations look ethereal after being washed by the rain. The Botanical Garden, Raja Rajeshwari Temple, and the Sri Chakra Mahameru Temple are some of the places you should visit during this time.

Events in Yercaud

Annual Festival, Shevaroy Temple


The temple is located in a narrow and dark cave and has the idols of Lord Servarayan and Goddess Kaveri inside. The locals celebrate theirl festival during the month of May every year.

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