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How to Reach Tenerife from India

In order to reach Tenerife from India, there are no direct flights. You need to reach a major city like Barcelona or Madrid and then travel to Tenerife by another flight.

How to reach Tenerife by flight

Tenerife is served by two major airports: Los Rodeos Tenerife North Airport and Reina Sofi Tenerife South Airport. It is the most important tourist location in the Canary islands. The two airports help in providing connections with the entire Europe with cities like Amsterdam, Dublin, Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, Rome, Brussels, Paris, Budapest, Moscow, Luxembourg and many others. There are also regular flights between Tenerife and other Canary islands. It also has air connections with destinations outside Europe like Dakar, Miami and Caracas. There are more than 60 airline companies operating at these airports. Binter Canarias connects the island to the other islands in the archipelago.

How to reach Tenerife by Waterways

The major sea line companies in Tenerife are Trasmediterranea and Naviera Armas. These companies provide ferry services to and from Tenerife. The two main posts in Tenerife are Los Cristianos and Santa Cruz. Trasmediterranea runs a weekly ferry from Cadiz in Spain that takes around two days. There are also many ferries to the other Canary Islands.

Local transport in Tenerife

The best way to discover the remote wilderness of the island is to hire a car. There are also TITSA buses that cover a major part of the island and are quiet frequent in number. If you are willing to spend some time travelling by bus, you can issue a BONO travel card that helps you save 50-70% of all your travel costs. There is also a tram line that operated between Santa Cruz and La Laguna.

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