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"Majorca: The land of golden sand and emerald blue water"

Majorca Tourism

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Majorca is famous for the sunny beaches, amazing mountains and the beautiful landscapes. It is also a place where one can get affordable Mediterranean food. This island is the amalgamation of modern equipped beaches along with wild natural forests and mountain ranges.

With a coastline of more than 550 km, Majorca is like the mecca for people who love beaches and crystal clear water. Apart from the wonderful beaches, as you move inwards, it introduces to you forests, valleys and mountains, that make the landscape really beautiful. The island can be divided into three parts geographically. The south west to north east is known as Serra de Tramuntana, and the Serra de Llevant is situated along the east coast. Between these two lies Es pla which is the central plain. The major recreation localities in the island are Arenal, Cala Mayor and Palma Nova. If you would like to visit the serene bays, you can try out Andraks, Santa Ponsa and Paguera.

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Currency in Majorca

Being a part of the European Union and the Euro Zone, the currency used in Spain is Euro. People from any of the countries under European Union could travel to Spain without worrying about exchanging currency. Notes with denominations of five ten, twenty, hundred. two hundred and five hundred are made available. The coins start with a one cent piece and ends with a two euro one.

Shopping in Majorca

The main areas of shopping in Mallorca are concentrated near the capital area of Palma. One can get anything here, starting from designer labels to the latest high street fashion. The most famous shopping streets here are Avenida Jaime III and Paseo del Borne. There are also many adjoining alleys where you can spot boutiques like Pinko, Kidama, Bossa and Miss Zelanea. There are also local stores where you can get the traditional crafts and artisan produce of Mallorca.

Nightlife in Majorca

The major night-time areas in Majorca are Magaluf and Palma de Mallorca. Magaluf is known as the British capital in the island which is the hub of clubbing. A visit to BCM Empire Disco and Bananas Disco is a must. Most of the places in Palma de Mallorca can be found at the Paseo Martimo which is located by the sea. Abraxas and Titos are the main places where people go. One must surely try Sangria which is a mix of wine, brandy and fruit juice. Another good option is to try the local wines. There are many bodegas which offer tours with free tastings.

History of Majorca

The island of Majorca has been inhabited from the middle ages. There are traces which say that people inhabited here during 6000-4000 BC. The place was first occupied by the Carthaginians and then it was captured by the Romans in 123 BC under leader Quintus Caesilius Metellus. Pollentia and Palmaria were established during this Roman Period. In 426, Majorca was annexed by the Vandal kingdom. Then it was conquered by Byzantine Empire in 534. During this time, Christianity boomed up but then Muslim raiders from North Africa attacked the city. In 902, Caliphate of Corboda conquered Majorca which escorted a new period in the prosperity of the island. In 1015, it came under the rule of Taifa of Denia and it was an independent Taifa. In 1229, King James I of Aragon took over the island and then the kingdom was divided between his sons when he died. In the 18th century, the dynastic union became unified by the Spanish monarchy and then it became a part of the Spanish Baleares province in 1716.

Language of Majorca

The natives have their own language known as Mallorqui, which is a sub dialect of Balear, a regional dialect of Catalan. The languages taught in schools include Catalan and Spanish which are the official languages of the region. In tourist areas, one can communicate in English, French, German and other common European languages.

Majorca Customs

If you are introduced to anyone by a friend, they might want to kiss you on both the cheeks, but these etiquettes do not apply for the hotel staff. The locals usually leave really small tip, but you can consider giving 10 percent of the amount as the tip. Handshaking is the customary form to greet someone as well. Conservative casual wear is acceptable, but it will be better to avoid scanty beachwear outside the beach or poolside.

Religion of Majorca

Almost 98 percent of the inhabitants belong to the Roman Catholic church and there are very few centres for other religions.

Daily Budget for Majorca

The daily budget in Majorca ranges from 60-70EUR. Apart from the accommodation charges, money is spent mostly on food, drink and travel costs. One needs to spend about 25-30 EUR for food everyday. Drink prices are around 12 EUR. The best way to travel within the town is by buses are they are quite cheap.

Exchanging Money in Majorca

The rate of exchange of currency keeps varying from time to time. Travellers are advised to bring traveller cheques, credit cards and about 2 days worth of Euros. There are Spanish auto banks where anyone with a visa based card can withdraw cash in Euro. One may also withdraw cashing using switch cards. The credit cards are acceptable in most shops and restaurants.

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FAQs on Majorca

What is the best time to visit Majorca?

The best time to visit the island of Majorca is between the beginning of July till the middle of September. As Majorca has a Mediterranean climate, this period has hot sunny weather that is comfortable for travelling. The rains start here in end of September and end by November.
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What are the places near Majorca?

The top places near to Majorca are Ibiza which is 151 km from Majorca, Barcelona which is located 201 km from Majorca, Madrid which is located 577 km from Majorca, Tenerife which is located 2203 km from Majorca, Corsica which is located 567 km from Majorca

What are the things to do in Majorca?

The top things to do in Majorca are Castell de Bellver, Parc Natural de Mondrago, Alcudia, Le Seu, Serra de Tramuntana, Palma de Mallorca. You can see all the places to visit in Majorca here

What are the top hotels in Majorca?

There are 1104 in Majorca which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Majorca are Son Perot, Vila, Finca Can Diego, Finca Can Diego, Villa Son Duri, Casa Biali. You can see all the hotels in Majorca here

What is the local food in Majorca?

When in Majorca, one should definitely try Paella, especially the seafood version of it. The other local dishes include Frit Mallorqui and Sopes Mallorquines which is a simple vegetable soup with meat and mushrooms. There are also many dishes which are made with Sobrassada that is a spicy pork sausage. For breakfast, try the spiral shaped Ensaimada and try Gato(almond cake) with almond ice cream as your dessert. Most of the good restaurants are clustered near Palma and other cities like Algaida also have a good dining scene.
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