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Here are the top 9 tourist places in Spain

1. Barcelona

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Hans Christian Anderson described Barcelona as the "Paris of Spain" because of its resemblance with the French atmosphere. The city has a beautiful charm and a rich cultural significance. It is the capital city of autonomous community of Catalonia in Spain and the second largest city in Spain.

Best Time: May to August

2. Madrid

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The capital city of Spain, Madrid is most popular for its cultural and artistic heritage. It also has the liveliest nightlife in the world. It is a cosmopolitan city which is the main centre of business as well as the seat of the government. It is also the political centre of Spain.

Best Time: March to early October

3. Seville

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The capital of AndalucĂȘa region of Spain, Seville is considered to be the cultural and financial capital of Southern Spain. Located on the banks of River Guadalquivir, Seville is rich in both looks as well as personality. Apart from the brilliant cultural heritage that the city provides, it also has...

Best Time: March to May

4. Ibiza

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One of the most popular islands in the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is one of the most famous party destinations in entire Europe. It is one of the islands in the Balearic archipelago, off the coast of Spain. The culture and history of this place dates back to the Phoenician times.

Best Time: April to June

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5. Granada

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Granada has a rich history and culture associated with it and is the most worthwhile city for visitors in Spain. This city offers a break from the extreme summer heat of other Andalusian cities. Rich in multicultural history, monuments and Alhambra, the city also has a student driven nightlife, and ...

Best Time: March to April and September to October

6. Canary Islands

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Housing some of the best beaches in the world, the Canaries provide a beautiful spot for a long romantic vacation. From the brilliant countryside views to the crystal clear waters, Canary islands have in store a lot of things for their tourists. It is also one of the most festive countries in the wo...

Best Time: Throughout the year

7. Tenerife

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Largest among the Canary islands, Tenerife is a popular place for tourism. The spectacular beaches and the lively nightlight attract a lot of people, especially the British and the Germans to visit this place every year. It is one of the last European Paradise isles and offers an exotic range of flo...

Best Time: Throughout the year

8. Malaga

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A historical and cultural provincial capital, Malaga has long lived in the shadow of the Andalucian cities of Seville, Granada and Cordoba. It is the largest city on the Costa del Sol and is famous for being the birthplace of famous artist Pablo Picasso. The city holds in store beautiful beaches, ch...

Best Time: Throughout the year

9. Majorca

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The largest of the Balearic Islands, Majorca is famous for the sunny beaches, amazing mountains and the beautiful landscapes. It is also a place where one can get affordable Mediterranean food. This island is the amalgamation of modern equipped beaches along with wild natural forests and mountain ra...

Best Time: July to September

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