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Canary Islands Tourism

Housing some of the best beaches in the world, the Canaries provide a beautiful spot for a long romantic vacation. From the brilliant countryside views to the crystal clear waters, Canary islands have in store a lot of things for their tourists. It is also one of the most festive countries in the world. The Spanish archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean, near the western coast of Africa.

Located on the Western Coast of Africa, Canary Islands are the Atlantic territory of Spain. The Spanish archipelago consists of Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote, Tenerife, La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro. The archipelago is home to gorgeous beaches, colonial towns and beautiful islands. The largest island in the Canaries is Tenerife, which is popular for the UNESCO listed San Cristobal de la Laguna. Gran Canaria and Las Palmas also have a lot of tourist attractions like the museums, Baroque churches along with numerous traditional festivals. In order to explore the unexplored, people should visit Fuerteventura or Lanzarote. The amalgamation of gourmet dishes, shopping districts and a stunning nightlife, attract the tourists even more than before.

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Currency in Canary Islands

Being a part of the European Union, Euro was accepted as the only official currency in Spain since January 2002. People from other countries of Europe under the EU can come to the Canaries without thinking of exchanging money. There are notes with denominations of five, ten, twenty, hundred, two hundred and five hundred. There are also coins which are termed as cents. It is also possible to pay in the Canaries by Debit or Credit card. ATMs are also available throughout the day in various places and shopping centers.

Shopping in Canary Islands

The Canary Islands is a treasure for all shopping lovers. From open air markets to the large commercial centres, one can find everything there. Most of the international brands can be found here along with a huge range of selection for souvenirs. The best things one can buy from the Canaries include wine, cheese, honey and other local products. People also buy attires with prints by popular artists like Cesar Manrique. The best thing about shopping here is that it is has the lowest tax in Europe, thus you can find all items for cheap prices.

Nightlife in Canary Islands

There are a lot of things that happen in the Canaries in the dark, especially because of its vibrant nightlife. Gran Canaria, the capital of Las Palmas have some of the best nightclubs on the islands where one can dance till dawn. Major pubs and clubs in Lanzarote are situated around Puerto Del Carmen and Playa Blanca. Tenerife is also popular for its nightlife and cheap booze.

History of Canary Islands

According to legends, Canary Islands are considered to be the 'lost islands' of Atlantis. They are also referred to as those lands which are without sorrow, as they hold on to the edge of the world. It is said that the first settlers in these islands were from North Africa. The Phoenicians, as they were called, arrived at the place around 10th century B.C. During the 14th century, the islands were invaded by various European countries. The locals, known as Guanches, were residents of the Teide volcano, a snow capped mountain. Later, most of the Guanches converted to Christianity, changed their names and forgot their language. In 1821, the Canaries formed the part of Spain. In 1982, it became comunidad autonoma or an autonomous province and in 1996, Partido Popular's came to power with the help of Coalicion Canaria.

Language of Canary Islands

The native language spoken here is Spanish, or Castilian to be more precise. English is the second most spoken language here, followed by German. Communicating to the locals in Canaries is not a problem as such.

Canary Islands Customs

The most common form of greeting someone is a handshake. Women are supposed to be greeted with a fleeting kiss to either cheek. It is believed to very polite if someone takes a small gift when he is visiting someone's house. Casual wear is pretty acceptable there but is better if one can refrain from wearing beachwear outside resorts. Tipping practice here is not obligatory, but one should leave a small change if they are satisfied. 5% of the bill is generally given, but some even tip up to 10%.

Religion of Canary Islands

Roman Catholicism is the main religion of the Canaries. But the Canaries are neither orthodox nor rigid, and they are friendly people as well.

Daily Budget for Canary Islands

The daily budget in the Canaries range from 60-80 EUR. Money is mostly spent on food and travel costs. A set lunch meal approximately costs 10 EUR. One also needs to consider the entry fees of top museums, sights and galleries along with the car rentals.

Exchanging Money in Canary Islands

The rate of exchange of currency keeps varying from time to time. Travelers are advised to carry traveler cheques, debit cards and credit cards along with 2 days worth of Euros. There are Spanish auto banks from where anyone with a visa based card can withdraw cash in Euros. There is also the facility to withdraw money via switch cards. The credit and debit cards are acceptable in most hotels and shopping centers.

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FAQs on Canary Islands

What is the best time to visit Canary islands?

March-May and September-November is the best time to visit the Canary Islands. During these months, the crowd is less, and you can explore the places better. Also, the best accommodation costs are cheaper. Summer months of June-August and winter months of December-February are generally the peak seasons in Canary Island when the places are filled with tourists from all over the world. The winters in the Canary Islands has an average temperature of 20 – 23°C and the summer months have temperatures usually surrounding 26.5°C. Canary Island is typically hot all year round and hence, visiting the place during the shoulder months of March-May and September-November is the best way to experience the beauty of the place, devoid of the crowd. October is one of the wettest months in the Canaries with around 15-18 days of precipitation; hence the low season in terms of tourists in the places. However, you can visit the Canaries even during this month to keep off from crowds which are generally overflowing in the peak months.
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What are the places near Canary islands?

The top places near to Canary islands are Tenerife which is 0 km from Canary islands, Barcelona which is located 2242 km from Canary islands, Madrid which is located 1792 km from Canary islands, Ibiza which is located 2051 km from Canary islands, Majorca which is located 2203 km from Canary islands

What are the things to do in Canary islands?

The top things to do in Canary islands are Tenerife Auditorium, Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz, Cathedral de Santa Ana, San Cristobal de la Laguna, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. You can see all the places to visit in Canary islands here

What are the top hotels in Canary islands?

There are 6118 in Canary islands which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Canary islands are Holiday Home Barreto, Nice house in Large Avocado Garden, Tenerife North, holiday cottage Calle Antonio Oramas, Casa Tagoro, Live Arico Casa Abuela, Holiday Home Capitana. You can see all the hotels in Canary islands here

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What is the local food in Canary islands?

The cuisine of Canary Islands is a blend of Spanish, Latin and African food. Most of the dishes use a lot of fresh vegetables, fruit, fishes, and consist mostly of light meals in order to cope with the slightly warm climate. Meat is generally consumed as steaks or stews. There is a wide variety of recipes available with fish. Caldereta, a meal with tomatoes, goat meat and potatoes and Sancocho Canario, a salted fish dish in mojo sauce is very popular in the region. The Tapas concept is also very famous which refers to a light piece of food that Spaniards have before their meal. Some other dishes to try in the Canaries are plantain bananas, Papas Arrugadas(Potatoes boiled in salted water), Conejo en salmorejo, Miel de Palma(Palm Honey), Arepas (tortas made with corn flour and filled with minced meat and cheese) and Mousse de Gofio( a dessert made with gofio).
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