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How to Reach St. Petersburg from India

Routes to St. Petersburg operate from almost all major international airports in India. However, there are no direct flights to the city. Airlines such as Aeroflot, Finnair, Lufthansa, Air France, Uzbekistan Airlines and others operate between India and St. Petersburg.

How to reach St. Petersburg by flight

Pulkovo Airport is St. Petersburg's international airport. The city is fairly well connected to other destinations across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. All domestic flights also operate from the Pulkovo.

How to reach St. Petersburg by road

From nearby cities. Discuss routes maybe. Talk about ease of rental for cabs / self driven cars

How to reach St. Petersburg by train

St. Petersburg's rail connectivity is very good. Rail routes connect St. Petersburg to the rest of the country, from one end to the other. It is connected to Finland as well, with a route operating from Helsinki. It has 5 main railway stations and it's one of Russia's most important railway hubs.

How to reach St. Petersburg by bus

St. Petersburg is served by 3 intercity bus terminals. It is connected to many domestic cities like Novgorod, Vologda, Vyborg, Smolensk, and Pskov, and also to quite a few international destinations, like Belarus, Finland, Ukraine, Germany, the Baltic and Scandinavia.

How to reach St. Petersburg by Waterways

St. Petersburg is connected via waterways to the Scandinavian region and a few other European countries. There are also river cruises which connect the city to Moscow, via the Volga, Onega and Ladoga lakes and the Neva. The Marine Fa�ade is St. Petersburg's main terminal.

Local transport in St. Petersburg

Public transport in St. Petersburg is very convenient. The system consists of buses, trams, metros and even mashruktas (fixed route cabs). The city is extensively connected by these various means of public transport. The buses serve over 250 routes throughout the city and the suburbs, and the tram system is one of the most widely connected in the world. The metro system, which like the Moscow Metro is beautifully decorated, has 5 lines and connects 67 stations. You can use the St. Petersburg Card for payments in public transport.

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