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1. Rosa Khutor Ski Resort

Rosa Khutor Ski Resort
4.5 /5

46 km
from city center
1 out of 8
places to visit in Sochi

This is a very popular ski resort, located close to the Krasnaya Polyana. It has fun activities for everyone and makes for an ideal way to spend your day at Sochi.

2. Park 'Riviera'

Park 'Riviera'
4.3 /5

2 km
from city center
2 out of 8
places to visit in Sochi

Park Riviera is a thrilling amusement park, for adults and children alike. With rides for sheer enjoyment and a big adrenaline rush and cafes to step into to unwind, this oneÍs a must visit!

3. Lake Ritsa

Lake Ritsa
4.2 /5

66 km
from city center
3 out of 8
places to visit in Sochi

Enjoy a beautiful drive up north from Sukhumi and come across the gorgeous Lake Ritsa.

4. Park Arboretum

Park Arboretum
3.8 /5

4 km
from city center
4 out of 8
places to visit in Sochi

If you absolutely love exotic plants, birds and animals, do visit the Park Arboretum in Sochi, which includes lots of rare plants as well as a floral arena or arboretum, with birds and animals.

5. Frunze Park

Frunze Park
3.8 /5

4 km
from city center
5 out of 8
places to visit in Sochi

Frunze Park is often called as the only remnant of the Tsar rule. It is a park built almost like a resort and provides visitors with a lot of peace.

6. 33 Waterfalls

33 Waterfalls
3.7 /5

4 km
from city center
6 out of 8
places to visit in Sochi

This is a UNESCO site and an area of great pride for the residents of Sochi. A collection of 33 waterfalls, all varying in their height, gush down the mountains, making for a beautiful picture.

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7. Stalin's Villa

Stalin's Villa
3.7 /5

8 km
from city center
7 out of 8
places to visit in Sochi

History lovers should not leave Sochi without stepping into StalinÍs villa. Stalin had this villa built some years before World War II and it is visited each year by thousands of people.

8. The Singing Fountains

The Singing Fountains
3.6 /5

8 km
from city center
8 out of 8
places to visit in Sochi

This is SochiÍs most visited tourist attraction, built back in 1970 and is a beautiful place to visit while youÍre in the city.

FAQs on Sochi

How can I commute within Sochi?

Sochi is dotted with minibuses, commonly called marshrutka. This is the most popular form of transport in Sochi. Bus numbers from 1 to 99 indicate that the fare is fixed for the entire ride at RUB9. Bus numbers starting from 100 have a flexible fare system, with the rates depending on the distance of your travel. Trolleybuses are also available and are popular choices for long distance trips. Other options include renting a car, which your hotel can arrange, or taking a taxi.
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What are the top sightseeing places in Sochi?

The top sightseeing places in Sochi are Rosa Khutor Ski Resort , Park 'Riviera', Lake Ritsa, Park Arboretum, Frunze Park, 33 Waterfalls.

What are the top activities in Sochi?

The top activities in Sochi are Private Sochi International Airport (AER) Transfers for Sochi, Private Magnificent Sochi Tour, Skypark AJ Hackett Ticket with Private Transfers in Sochi, Sochi Olympic Park, Stalin Villa, and Boxwood Forest Private Group Tour , Private Krasnaya Polyana Day Tour from Sochi, Tea Plantation Private Tour from Sochi.

What are the top hotels in Sochi?

There are 1866 Hotels in Sochi which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Sochi are Health Resort Sochi korpus Dachi, Apartments on Klubnichnaya, Green House Apartment, Apartment on Gorkovo 87, Cottage Na Beregu Morja, Apartment Gorkogo. You can see all the hotels in Sochi here
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