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Gajah Gallery, Singapore Overview

The Gajah Gallery features artworks revolving around socio-cultural interests of the Asian subcontinent. It holds exhibitions in collaboration with the National University of Singapore Museum and the Singapore Art Museum. The Gajah Gallery is also a member of the Art Galleries Association in Singapore. It was first started as a humble beginning at Monk's Hill and gradually expanded to what it now is. The gallery has an aesthetically designed industrial warehouse area in Tanjong Pagar. It also has a second exhibition house in the thriving arts city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Both these exhibitions have a unique atmosphere that welcomes an interplay of contemporary aesthetics and critical discourse.

The Gallery represents prominently established artists whose works are already featured in their regional museum's collection and prestigious art events. The key strength of the gallery is its closeness to its artists that enable them to act as a strong connection between the artist and the collector. The Gallery has an extensive web of resources and contacts that incorporate artists, museums, auction houses, corporates and collectors. It has an art consultation service that includes the commisioning of work for the public as well as corporate services. The Gallery also conducts art appreciation and art acquisition programs and offers its space as a venue for public and private events.

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Different Galleries at Gajah Gallery

The Gajah Gallery has been flourishing in the SouthEast Asian art field. It has always been devoted to promoting artists from the region and advancing their international relevance. The Gallery has constructed for itself a legacy of beginnings like the re-invigorating academic contributions to the category of Indonesian art and history, thereby installing landmark shows such as Lokanat: Ground Zero, Intersections: Latin America and Southeast Asian Contemporary Art that reached all the way to Havana and Cuba. The gallery also makes collaborations with the Singapore Art Museum, National University of Singapore Museum and other leading artists.

Gajah Gallery has a huge and aesthetic space that is designed explicitly considering the industrial warehouse space in Tanjong Pagar, and it has started a second exhibition house in the booming city of Yogyakarta. These spaces are fuelled with an atmosphere that encourages reciprocity of the of contemporary and critical dialogue.

Exhibitions at Gajah Gallery

The Gajah Gallery has been a venue for various exhibitions for a long time. Some of the ones that were successful are Wei Ligang: Luminous Birds, this exhibition presented a series of new works by the Chinese Calligraphist Wei Ligang which he created while he was residing at the Yogya Art Lab in Yogyakarta. Another exhibition was Landscaped Legacies. This exhibition was set up with the intention of contemporary reading of Minangkabau visual art. It focuses on how broadly construed landscapes influence artists from the West Sumatra. Other exhibitions that were held in the Gajah Gallery are Ashley Bickerton, Erizal As, Li Jin and Rudi Mantofani.

History of Gajah Gallery

The Gajah Gallery has been one of Singapore's oldest galleries. More than two decades ago, Jasdeep Sandhu, an art dealer who was on an extensive trip across Southeast Asia and decided to open a new art gallery. However, he did not have a name for it. While in Thailand, he noticed an elephant tied to a lamp post and had this image fixed in his mind. Gajah is the word of Elephant in many parts of Asia. Hence, this image proved to be the name of the gallery. Jasdeep believes it to be a respected animal, slow-moving but diligent. This resulted in being a perfect name for Singapore's longest running commercial galleries. In an age where art galleries are temporary, Gajah Gallery has been efficiently standing for more than 20 years now.

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