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Felicite Island, Seychelles Overview

One of the Granitic Inner Islands, Felicite Island lies at a distance of just 4 kilometres from the coast of north La Digue. The beautiful island is lined with white sandy beaches on its shores and a plethora of flora and fauna to make it worth the visit. Felicite is a small island in Seychelles, with just around 3 kilometres of length and 1.5 kilometres of width. This also makes it easy for visitors to explore the entire island in a matter of hours.

Photos of Felicite Island

Felicite Island
Felicite Island
Felicite Island

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How To Reach Felicite Island

Felicite Island is a mere 20 minutes away from La Digue Island. The only ways to reach Felicite Island are through a boat or jetty or by means of a helicopter.

Activities and Attractions

  • Water Sports
While visiting Felicite one of the main activities that most people look forward to is diving and snorkelling. The reef around Felicite and the neighbouring islands is said to be one of the best dive sites in Seychelles. This assures individuals wishing to indulge in these activities that they will surely have a great time swimming amongst and witnessing an array of colourful reef fish and some rare, as well as bigger fish.
  • Flora and Fauna
The island of Felicite is covered with trees, plants, and shrubs that are of unique quality and thrive in the tropical climates that the island provides. Some of the trees that you are sure to spot when visiting Felicite are Coconut Palms, Vanilla, Mango, and Banana Trees.

Nature walks with professional guides are also organised by the resort and give more in-depth detail about the natural surroundings along with ensuring that you have witnessed the whole beauty of Felicite.
  • La Penice Beach
La Penice Beach Felicite Island Seychelles

Amongst the several beautiful coastlines and beaches that inhabit Felicite, La Penice is the most famous, as well as the best. With shimmering turquoise blue waters and white sands under your feet, the beach is bound to leave you awestruck. La Penice has the additional benefit of providing the best view of the nearby islands of Praslin, La Digue and Coco Island. This view is the reason so many individuals prefer this beach on Felicite.
  • Trekking & Biking 
Aside from strolling around with sand under your toes or participating in the guided walks or the water activities, Felicite Island has much more to offer to its visitors. Spending a day amongst the natural habitat and trekking, hiking or biking through the island is probably the next best option.

Highest Peak
The island's highest peak is named after the island itself and reaches a height of 213 metres. Visiting the beach to take magical pictures with the sea and the black granite boulders Felicite is sometimes known for, as a background, is also a perfect way to capture memories and spend the day on this island.

Felicite Island, La Digue

Felicite, along with the nearby islands of Ile Cocos, Lee Soeurs and Marianne form the well known 'Satellite Islands Group. The island is also about 2/3 uninhabited and has only one resort on its land.

Due to this reason, though the island is comparatively small, it remains quite empty and gives visitors privacy, as well as the feeling that they are the only ones on the beautiful island. 

Felicite Island Seychelles

History of Felicite Island

Unlike many of the islands in Seychelles which are exploited for their fertility and the fact that they appeal to profitable birds and other animals, Felicite was known for an entirely different reason. During almost the entirety of the 19th century, Felicite Island was used as a ground for exile for several individuals and especially nobility. The most well-known case for this is when the Sultan of Perak was exiled to Felicite for murder and shifted to Mahe after a few years. The island also has a deep history of Copra Production that was practised as long as the 1970s.

Aside from these, obvious and convincing reasons, the name 'Felicite' itself translates to the word 'bliss' giving you an exact idea of what living on this island would actually feel like.

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