Stunning Places to Visit Near Saputara

Stunning Places to Visit Near Saputara

Here is the list of 8 Stunning Places to Visit Near Saputara

1. Vansda National park, Saputara

Vansda National park, Saputara
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Tucked in between the Sahyadri ranges, lies this conserved wildlife park spanning over an area of about 24 sq kilometres. It got its name as Vansda because it was once privately owned by the Maharaja of Vansda. Not a single tree has been cut since then. Owing to this, in some places, the canopies are so thick that sunlight does not pass through. It is an open park, and you can easily get a permit if you want to explore it in your own vehicle.

Distance from Saputara: 36 km

2. Gira falls, Saputara

Gira falls, Saputara
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As you sip in the tea or coffee from the stalls nearby, enjoying the picturesque panorama and the 150 feet tall waterfall roars down the edge, you will praise the wonder of the nature. Gira falls is one of the best tourist attraction of Satpura and is just one kilometers away from the Satpura- Waghai road, the best time to visit this fall is recommended to be around June to November.

Distance from Saputara: 48 km

3. Purna sanctuary, Saputara

Purna sanctuary, Saputara
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Recorded as the forest with highest average rainfall, Purna sanctuary is a part of lush green forest in northern parts of Dang. It is said that during Mughal period wild bears, sloths bear, rhinoceros etc. used to roam around here. used to roam around here. And nowadays it is also an adobe of leopard, rhesus macaque, bonet macaque, common mongoose, Indian civan cat, porcupine, four horned antilope and many others with around seven thousand species of plants.

Distance from Saputara: 72 km

4. Don Hill Station, Saputara

Don Hill Station, Saputara

Nestled in Dang district of Gujarat, Don is a village hill station situated at an altitude of 1000 meters. It is the second hill station in the state after Saputara and also higher in elevation than the former. A day's trip to Don is enough to capture the rich bio-diversity of the hill station. You will be welcomed by pleasant weather with cold temperatures ranging between 32 degrees C to 17 degrees C. Named after the mythical warrior and guru Dronacharya; Don Hill Station is a laid back village with a tribal population of around 1200. That being said, the place brims with culture and heritage.

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5. Surat, Gujarat - Diamond City of India

Surat, Gujarat - Diamond City of India
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Known For : Dutch Garden Dumas Beach Hajira Village

Surat, having its name associated with Saurashtra (the good land), is a port city in Gujarat. The second most populated city in the state, Surat is a global diamond cutting centre and a commercial hub of textiles. Known as 'the city of flyovers', it attracts tourists who are interested in the colonial history of the region and the exotic wildlife.

Distance from Saputara: 159 km

Best Time: October to March

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6. Nashik, Maharashtra - Of Wines and Vineyards

Nashik, Maharashtra - Of Wines and Vineyards
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Known For : Panchvati Sula Vineyard Dudhsagar falls, Nasik

Nasik is a religious Hindu city, host to the Kumbh Mela every 12 years. It also makes for a perfect wine tasting destination. Nashik (Nasik), named after a relic associated with Ramayana, is a city in Maharashtra located on the banks of river Godavari. Nashik plays host to the famous Kumbh Mela every 12 years. The city is home to plenty of exotic temples and is known in Hindu mythology as the place where Ravana's sister, Surpanakha, tried to seduce Lord Ram and got her nose cut off by Lakshman in the process.

Distance from Saputara: 76 km

Best Time: July to March

39 Nasik Attractions

7. Igatpuri, Maharashtra

Igatpuri, Maharashtra
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Known For : Tringalwadi Fort Vihigaon Waterfall Kalsubai Peak

Igatpuri is blessed with picturesque beauty and is a heaven for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts. It also has some of the highest peaks of the Sahyadri range. Igatpuri is also a major railway station in Maharashtra connecting surrounding major cities. Igatpuri is a hill station and a city in the Western Ghats located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra, 130kms from Mumbai, on the Mumbai-Agra National Highway.

Distance from Saputara: 123 km

Best Time: July to September

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8. Silvassa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli

Silvassa, Dadra & Nagar Haveli
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Known For : Lion Safari Wildlife Park Vanganga Lake Island Garden

With the hills of the Western Ghats and surrounding lush greenery, it is an ideal indulgence into the wild side for a tourist and its Portuguese heritage makes it famous amongst the history enthusiasts as well. Located in the southern region of Gujarat and close to Vapi, Silvassa is the capital of the union territory Dadra and Nagar Haveli and is famous for its greenery, exotic resorts, industries and tax - free alcohol. Silvassa is a treat for adventure enthusiasts with several water parks based activities available to its visitors.

Distance from Saputara: 128 km

Best Time: November to June

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